Joseph Magnin, San Francisco, California

Joseph Magnin Co., Inc.
77 O'Farrell St.
Stocton & O'Farrell
San Francisco, California

Palo Alto
University Avenue & Bancroft St.

Reno, NV
136 N. Virginia Street

San Mateo
42 3rd Avenue
(February 1943-February 1950)
4th Avenue & San Mateo Drive

10th & K Streets
September, 1946
30,000 s.f.

15th & Broadway
November, 1948

Lake Tahoe
Cal-Neva Resort

Walnut Creek
Broadway Plaza
November, 1951

Stonestown Shopping Center

Country Club Centre

Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto
25,000 s.f.

Valley Fair
San Jose

McHenry Village
November, 1957

Hayward (#15)
280 Foothills Blvd.
November, 1957

Las Vegas, NV
3201 Las Vegas Blvd., South\

597 E. Main Street
(at Chestnut)
March, 1961

Kaiser Center
30,000 s.f.

Berkeley (#20)
Bancroft Center
2650 Bancroft Way
August, 1964
8,000 s.f

Topanga Plaza
Canoga Park
August, 1964
18,000 s.f.

Santa Barbara (#22)
October, 1964

March, 1965
21,000 s.f.

Del Amo Fashion Square (#23)
April, 1965
24,000 s.f.

Century City
October, 1965
38,000 s.f.

Glendale Fashion Center (#27)
Sherman Oaks
13750 Riveside Drive

Santa Rosa
Coddingtown Center

Sunvalley Mall

South Coast Plaza (#30)
Costa Mesa
March, 1968

La Habra Fashion Square (#31)
August, 1968
24,000 s.f.

Palm Springs (#32)
Desert Inn Fashion Plaza
July, 1968
26,000 s.f.

Fashion Valley (#33)
San Diego
October, 1969

Citrus Heights
Sunrise Mall

Honolulu, HI
AMFAC Center
745 Forst st.

Honolulu, HI
Pearlridge Center

Los Angeles
Broadway Plaza
700 W. Seventh St.
October, 1973
10,000 s.f.

San Jose

Meadowood Mall

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  1. There was also a store in Carmel at the Carmel Plaza. I. Magnin was in the front of the shopping center on Ocean Avenue and JM was in the back. It closed and sat empty for many years before Saks relocated to that space from Monterey.

  2. When JM relocated from Downtown Reno, they opened in Park Lane Mall, Plumb Lane and S. Virginia St. Meadwood Mall followed that location.

  3. The "Other Magnin" as it was known in the industry. Much trendier than I. Magnin and had its own flair, it is one of the overlooked stores in San Francisco department store history as wll as American department store history.

  4. @ ANONYMOUS...Thank You for that bit of trivia. I was a Buyer for Saks and I always wondered if that was built as a Sak's or if it was acquired. Unfortunately, both stores in the Carmel Plaza are now gone.

  5. The Hayward store (on Foothill Blvd (not Foothills) was in the Foothill strip, across from the Capwell's store. Later, the JM moved to Southland Mall and the downtown store closed. The Southland store should be included in the list

  6. The Oakland store, still standing, is at 20th and Broadway - not 15th. When I moved to Oakland after law school in 1989, the store was still in operation and had large crystal chandeliers on the first floor. An elegant store even then. It was across the street from the Capwell's "Lace House" store also mentioned on this page.

  7. Does anyone know in what year (or about what year) the big arrow supergraphic was added to the J. Magnin store in the Valley Fair mall in San Jose, California?

  8. Also there was one located at Kahala Mall in Honolulu Hi . Loved that Store !

  9. After being considered the "step child" Magnin, JM finally did flourish by the late 60s as a force to be recognized. It pioneered "mod" fashion and created California trends which went country wide. It's ads were unique and usually did not even mention the stores name...customers knew it was JM and not IM. Now, sadly they are both gone.

  10. There was also a store in Fox Plaza in San Francisco

  11. There were three locations in Denver - downtown, Cherry Creek, Cinderella City

  12. Bit of trivia: The legendary Doris Day's wardrobe for her '70's television show was from Joseph Magnin. Remember her yearly "fashion show" segments and her wild spiral staircase show opening? Classy lady.

  13. Anonymous 06Aug13 is confusing I Magnin w/ Joseph Magnin; the latter was indeed at 15th Broadway before relocating to the Kaiser Center; the location later became Goldman's flagship.

  14. My stepfather, Lee Cuningham, was credit manager for JM from about 1942 to 1944. As a teenager during the war years, I got a summer job at the Call Bulletin Newspaper. I was a copy girl and delivered advertising copy to all the major dept. stores including the Emporium, the White House, I Magnin, City of Paris, and more. I rode the cable cars back when they were used for transportration, not sight-seeing. I couldn't stand on the fenders, though, because I was a girl.

  15. I don't see the JM at Mayfield Mall in Mountain View listed. It opened in Oct. of 1966. I was hired on for the opening and worked there until 1971. Lots of celebrities made appearances there including Eva Gabor. In 1968 Ted Kennedy made a stop there stumping for his brother Bobby who was running for President and was assassinated the following month. The Mall was torn down I think in the early 80's and Hewlett Packard built a campus on the spot. That too is gone and I'm not sure what is there now ('stack and pack' housing I think). A bit of Trivia: before Mayfield Mall was built there was a curling rink on the site. Not many people new what "curling" was unless they were from Scotland. My father took us to see it and watch the game (now an Olympic event) as a curiosity.

    1. Mayfield Mall was never torn down, it was remodeled into the Hewlett Packard campus. It is currently a Google campus (2016). Also, the Curling Rink was across Mayfield Avenue, not on the site of Mayfield Mall. After the curling rink was torn down the empty lot became a parking lot for Mayfield Mall. I lived around the corner from that mall and remember it's opening day when I was in 7th grade. I bought a lot at Joe Magnin's over the years.

  16. Montgomery Street, San Francisco is missing from the list. Store opened in 1961.
    Santa Barbara opened in 1966 not 1964. It was part of the El Paseo on Stae Street

  17. My mom used to take me shopping at the JM in the then-new Century City mall in West Los Angeles in the mid-60s. It definitely had a fashion-forward vibe, was fabulously styled and had a terrific sales staff. It was sort of a proto-Barneys.

  18. There was also a JM at Pearl Ridge in Hawaii. There was also one in Fresno. I know because I helped open both of them.

  19. I was V.P.Store design from mid seventy's to early 80's

  20. I am writing about South Coast Plaza. I've interviewed Gere Kavanaugh, and have info on Deborah Sussman and Frank Gehry, all of whom worked on the JM there. But I'd love some more insight. Anyone who worked there, shopped there, loved or new the store.

  21. I have some jewelry from Magnin's - still in the original packaging with price tags that was found in the attic of a family friend.

  22. I worked in the Walnut Creek JM in '79 as a teen and helped with a local photo shoot. It's a great memory. I've never been in another store with the same vibe. Much cooler than IM.

  23. I lived in La Canada, CA when my grandmother took me, at 16 years old, to the Joseph Magnin Store on Foothill Blvd, (possibly i Magnin) in 1964 for my first "bra fitting". Allso got some beautiful contemporary young lady clothes and heals. So sorry those days are gone. Also Liberty House, Weinstocks, etc. I believe Macys bought out the Magnin's stores.

  24. The JM at Stonestown had the most interesting and modern staircase right in the middle of the store. I think it was what's now referred to as a floating staircase.

  25. I was just watching the film 'Remember My Name' (1978) where there are extensive scenes inside a Joseph Magnin store. The film was clearly shot in the 'Los Angeles area' and the credits thank Joseph Magnin of 'Washington Square'. Can anyone identify where this store was?

  26. I was just watching the film 'Remember My Name' (1978) where there are extensive scenes inside a Joseph Magnin store. The film was clearly shot in the 'Los Angeles area' and the credits thank Joseph Magnin of 'Washington Square'. Can anyone say exactly where this store was located? Thanks.