Scruggs Vandervoort Barney St Louis Missouri

"Fashion Authority of the Midwest"

915 Olive Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63101

MAin 1-3200


  1. My Dad started his retail career at Vandervoorts in St Louis. We moved to Hawaii to continue his career at Liberty House. Lived in Hawaii for 2 years and came back "home" to Kansas City and Dad was Manager or Hall's Downtown. Hall's on the Plaza was being built and Hall's Crown Center would come later. I woudl love to see pictures of the original Halls store downtown KC. It was a magical place for me. I cannot find anything online that the store ever existed. It was a beautiful elegant store and my Dad was so proud to be a part of Halls. Can you help? Thanks...Trish

    1. Trish, go to:

      to see a picture of Halls on Grand Avenue, as well as an inside photo that was in the Kansas City Star. It's difficult to find pictures, but I bet Hallmark has some kind of archive for the store. It's too bad that Hall's Plaza location is now closed . . . It was quite unique when opened.

    2. Deepvalleygirl20 May, 2017 08:05

      My parents both worked at Vandervoorts where they met and fell in love in 1956. Mom was the sportswear buyer, my father was the milinery buyer. Does anyone have any interior photos of the store?

  2. There was briefly a Vandervoort's store at Northwest Plaza in St.Ann. It opened in August of 1965 and closed in 1969. it was replaced by a Famous-Barr Home Store and eventually split into a Movie Theater and Food Court.


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