Rhodes Brothers, Tacoma, Washington

Rhodes Brothers (1892)
950 Broadway
Tacoma, Washington

Full exhibit coming in due course.


  1. Hi BAK,
    I just found your very fun blog~I was born also in 1958 and came to the US from England in 1959. We found a home in Oregon close to Portland. One of our very special yearly events was to travel to the city to go to Lloyd Center, and one of our stops was Meyer & Frank. I have two very special finds that I found at the Goodwill online both from Department Stores. One is a very small demitasse spoon from Bonwit Teller still in its little box. The second and the reason I came upon your site is a beautiful Cream and Sugar with the label Rhodes Bros. Tacoma on the bottom. It is china with an Art Neuveau pattern very beautiful. My question to you is Did Rhodes ever make or at least mark china with their store name? Normally I would not even question that but I see no other china anywhere online marked Rhodes Bros Taocoma. Since you are an expert on this subject I thought you may know.
    thanks for your great site and your time

  2. There is much cherished memorabilia from the Rhodes Brothers' store still floating around Tacoma & Pierce County. It was a much loved & remembered store. I have a large hanging "Maternity Shop" sign, professionally lettered, which I understand was from the store. Do you have any information on the layout of the departments, etc. or where I could locate historic photos from the store? -Phil oldbrickhousefarm@yahoo.com

  3. This is a GREAT blog! I remember Rhodes very well. Growing up in Tacoma it was always a GREAT to go to Rhodes. Christmas in all of downtown Tacoma was really special. I remember when they would put up the tree in front of the Roxy, now Pantqges, theatre. It was a huge deal and everyone showed up for the lighting. Then all the streets would be festooned with lights and bells. We would go shopping not only at Rhodes Brothers but also at The Bon, Penny's and The People's Store. Sears was a block or two away and out of the normal shopping area. We would always stop to see the beautiful window displays and, being a boy, I was fascinated by all the moving figures. However, my favorite memory of Rhodes was the train they set up on the 4th floor in the toy department. I believe the whole floor was turned into the train ride as they had tunnels and all the cool stuff that kids Christmas dreams are made of. It was one of the amusement park trains that was set up for the Christmas season. I remember it like yesterday. I recently met the person who ended up with the ride on amusement train from Rhodes. Christmas was a magical time in Tacoma and my dad and mom would take me shopping. We always stopped for mashed potatoes and gravy and went to all the stores on broadway. Let's see if I can remember them all. There was woolworths where everyone caught the bus or transferred, Addison electric where my parents bought my first tape recorder, Payless drug store, The metropolitan dime store, Kress's store, Horlucks ice cream store, Mierows jewelers, Lerners stores, then there was the Manning's Market. It was more of less the Pike Place Market of Tacoma. I also remember The Mecca Cafe, the California Oysterhouse, the U and I cafe, and lots of other by gone establishments. My mom worked at The Bank of California and my 'dad at the Washington building for the IRS. They could see each other from their windows and wave at each other throuout the day. Downtowns are mostly gone now, but not forgotten. There is something magical about saying you are going downtown as opposed to heading to the mall. Downtown just sparks a romantic feeling that just cannot be duplicated. Thanks again for your cool blog.