Goldsmith's, Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis' Greatest Store

J. Goldsmith & Bros. (1870)
125 Main (at Gayoso)
Memphis, Tennessee


Goldsmith's Budget Store

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry  Costume Jewelry  Handbags  Gloves  Accessories  Hosiery  Cosmetics  Lamar Lingerie  Lamar Sleepwear  Lamar Foundations  Lamar Shoe Salon  Stationery  Notions  Camera Center  Drugs and Sundries  Record Shop  Candy, Nuts, Gourmet  
Store for Men Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear  Men's Shoes  Men's Hats  Men's Clothing  Young Men's 1-2-3 Shop

Second Floor
Casualaire Dresses  Uniforms  Linen Center  Fabric Center  Art Needlework  Luggage  Toys  Sporting Goods
Youth Center Boy's Shop  Girls' Clothing  Girls' Lingerie  Pre-Teen Girls' Wear  Youngland Shoes  Infants Wear  Children's Clothing  Children's Accessories

Fashion Third
Lamar Dresses  Lamar Coats  Maternity Shop  Gayoso Sportswear  Gayoso Dresses  Gayoso Coats  Gayoso Suits  Gayoso Shoe Salon  Gayoso Lingerie  Gayoso Foundations  Gayoso Sleepwear  Robes  Collegienne Dresses  Collegienne Sportswear  Collegienne Coats  The Place  The DeSoto Room  Fur Salon  Wig Boutique  Gayoso Millinery  Beauty Salon

Fourth Floor
Major Appliances  TV-Stereo Center  Sleep Shop  Furniture  Draperies  Rugs  Pictures, Mirrors  Accent Shop  Lamps  Photo Studio

Fifth Floor
Housewares  Housewares Bath Shop  Floor Care Center  Silver Center  China  Crystal  Gift Shop  Artware  Books  Fifth Floor Restaurant  Fountain Room  Personnel Office

Oak Court
Southland Mall
August 23, 1966
(130,000 s.f.)

Raleigh Springs Mall
August, 1971
(168,000 s.f.)

Coming in due course.


  1. I would like to know if your museum or any of your followers (that may be interested in collecting old items that represent history) would like to purchase a very old 1870 wood ruler that represents Goldsmith's 71st Anniversary Sale? You can e-mail me at if interested.


  2. Our family was told that our grandmother was the first African American female sales woman for Cain Sloan, her name was Julia Allen. Can anyone verify this for, we would like to know if this is true.

  3. I grew-up shopping at Goldsmith's. It was to Memphis what Marshall Field's was to Chicago -- an icon. My first job was in Gift Wrap, at the Oak Court location, during the holidays. My prom dress came from the Southland Mall location. Wow. Truly great memories. Goldsmith's was the best of the best! Now, ironically, my son works for Macy's -- a Fortune 500 Company. Obviously, good taste passes from one generation to the next!

  4. Thank you for bringing the wonderful memories of Goldsmith's to life ! We miss the regional traditions that included experiences and restaurants,beauty salons,candy departments,technology departments and more ! We miss the latest & the greatest merchandise,experiences and the sheer fun of shopping. With great regards,we would appreciate if you could tell us about the wonderful full service restaurants in the Oak Court, Southland Mall,Raleigh Springs Mall stores ? We really miss the experiences that were present in these wonderful stores ! Thank you again.

  5. I worked at Goldsmiths in the early 1980s as a drapery / bedspread asst buyer. Probably the coolest job I ever had. A great boss Paul Murley who taught me industry knowledge as well as habits and behaviors on how to be a good individual. Our office was tucked away on the fourth floor in the downtown store. Above my head in my little cubicle were the bolts and wiring to the Goldsmiths sign that hung on the NE corner of the building. The executive office was next door to us and Mr Goldsmith who was in his 80s would come to work most days and speak to everyone he saw. One of my responsibilties was to check on in coming merchandise. All stock was received downtown and then sent to the branches. This required walking around the receiving rooms connected by a maze of stairs hallways and freight elevators. A lot of memories of fun times and great people

  6. Where was Temptation Tunnel? Goldsmith's or Lowenstein's!

    1. I remember a tunnel that went to the parking garage at Goldsmith's downtown. I think it was a pharmacy. I remember the shelves running along the curved tunnel. I was very young at the time mid 1970's, it was really weird.

  7. I purchased four very cute Christmas mugs from an estate sale today. The seller had lived in Memphis and was telling me about the "Enchanted Forest" they would have every Christmas and how the children would walk through the display and at the end would be given a mug of cocoa in these keepsake mugs. They are dated 1984 through 1987. I will probably be selling them on Ebay if anyone is interested. Maybe you can find some information and pictures of the Enchanted Forest to share with us.

  8. Wasn’t it Goldsmiths that had Mr Bingle every Christmas on television? He wore an ice cream cone hat I believe.

    1. That was Lowenstein's, the second biggest department store in Memphis. The Mr. Bingle character originated with Maison Blanche in New Orleans, and the company that owned that store acquired Lowenstein's.

  9. just bought night gowns from yard sale that still has the price tag on it and they are like new in box but we just found out about goldsmiths and on the top of the price tag it says it came from goldsmiths store.

  10. I just found a set of skates still new In the original box and receipt attached to the box that was bought in 1990 at goldsmiths

  11. Once a month Goldsmith's would reduce products and have a great sale. They did it at each store but eventually it was only at the downtown store. What was the sale called?

  12. We used to go to Goldsmith’s every Saturday when I was a little girl in the early 70s. Pretty sure it was the Oak Court location. We used to eat in the restaurant. I remember getting a grilled cheese and a cup of the BEST vegetable soup. And my parents always got a sandwich that was served on raisin bread. Such fond memories. We moved away in ‘79

  13. What is the value of the red Goldsmiths Old Memphis plate?

  14. I have a 1935 Memphis goldsmith's baby own story infant department book

  15. If somebody knows the wonderful recipe of the Cheesecakes from the Bakery in the Goldsmiths back in the 70's and early 80's, please share. It was a cheesecake like no other ever in this world. It was heavy,..5 inches thick and fluffy. Never have I ever been able to come close to finding one. Please!


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