Belk Brothers, Charlotte North Carolina

Belk Brothers
Charlotte, NC - SouthPark - Eastland
Asheville, NC - Asheville Mall
Monroe, NC - Monroe Mall (1979)

M. O'Neill Co., Akron, Ohio

The M. O'Neil Co. (1877/1927)
226 S. Main St.
Akron, Ohio

BL-1 1311

Lower Level Parking Deck
Garden Shop (D.20A)

State Street Lower Level
Health and Beauty Aids (D.107) • Shoe Clinic
O'Neil's Budget Store  Budget Grille

Street Floor FIne Jewelry (D.870)  Diamonds • Fashion Jewelry  Fashion Handbags (D.38, 169) • Leather Goods (D.139)  Belts (D.13)  Gloves (D.12)  Fashion Hosiery (D.14)  Miss O'Nil Blouses (D.9)  Miss O'Neil Lingerie (D.72, 39)  Millinery (D.74)  Wigs (D.154)  Cosmetics (D.3) • Notions (D.45) • Stationery (D.17)

State Street Level
Books (D.19) • Coin and Stamp Center • Major Appliances (D.21) • Women's Shoes  Forecast Shoe Salon  Miss O'Neil Sportswear (D.144)  Miss O'Neil Dresses (D.84)  Miss O'Neil Coats (D.151)  Miss O'Neil Shoes (D.27)  Miss O'Neil Junior (D.127)  Flower Shop  The Oak Grille  The Pronto • Sweet Things
Men's Store Men's Accessories (D.126)  Men's Furnishings (D.7)  Men's Sportswear (D.118)  Students' Shop (D.58)  Men's Clothing (D.8)  Men's Shoes (D.57)  Men's Hats (D.56)  

North Balcony
Commercial Stationery (D.121)

South Balcony
Optical Center (D.842)

Second Floor
Fashion Fabrics (D.2) • Patterns  Art Needlework (D.11)  Domestics (D.18)  Linens • Gifts (D.62)  Home Entertainment Center (D.119,131) • Records  Camera Center (D.32)  Luggage (D.34) • Sporting Goods (D.65) • The Georgian Room  Auditorium
Children's World Cradle Shop  Children's Shoes (D.66)  Children's Accessories D.126)  Toys  Boys' Furnishings (D.46)  Boys' Clothing (D.15)  Little Boys' Clothing (D.26)  Girls' Clothing (D.50)  Pigtail Shop  The Groove (D.78)  

Third Floor
Fashion Intimates Loungewear (D.61) • Intimate Apparel (D.39)  Sleepwear (D.72)
Junior World Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses  Junior Coats  
Daytime Dresses (D.80)  Sportswear (D.63)  Plus-Size Sportswear  Cosmopolitan Shop (D.158)  Coats (D.77, 85)  Young Signature Shop  The Collections (D.152)  Forecast Salon  Forecast Coat and Suit Salon  Forecast Boutique •Suburbia Casuals (D.68)  Fur Salon (D.81) • Bridal Salon  Millinery (D.154)  Shoe Gallery (D.67)  Beauty Salon • Canned Ego • Photographic Studio

Fourth Floor
Curtains and Draperies (D.54) • Housewares (D.20)  Paints (D.20)  Small Appliances (D.43)  Bath Boutique  Fashion Floor Covering (D.23)  Pictures and Mirrors (D.830)  Silverware (D.47)  China (D.35)  Rental Service • Trim-A-Tree Shop

Fifth Floor
Fashion Furniture (D.181)  Bedding (D.179)  Lamps (D.55)  Pianos and Organs  Showplace on Five

Sixth Floor
Employment Office

Cuyahoga Falls
2104 Front Street
1944/September 10, 1948

176 Lincoln Way East
January 30, 1945/
February 1, 1957
20,000 s.f.
(acquired Stark Dry Goods Co.)

425-427 Main Street
July 19, 1946

25,000 s.f.

51-57 North Main Street
December 6, 1946

514 N. Tuscarawa Street
November 19, 1948

O'Neil - Sheffield Shopping Center
May 1, 1954
150,000 s.f.

408 East Main Street
1952/February 1, 1957
35.000 s.f.
(acquired Stark Dry Goods Co.)

Canton, Ohio
201 East Tuscarawa Street
February 1, 1957
100,000 s.f.
(acquired Stark Dry Goods Co.)

Canton - 30th Street
30th Street Plaza
February 1, 1957
50,000 s.f.
(acquired Stark Dry Goods Co.)

Fairlawn Plaza
August 10. 1962
35,000 s.f

Route 5 East of Stow
August 20, 1965
83,000 s.f.
Pronto Grille

Summit Mall
October 28,1965
131,000 s.f.
Georgian Room West

Chapel Hill
Brittain Road North of Rte 18
February 16, 1967
135,000 s.f.
The Hilltop Room

Mellett Mall
February 15,1968
116,000 s.f.

Richland Mall
October 16, 1969
135,000 s.f.
The Terrace

Belden Village
October 1, 1970
131,000 s.f.
The Terrace

Rolling Acres
90,000 s.f.
The Terrace

A. Polsky Co., Akron, Ohio

A. Polsky Co.
225 S. Main Street
Akron, Ohio

PO 2-0431

Lower level
Polsky's Budget Store  The Country Kitchen

Main Floor
Fine Jewelry  Jewelry  Watches  Handbags  Leathergoods  Gloves  Hosiery  Fashion Accessories  Chignon Bar  Blouses  Hat Bar  Cosmetics  Toiletries  Boulevard Sportswear  Boulevard Lingerie • Boulevard Shoes  Notions  Stationary  Books  Cameras  Candy  Delicacy Shop  Men's Grooming Bar  Men's Gifts  Men's Sportswear  Men's Furnishings  Men's Furnishings  Men's Shoes  Men's Hats  Young Men's "442" Shop  The Orange Bar  Major Appliances  Sewing Machines  Vacuum Cleaners

Akron Room Restaurant

Second Floor
Girls' Wear  Boys' Wear  Infants' Wear  Toddlers' Wear  young men's Shop  Domestics  Linens  Fabrics  Beauty Salon  The Trimmers  Portrait Studio  Auditorium

Third Floor
Cascade Sportswear  Better Sportswear  Tally-Ho Shop  Village Shop  Women's World Shop  Daytime Dresses  Thrift Mode Dresses  Cascade Dresses • Better Dresses  Night Life Room  Miss Polsky Shop  Trend Shop  Designer Salon  Misses' Suits  Boulevard Coats   Rainwear  Fashion Coats  Better Coats  Fur Salon  Hat Bar  Millinery Salon  Wig Salon  Fashion Shoe Salon  Children's Shoes  Foundations  Intimate Apparel  Loungewear  Maternity  Uniforms
Junior Place on 3 Junior Sportswear  Junior Dresses  Junior Coats  Young JuniorShop

Fourth Floor
Up-to-the-Minute Housewares  China  Glass  Waterford Shop  Gifts  Candle Shop  Clocks  Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Needlework  Curtains  Draperies  Trim-A-Home  Stereo Center  Radio  Television  Luggage  Sporting Goods  Toys  Garden Shop  Employment Office  Executive Offices

Fifth Floor
Furniture  Bedding  Dual Sleep Furniture  Casual Furniture  Floor Coverings  Rugs

State & High Streets
Drive-In Garden Center