Sakowitz Brothers, Houston, Texas

Sakowitz Brothers (Sakowitz)
1111 Main Street
Houston, Texas


  1. Sakowitz was Houston's Neiman Marcus. They had expanded to 18 stores in Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma. There is a good book called Blood Rich by Jane Wolfe that gives a good account of their history.
    The downtown store was across from Foley's and was very elegant. The Sakowitz brothers were very forward thinking in building the Post Oak store out "in the country" a the corner of Post Oak and Westheimer. It would be across the street from the world-famous Galleria. They were taken back when Neiman Marcus, their arch rival, moved into The Galleria. They also had locations in Champions, Nasa Road 1, Town & Country, Gulfgate, Shamrock Men's Shop (in the Shamrock Hotel) and the Four Seasons Shop (In the Four Season's Hotel). Stores were expanded to Dallas, Amarillo, Scottsdale, AZ, Tulsa and Midland-Odessa, among others. They were known for their outlandish Christmas catalog that was very similar to Neiman's.
    Richard in Houston

  2. I am curious to see if there is demand and/or value to Branded Sakowitz items from their Famous Summer Catalogue? Please advise. Thank you, Geni Hefner (

  3. I have a February 1926 edition of the Port-Foley-O from Houston, TX. I have admired the illustrations for years, and am no ready to sell it. I would be so lovely in a museum. Please advise of any contacts you may know who would be interested. I have never sold anything like this before. Thanks so much.

  4. I worked at the main store at 1111 Main. I was in the stationery dept. then went on to head up the customer service dept. for the Sakowitz catalog. The latter was a nice desk job but I missed the excitement of being where the action was on the first floor. Robert Sakowitz was a local celebrity. Once when I was new to the floor Lynn Wyatt came up to order stationery and asked if I knew who she was, I didn't....

  5. As anonymous says, Blood Rich is a good book about the history of Sakowitz, but also of Houston and its high society as it grew in stature to become the 4th largest city in the country. I remember going to Sakowitz as a little kid in the early 80s, both the downtown store and the Post Oak store, my mother would usually buy us our "Sunday best" clothes there. Eating at the lunchrooms was always a treat, my mom would let us get chocolate milk, and they cut the kids sandwiches in animal shapes, with raisins for eyes. They also served a great bread basket with cheese straws and these fantastic orange sweet rolls. I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who could provide that sweet roll recipe.

  6. Anyone remember when there was a Sakowitz location on the southeast corner of FM 1960 and Champion Forest Drive? After they went out of business, it was a Sun and Ski Sports for years later, and I think only recently did they move to another location.