Wm. H. Block Co., Indianapolis, Indiana

The Wm. H. Block Co. (Block's)
50 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

MElrose 1-8511

Downstairs Luncheonette  Block's Budget Store

Downstairs Annex
Toys  Sporting Goods  Record Studio

Street Floor
Julius C. Walk Shop Fine Jewelers • Costume Jewelry  Handbags  Gloves  Belts  Hosiery  Casual Hosiery  Umbrellas  Cosmetics  Dress Accessories  Top Shop  Judy Bond Blouse Booth  Patio Sportswear  Street Floor Corsetry  Red Cross Shoes  Notions  Closet Shop  Stationery  Candy  James Whitcomb Riley Fountain Room
Men's Furnishings  Men's Sportswear  Men's Shoes

North Mezzanine
Reweaving Center

South Mezzanine
Drugs  Balcony Book Shop  Closet Shop

Second Floor
Moderate Dresses  Better Dresses  Suburbia Shop  Contempora Shop  Lifestyle Shop  Flair Shop  Sportswear • Women's Sportswear  Blouses  Better Sportswear  Coat Shop  Suit Shop  Fur Salon  Bridal Salon  The Gown Room  French Room  Shoe Salon  Millinery Bar  Wigs  Millinery Salon
Junior World Junior Dresses  Junior Sportswear  Junior Coats

Third Floor
Men's Clothing  Carlton Shop  Pacesetter Shop  Men's Hats  Men's Sport Shop  Teenman Shop  Boys' Shop  Little Boys' Shop  Camera Shop
Young World Children's Shop • Infants' Shop  Kindergarten Shop  Toddler Girls' Shop  Young Set Shoes • High School Shop  Stork Club Maternity

Fourth Floor
Paragon Dress Shops  Daytime Dresses  House and Town Casuals  Uniforms  Paragon Sportswear  Paragon Shoes  Paragon Hats  Foundations  Robes  Lingerie  Slipper Bar  Gasoline Alley  Pit Stop for Young  Juniors  Linens and Domestics  Fabrics  Needlework  Mirrors and Pictures  Credit office

Fifth Floor
Luggage Center  Housewares  Small Electrics  Kitchen Furniture  Outdoor Furniture  La Cuisine Gourmet Shop  Bath Shop  Paint Center  Hardware  Garden Shop  Major Appliances  Vacuums  Floor Polishers  Draperies  Floor Coverings  Television and Radios  Stereo Studio

Sixth Floor
China & Crystal  Gifts  Lamps  Bedding  Beauty Salon  Terrace Tea Room  Men's Grille  Auditorium

Seventh Floor
Fine Furniture  Sleep Shop • Employment Office

Eighth Floor
Executive Offices

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  1. This is/was my father's store. E.A. Block was my dad.