L. L. Berger Inc.

L. L. Berger Inc.
514 Main Street
Buffalo, New York

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  1. One question to the Berger family in Buffalo:
    Is it possible that we have some identical ancestors?
    One grand grandmother of mine – Karoline Berger – was born in 1853 in northern Moravia near the border to Poland. She has an uncle who was manufacturing silk/cloths in Lodz/Poland. Well, in my family, there is told a story that this uncle of my grand grandmother had got a son (I don’t know his first name, may be Karl?) who at least has been sent to Buffalo/USA. It must have been around the 1870s. - My grand grandmother came to Vienna, married a man named Edmund Scholz. He is the grandfather of my mother. And here in Vienna the progeny is still living.
    Is it possible that we are related?
    I ask you for a short information. Thank you!
    Adi Laube


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