A. Polsky Co., Akron, Ohio

A. Polsky Co.
225 S. Main Street
Akron, Ohio

PO 2-0431

Lower level
Polsky's Budget Store  The Country Kitchen

Main Floor
Fine Jewelry  Jewelry  Watches  Handbags  Leathergoods  Gloves  Hosiery  Fashion Accessories  Chignon Bar  Blouses  Hat Bar  Cosmetics  Toiletries  Boulevard Sportswear  Boulevard Lingerie • Boulevard Shoes  Notions  Stationary  Books  Cameras  Candy  Delicacy Shop  Men's Grooming Bar  Men's Gifts  Men's Sportswear  Men's Furnishings  Men's Furnishings  Men's Shoes  Men's Hats  Young Men's "442" Shop  The Orange Bar  Major Appliances  Sewing Machines  Vacuum Cleaners

Akron Room Restaurant

Second Floor
Girls' Wear  Boys' Wear  Infants' Wear  Toddlers' Wear  young men's Shop  Domestics  Linens  Fabrics  Beauty Salon  The Trimmers  Portrait Studio  Auditorium

Third Floor
Cascade Sportswear  Better Sportswear  Tally-Ho Shop  Village Shop  Women's World Shop  Daytime Dresses  Thrift Mode Dresses  Cascade Dresses • Better Dresses  Night Life Room  Miss Polsky Shop  Trend Shop  Designer Salon  Misses' Suits  Boulevard Coats   Rainwear  Fashion Coats  Better Coats  Fur Salon  Hat Bar  Millinery Salon  Wig Salon  Fashion Shoe Salon  Children's Shoes  Foundations  Intimate Apparel  Loungewear  Maternity  Uniforms
Junior Place on 3 Junior Sportswear  Junior Dresses  Junior Coats  Young JuniorShop

Fourth Floor
Up-to-the-Minute Housewares  China  Glass  Waterford Shop  Gifts  Candle Shop  Clocks  Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Needlework  Curtains  Draperies  Trim-A-Home  Stereo Center  Radio  Television  Luggage  Sporting Goods  Toys  Garden Shop  Employment Office  Executive Offices

Fifth Floor
Furniture  Bedding  Dual Sleep Furniture  Casual Furniture  Floor Coverings  Rugs

State & High Streets
Drive-In Garden Center


  1. I have a brochure that was given out on opening day of Polskey's, circa 1930, I believe. Glad to email you a digital scan.

  2. Wow, that sounds interesting! Please send to bakgraphics@comcast.net and if possible, a high resolution scan.

    Thanks for your offer!


  3. I still have my Mom's old Polsky's charge card :o)

  4. I have an old Polsky's lady's hat box from the 1940s. It's still in A-1 condition. Probably stored in an attic for 50+ years.

  5. April - I would take the booklet, and perhaps find the appropriate home (Akron Public Library or Historical Society) for it. I'd scan it to show on the Department Store Museum site. E-mail me at bakgraphics@comcast.net for an address. Thanks! -Bruce

  6. I restore antiques and I had a lady that brought me an old cedar chest that has A. Polsky Company stamped on the bottom along with a serial # 538101 and a style # 48299x. Is there someone that might be able to give me any history on this that I might be able to pass on to her?

  7. I worked at Polsky's downtown from late 1969 thru early 1973. I ran
    the supply department which was located on the 5th floor and in the
    warehouse. I still miss working there even after all these years. It
    was a great place to work with great people. Gary Godfrey

    1. Gary, sure hope that you see this...Nice to hear from you...I'm sure you remember my Dad...best wishes..P Edward Murray

  8. I saw one of the door pull handles in an antique store in Medina a few weeks ago. I thought about buying it since I work in the build currently for UA, but I didnt.

    1. Dear Mr. Godfrey, we are a law firm involved in a case were our client drilled bowling balls for Polsky's Sporting goods department in the same years you worked there. we would like to talk to you about what bowling balls were sold during those years. Perhaps you might recall our client, Bud Spreng. please call me at 216-696-0606 ext 242 if you are willing to talk about any of this or have contact information for any coworkers who might remember Mr. Spreng

  9. Polshys had a mini cable railroad that moved stuff around its warehouse with a tunnel to the Erie Train Station

  10. I recently purchased a BEAUTIFULLY built piece of furniture. Some previously had it as a fixer upper project. Found a tag on the back that leads me to believe it is from this department store! Would love to find out if it really is!

  11. Pamela Richards09 January, 2017 16:46

    Tom Westling did the Christmas windows @ Polsky's & O'Neals. My Mom, Ethel Richards, did payroll [5th floor]1958yr.

  12. I worked at Polsky's after graduate school, starting in 1976...my office was in the Executive suite on the fourth floor.(There was a hidden staircase behind the Boardroom that went down to the third floor, in case we needed to get out fast) You description of the store is great, but there are two kind of fun things that are omitted. Polsky's had its own employee credit union, which was located on the fourth floor between the executive offices and the employment office...it was a one person operation, and a large percentage of employees had loans and deposit accounts there. On the second floor, near the entrance to the bridge to the parking deck/warehouse, behind an unmarked door was the switchboard, which was a room-sized old-school phone exchange, manned by three operators. Polsky's never had direct dial phones, so all calls came into the switchboard, which transferred the call to the phone in your office or to the floor. Depending on your position, you could also be paged, either by a combination of four colored lights (discreetly positioned all over the store), that illuminated while a chime sounded, or by voice, with the operator calling your number over the PA. I will always fondly remember hearing "number 19...number 19", and heading to the nearest phone to to see who needed what. It was a fun and magical place to work...thanks for the memories

  13. Sorry...one more silly story. The Akron Room was known for its pies..people raved about the home-made flaky crusts and fresh fillings. They'd come from all over Northern Ohio at holidays to get Polsky's pies...we'd sell hundreds. One day, I stopped in the kitchen and there was a counter full of frozen pies and I said "oh wow...you make them and freeze them until you need them?" And the cook laughed and said "honey, nobody in this kitchen could make a pie from scratch if our lives depended on it...let me show you something." And she opened one of the little plastic containers of cream you'd get with a cup of coffee, and poured it on top of one of the frozen pies, and rubbed it all around the top, then took granulated sugar and sprinkled it over the cream. During the baking, the cream and sugar caused the top crust to become flaky, with a slight crispy glaze. Voila...home-made pie. To this day, I use the Polsky recipe.

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed all the memories above. When I was very young (late 1940s to early 1950s) each Christmas my Mom took me to see the windows at Polsky's and Oneil's. One of them had an elevator inside that gave the illusion of going up/down many floors when it was only just one or two. The amazing Christmas spirit filled both places. Moved away in 1962 and alas, never been back. But Polsky's and Oneil's stand out in my memory. Thanks for having this website, my heart also thanks you.

  15. Julika!
    Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

  16. My mother and I used to go to country kitchen at Polskys when she went out shopping on Friday.Then we would go to Higbees,Shulans Jewlers and Scotts 5 and 10 cent store where she usually baught me some toys.

  17. I was a stockboy there in the 60's. I remember getting bringing stock from the track that ran from the warehouse up to the fifth floor off the track and would have to take the stock to different floors. You would always hear over the speakers "Stockboy" "We need a stockboy on 2nd floor". Sometimes you would have to carry packages, or push stockcars to the parking lot. Sometimes we would have to help with the windows during Christmas time. All the employees had to come in the side doors on State St. or Bowery St. i think, to punch in before you went to work. The warehouse was like another city underground people everywhere. Great time there you would meet alot of people there sometimes you would see some of the rich and famous, maybe a movie star, famous singer that was in town shopping. Always trying to compete with O'neils.


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