Arnold, Constable & Co. New York City, New York

Arnold Constable & Company (1825)
Fifth Avenue at 40th Street
New York City,
New York

MUrray Hill 5-2300

Street Floor
14 Kt. Shop • Jewelry Shop • Handbag Shop • Glove Shop • Hosiery Shop • Neckwear • Blouse Pavilion • Sweater Shed • Pants Parlor • Hat Bar • The Wiggery • Chicatique • Fur and Games Shop • In-Circle Shoe Shop • The Scene • Aisle of Beauty • Lingerium • Sleep Shop • Stationery Shop • Gift Shop • Domestic Corner • Blankets • Towels • Watch Repair (39th Street Entrance) • Monogram Shop
Men's Shop Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Gifts • Cecil Gee Shop

Second Floor
Men's Shop Men's Clothing • Men's Shoes • Luggage
Fashion Shoe Salon • Casual Bar • Fabritique
Children's Shops • Girls' Shops • Boys' Shops • The Little Studio

Third Floor
Designer's Circle • Fashion Salon Dresses • The International Knit Boutique • Miss Arnold Dresses • Miss Arnold Women's Dresses • Sportswear Shop. • The Pace-Setter Shop • Town and Country Shop Cavendish Shop • Bridal Salon

Fourth Floor
Leisure Shop • Robes • Corset Salon Young Shoes • Miss Fifth Ave., Jr. • Young Contemporary Sportswear

Fifth Floor
Town and Country Coats • Rain and Shine Coats • Moderate-Price Coats • Moderate-Price Suits • Fashion Salon Coats • Fashion Salon Suits

Sixth Floor
Fur Salon • Fur Galerie • Beauty Salon • Credit Office • General Offices
(125,000 s.f.)

New Rochelle
466 North Avenue
Decenber 5, 1937

220 Fulton Avenue
March 17, 1940
60,000 s.f.

Hackensack, New Jersey
Main & Passaic Streets
November 14, 1946
80,000 s.f.

1400 Northern Boulevard
December 1, 1952
100,000 s.f.

Trenton, New Jersey
November 29, 1954
90,000 s.f.
The Arnolton

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Livingston Ave. & Kirkpatrick St.
November 19, 1956
77,000 s.f.

West Orange, New Jersey
Essex Green Shopping Center
October 13, 1960
100,000 s.f.
The Arnolton Room

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
55-61 S. 69th Street
August 1, 1962
80,000 s.f.


  1. Thanks for posting about Arnold Constable and Company

    1. I will put up a history before too long. Arnold Constable was one of the oldest department stores in the US. Imagine competing with Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and Altman's with such a small store!

  2. Can't wait to read the history. I have never heard of this store before.

    1. I plan to get to it soon. Arnold Constable was one of the oldest department stores in the USA. Sadly, it lost focus in the 1970s and closed. Details coming in due course.

    2. I remember when they built the Trenton, NJ store, I was a little boy. Growing up, I loved shopping there with my parents. In later years I would enjoy going to the restaurant in the store. I've asked so many times on Facebook's "It's A Trenton Thing" Group ... No one seems to remember the name of the restaurant / café. Their food was delicious.

    3. The Trenton, NJ store had a Café/Restaurant which was beautiful and served delicious food. I'm trying to recall the name of the Dining Room and no one seems to remember.

    4. Larry:
      I did a little research in the newspaper archives . . . The restaurant was called "The Arnolton."
      - Bruce