Wm. H. Block Co., Indianapolis, Indiana

The Wm. H. Block Co. (Block's)
50 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

MElrose 1-8511

Downstairs Luncheonette  Block's Budget Store

Downstairs Annex
Toys  Sporting Goods  Record Studio

Street Floor
Julius C. Walk Shop Fine Jewelers • Costume Jewelry  Handbags  Gloves  Belts  Hosiery  Casual Hosiery  Umbrellas  Cosmetics  Dress Accessories  Top Shop  Judy Bond Blouse Booth  Patio Sportswear  Street Floor Corsetry  Red Cross Shoes  Notions  Closet Shop  Stationery  Candy  James Whitcomb Riley Fountain Room
Men's Furnishings  Men's Sportswear  Men's Shoes

North Mezzanine
Reweaving Center

South Mezzanine
Drugs  Balcony Book Shop  Closet Shop

Second Floor
Moderate Dresses  Better Dresses  Suburbia Shop  Contempora Shop  Lifestyle Shop  Flair Shop  Sportswear • Women's Sportswear  Blouses  Better Sportswear  Coat Shop  Suit Shop  Fur Salon  Bridal Salon  The Gown Room  French Room  Shoe Salon  Millinery Bar  Wigs  Millinery Salon
Junior World Junior Dresses  Junior Sportswear  Junior Coats

Third Floor
Men's Clothing  Carlton Shop  Pacesetter Shop  Men's Hats  Men's Sport Shop  Teenman Shop  Boys' Shop  Little Boys' Shop  Camera Shop
Young World Children's Shop • Infants' Shop  Kindergarten Shop  Toddler Girls' Shop  Young Set Shoes • High School Shop  Stork Club Maternity

Fourth Floor
Paragon Dress Shops  Daytime Dresses  House and Town Casuals  Uniforms  Paragon Sportswear  Paragon Shoes  Paragon Hats  Foundations  Robes  Lingerie  Slipper Bar  Gasoline Alley  Pit Stop for Young  Juniors  Linens and Domestics  Fabrics  Needlework  Mirrors and Pictures  Credit office

Fifth Floor
Luggage Center  Housewares  Small Electrics  Kitchen Furniture  Outdoor Furniture  La Cuisine Gourmet Shop  Bath Shop  Paint Center  Hardware  Garden Shop  Major Appliances  Vacuums  Floor Polishers  Draperies  Floor Coverings  Television and Radios  Stereo Studio

Sixth Floor
China & Crystal  Gifts  Lamps  Bedding  Beauty Salon  Terrace Tea Room  Men's Grille  Auditorium

Seventh Floor
Fine Furniture  Sleep Shop • Employment Office

Eighth Floor
Executive Offices


  1. This is/was my father's store. E.A. Block was my dad.

    1. We now own the building, The Block Apartments, and truly love it. Come visit some time.

    2. Please e-mail me at bakgraphics@comcast.net, if you have any items relating to the Block store, that I could post on this site. When I get around to writing the history of the store, I would like to mention its current owner and the fact that is is known as The Block Apartments in that history.

  2. Just bought a tie in a thrift shop for $1. It was a W. H. Block Company tie with original sticker for $2.99. Anyone know the possible date on this tie?

  3. The Sage Collection at Indiana University owns a white denim inscribed jacket with a red embroided label, "BLOCH". Was Block's ever known as Bloch's?

    1. Not to my knowledge. Ayres in Indianapolis did carry clothing from "The Stein-Bloch Co., Wholesale Clothiers" of Rochester and New York, New York. These were advertised in the Indianapolis Star until 1934. In 1928 Stein-Bloch merged with Fashion Park Clothes, but the company continued to manufacture clothing with the original name. A quick search of Stein-Bloch could provide more information than I have time to devote here.

  4. Just bought a 1950s suit of Block's. Can't wait of wear it...

  5. Hi, just got an overcoat, I guess, not sure what to call it. It has a patch with, Robert McIntyre, and, The Wm. H. Block Co., plus some kind of family shield or something.

  6. I bought a beautiful mink coat today at a cool antique flea market. It is beautifully made. The lining has the highest quality embroidery. I would love to know more about its age.

  7. I have a pair of wire eye glasses from Wm. H. Block Co. Optical dept. Dr. Joseph kernel. They were my great great grandpa's. Back in 30s I think. Anyone know anything about them?

  8. I have a pair of wire eye glasses from Wm. H. Block Co. Optical dept. Dr. Joseph kernel. They were my great great grandpa's. Back in 30s I think. Anyone know anything about them?

  9. Does anyone know about the Block Farm located in Clay Towhship? One side was East of Cool Creek where the Block Mansion was located and on the West was a large farm house and various other buildings. Please contact sandra@omnicentre.org.

    We are producing a video about the W. H. Block Farm which is known as Brookshire in Carmel. We also are seeking relatives to talk about Mr. Block and the transfer of land for the subdivision.

  10. I just found a Merino Wool scarf while thrifting. It is a really gorgeous knitted red hues scarf. The tag makes me think it is 50s-60s, but I'm unsure. Does anyone know anything?

  11. I just bought a hutch with the tag that reads The WM H block. Co with the make and item number and it is beautiful

  12. I have a gorgeous leather jewel box that has a key with it, my opinion it is very old but in mint condition and is stamped in the back. Made in Italy Expressly for The WmH Block Co lndianapolis, IND .... I would love more info on this and its value! Email me at sandrasac2010@hotmail.com or telephone 12706080731 this would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much and I look forward to your response

  13. worked as an assistant buyer 1977 - 78 womens sportwear separates. Blocks was the ultimate shopping experience, downtown store so elegant. Food in basement cafe and in upstairs restaurant great, remember the chicken salad and sweet rolls?

    1. My grandmother retired from the downtown Indianapolis store after 25 years. She worked in the Gina and silverware department with a woman named Georgia. I miss the Blocks store so much!!

  14. I have a fur shawl/cape that reads on tag block's Indianapolis. It also has some initials (LKG) monogramed on the right inside. It belonged to my grandmother who loved to shop department stores so I am sure she has visited there. How do I know if it is real fur and is there any value to it?

  15. My Mother worked at Blocks in Broad Ripple for years. I remember as a little girl the Christmas trees on the roof. I have a vintage vaccuum glass coffee pot she bought there and her dainty white gloves the ladies wore in the 60's. So many memnories!

  16. I remember driving past the Block Estate off Wilson Road/Fishback Road every day on the way to school. Fanciest house on the westside! But we never saw anyone coming or going.... big mystery family.

  17. My first modeling assignment was for Blocks Dept. Store in the Tea Room after graduating from Patricia Stevens Modeling School. I believe it was 1957 or 1958. Fond memories. It was a lovely store.


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