Pizitz, Birmingham, Alabama

The landmark Pizitz store in Birmingham as it
appeared in 1949.

Pizitz downtown Montgomery store.

The Louis Pzitz Dry Goods Co.
119 19th St. N (At 2nd St. N.)
Birmingham, Alabama

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the Pizitz store in Huntville at the Parkway City Shopping Center? I think it was styled the same as the Mongomery Store, but the Montgomery store looks to be larger. I worked there for about a year from the day it opened, everyday after school for 4 hours and for 9 hours each Saturday. I loved it! My department was "Pens and Notions" with the "big ticket" items being home typewrites by Royal and Smith Corona. That was my specialty in the days before personal computers.

  2. Anyone have a picture of the Tuscaloosa Pizitz in the late 40s?

  3. I would have to check my sources, but I think that was a case of same family - different store. If I am not wrong there is a picture in the Google Newspaper archive, but it has been a long time since I saw it. - Bruce

  4. My mother once told me that she was trying on a green coat with a fox collar, and Mr. Pizitz happened by and complimented the choice for her complexion and hair color! She was very impressed by that encounter. It was at the Birmingham flagship in the 1940's.

  5. I was recently given a dresser and on the back it's stamped "Louis Pizitz Co Birmingham AL" along with some numbers. I was wondering if anyone knows about the furniture they sold and when they stopped selling furniture in their stores. I don't remember seeing furniture in the stores in the 80s but maybe I just forgot.

  6. Pizitz was our store. It was truly a sad day when they closed. As I recall, "Lovemans" closed first. This was the beginning of the end of the "Jewish Clothing Monopoly" in Birmingham and with its demise the beginning of the downward trend in the downtown Birmingham area. It seemed like all the major clothing stores from everyday ready to wear to high end were owned by Jewish families. Look at the list of stores they once owned, Burger-Phillips, Tillman-Levinson, Newberry's, Blach's, Aland's, New Williams, and Parisian's. Besides, Mr Pizitz generation dying, and I guess some of their children did not wish to continue in the clothing business--I guess the advent of the "Mall" concept had something to do with these stores closing and the downward trend in downtown Birmingham as well. They are re-vitalizing the downtown area now and the old Loveman building is the McWane Center. All those original buildings are still standing. They should make that area an historic district, if they haven't already.

  7. I meet an Mr luker says he worked there