Scruggs Vandervoort Barney St Louis Missouri

"Fashion Authority of the Midwest"

915 Olive Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63101

MAin 1-3200


  1. My Dad started his retail career at Vandervoorts in St Louis. We moved to Hawaii to continue his career at Liberty House. Lived in Hawaii for 2 years and came back "home" to Kansas City and Dad was Manager or Hall's Downtown. Hall's on the Plaza was being built and Hall's Crown Center would come later. I woudl love to see pictures of the original Halls store downtown KC. It was a magical place for me. I cannot find anything online that the store ever existed. It was a beautiful elegant store and my Dad was so proud to be a part of Halls. Can you help? Thanks...Trish

    1. Trish, go to:

      to see a picture of Halls on Grand Avenue, as well as an inside photo that was in the Kansas City Star. It's difficult to find pictures, but I bet Hallmark has some kind of archive for the store. It's too bad that Hall's Plaza location is now closed . . . It was quite unique when opened.