The Jones Store Co., Kansas City, Missouri

The Jones Store Company
1201 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri

GRand 1-5050

Lower Main
Jones Budget Floor

Walnut Level
China  Glassware  Silverware  Gift Shop  Housewares  Small Appliances  Paints  Wallpaper  Housewares  Small Appliances  Vacuums  Windows  Flower Shop  Decorative Accessories  Art Needlework  Optical • Portrait Studio  Candy  Stationery  Calculators  Hat Box  Luggage  Books  J. Logan Jones Restaurant

First Floor Main
The Hawthorn Room Restaurant  Jewelry  Precious Jewelry  Handbags  Small Leather Goods  Gloves  Neckwear  Hosiery  Handkerchiefs  Hat Bar  Dress Accessories  Blouses  Sweaters  First Floor Sportswear  Cosmetics Bars  Drugs  Toiletries  Notions  Linens  Domestics  Towels  Fine Linen Shop
Youth Center Infants' Shop  Tots and Toddlers  Girls' Shop  Hi-Ho Shop  Girls' Hat Bar  Children's Shoes
Men's Shops Men's Furnishings • Men's Shoes  Men's Hats  Men's Sportswear • Men's Wear  Young Men's Shop  Student Shop  Boys' Wear

Second Floor
Fashion Fabrics • Sewing Machines  Sportswear  Sun Fun Shop  Dresses  Career Dresses  Town and Casuals  Half-Size Dresses  Custom Size Sportswear  Coat Salon  Suit Salon  Contemporary  Formal Shop  Ladies' Shoes  Millinery  Wig Boutique  Bridal Salon  Fur Salon  Designer Room  Loungewear  Lingerie  Foundations  Maternity Shop  Uniforms  Beauty Salon
Junior Colony Jr. Sportswear  Jr. Dresses  Jr. Coats  Pre-Teens

Third Floor
Furniture  Bedding  Rugs  Lamps  Wall Decor Gallery  Draperies  Appliances  Music Shop  Radios  Stereos  Televisions  Toys  Sporting Goods  Credit Bureau

Fourth Floor
The Club House  Personnel Office  General Offices

Muskogee, OK

31st and Troost
March, 1949

206 Liberty Street
June, 1951

Prairie Village
71st Street & Hudson Road
Mission, Kansas
October, 1956

Blue Ridge Mall
August, 1962
200,000 s.f.

Metcalf South
July, 1967

Metro North

Coming in due course.


  1. Wasn't the Café on Third Floor Main known as The Hawthorne Room?

  2. Is there any way to find Jones Store television commercials from the 1960's? My brother & I were in quite a few of them and I would love to find them.

  3. This wasn't the layout when I worked there in th 80's. You had Walnut level, which housed home goods, crystal, and fine china. Then 1st floor, which was Mens, Fragrence, Jewelry, children's, linens and women's hosiery. 2nd floor was all women's wear. 3rd floor was furniture and meeting rooms, and 4th floor was offices.

    Yes, the cafeteria was The Hawthorne Room was on 1st floor, and J. Logan Jones restaurant was on Walnut level.

  4. I miss Jones', Federated didnt help it and MDF and was the death knell, no more fur salon, the best china dept in the 4 state area slowly died till it was a shadow of its former self. I remeber when they had real antiques and such for their display areas and fresh flowers in cosmetics. And some of the best service from its long time employees, phone calls with new arrivals....Now they are all the tacky "New" Macys.

  5. I agree with anon, jones was a great store, miss downtown store. the macys stores are just glorified penneys. miss Woolf bros, Harzfelds and swansons and now jack henry is gone. the only local store left is Halls.

  6. Is there any way to find out whether or not someone worked at the downtown jones store? I am trying to find out about someone who I think was an employee there back in the late 60's?

  7. Wow..just stumbled on this .I have so many memories of the old DT . It was a treat for us to ride the bus and spend the day there. The dolls in the Hartsfield window made Christmas come alive.
    I actually worked there in the cosmetics counter in the late 80 early 90
    Those were the days...Tammy Dozier Arlington Texas

  8. Hi there,
    It seems like I grew up in the downtown k.c. Jones Store my father was a stylist/hairdresser
    his name is Frederick Williford he worked in the salon department in the 60's. If anyone knew
    of him my email

  9. Who is writing the history of The Jones Store Co.?

  10. My father, John C. Cline, was the furniture buyer for the Jone's Store in the late thirties. From there he was hired by the Brandeis Dept. Store to be their buyer.

  11. I purchased a paper back copy of Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers at a yard sale in South Carolina. Hand written on the inside is 5/17/63 Jones Store Kansas City Missouri and a name Magers. I just thought this was very interesting. The book has really traveled over time.

  12. Teresa Christensen23 August, 2015 16:10

    I started my career as a buyer st Jone's Store in 1972 right out of college.

  13. I have a jones store chair. There is no info on Internet anywhere. Can someone help?

  14. Lyn Lindley Lewellen15 September, 2015 12:41

    My grandmother, Edna Lindley, retired from the Jones Store Co., downtown after 30 some years. This has been many years ago since she retired. I remember, with such fondness, going to her Housewares Department. She would take me around the store and "show off" her only granddaughter. (smile) I remember the "train" during Christmas time in the snowy wonderland. That same train is now at Union Station during the Christmas season, once again giving small children a ride. Unfortunately, Union Station hasn't created quite the winter wonderland that the Jones Store Company did! Oh how I miss the QUALITY of the Jones Store Co.!!

  15. My grandfather took my grandmother to Kansas City, Missouri in the year 1980 and bought her a mink stole from The Jones Store Co., it is still in great condition, it is a caramel color, with a tan, satin like interior that is embroidered with flowers, and has inside pockets. The label reads, "Furs by the Jones Store CO Kansas City." Does anyone know of someone who would be interested in purchasing this piece of history?