Petersen Harned Von Maur, Davenport, Iowa

Before today's Von Maur, the full-line store was known
as Petersen's - formed by a merger in  1928 of
J.H.C. Petersen's Sons Co. and Harned and Von Maur.

Petersen Harned Von Maur
131 W. Second Street
Davenport, Iowa

RI 6-4441


Tea Room • Petersen's Pantry • Petersen's Budget Store

First Floor
Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • Handbags • Accessories • Belts • Scarves • Hosiery • Blouses • Plaza Sportswear • Cosmetics • Notions • Stationery • Books • Candy • Men's Furnishings • Fabrics • Charm Cottage

Main Floor Balcony
White Sewing Center • Home Entertainment Center

Second Floor
China • Gifts • Linens • Domestics • Art Needlework • Housewares • Luggage • Powder Box Beauty Salon • Jean Sardou Portrait Studio • Shoe Salon • Children's Shoes • Men's London Shop • London Shoe Shop • Men's Sportswear • Young Men's Shop • Boys' Wear • The Rumble Seat

Third Floor
Sport Shop • Dresses • Plaza Dresses • Coats • Fur Shop • Bridal Shop • New Yorker Shop • Better Sportswear • Sportswear Plus • Dresses Plus • The Loft • The Depot • Maternity Shop • Lingerie • Foundations • Girls' Wear • Children's Wear • Infants' Wear

Fourth Floor
Curtains • Draperies • Furniture • Lamps • Pictures and Mirrors • Floor Coverings • Appliance Center

BRANCH STORES (through 1981)

Clinton (1965)
200 5th Avenue South

Duck Creek Plaza (1972)

South Park Mall
107,000 sq. ft.

Valley West Mall
Des Moines
120,000 sq. ft.
Petersen's Pantry

Muscatine Mall (1979)

Westdale (1980)
Cedar Rapids
100,000 sq. ft.

Lindale (1981)
Cedar Rapids
40,000 sq. ft.

Sycamore Mall (1981)
Iowa City
25,000 sq. ft.


  1. They are now a very Nordstrom-esque retailer, known as just Von Maur. Sadly, the store at Omaha's Westroads mall, as most of you know, was the site of the 2007 shooting rampage.

  2. My Aunt was the buyer and Manager of the Loft. I got my firt Mini Skirt and Hot Pants from that store in Davenport Iowa. I worked at Petersen's while going to college at the Davenport and Bettendorf Stores. I helped open the store in Moline at Southpark.

  3. Unlisted here was a store at northpark, davenport which opened before south park, moline

    1. Incorrect. The Northpark location opened with the mall expansion in the early 80's.

  4. The former Wieboldt's in Yorktown was renovated and is now the flagship store for this 27 location chain. During Christmas time the original arches from Wieboldt's are outlined in lights highlighting the cool architecture.

  5. I have some costume jewelry of my grandma's in a younkers box. How would I find out if its really from this store? Thanks..

  6. I remember two other stores on the same block as Petersen's (my mom and I just called the store "Petersen's"). There was a store at the opposite end of the block called Scharf's and a store across the street from Scharf's (kitty-corner from Petersen's) called Parker's. I got my first pair of red Capezzio shoes at Parker's. They were strappy, ballet type flats. Downtown Davenport was in its prime during the 1950s before the advent of shopping malls. But I do remember one mall way out on Harrison Street across from the Tall Corn Motel.

    1. I had something from my great aunt w/a Scharfs label. I remember all those stores from the 60's as a little girl.

    2. How I loved my strappy red Capezzio ballet flats my mom bought for me at Parker's. I have never loved another pair of shoes as much as I loved these. I still have photos of me wearing them. So sad downtown Davenport of the 1950s is gone forever because it also conjures up special memories of our parents.

  7. The mall that Ms. Anonymous was wondering what the name was ,,, it was the Village Shopping Center.

  8. Caroline Costello27 June, 2013 16:54

    Used to love visiting the Clinton, IA, store, after a visit to the dentist. I wish I could walk through that old, classic building once again. I last remember being in it in 1981, as a high school student. Incredible walk through time--I feel honored to have caught the end of this era in the department store world.

  9. I have so many memories at the mall.

  10. I have such wonderful childhood memories of Davenport's downtown Petersens Harned von Maur store. There was a penny candy store on the children's floor and a bookshop on the first first floor. Beautiful staircases and a women's lounge where elder women rested. Was it the buildings? The era? Seems that department stores from before the days of indoor malls resonate differently that today's stores.

  11. I have an antique animated Christmas window display that has P.H. Von Maur stenciled on the back.Does anyone have any info on these.

  12. Every year the windows of downtown Petersen's would be decorated with animated displays. The whole store was like a movie set from the tearoom to the huge staircase on the mainfloor. I worked at Petersen's in the 1970s.

  13. Wonderful memories of Saturday downtown shopping..Peterson's,The Loft..The Fashion,Arnolds,lunch at the IV..Italian Village.I still dream about it!

  14. My Mom had a vehicle license plate cover that said "I'd rather be shopping at Von Maur." She loved to shop there. But her all time favorite department store was Armstrong's.

    1. I would love to know more about Armstrong's! I have a very old wax Christmas angel with the Armstrong's price tag still attached. Where was this store located? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  15. My Mom had a vehicle license plate cover that said "I'd rather be shopping at Von Maur." She loved to shop there. But her all time favorite department store was Armstrong's.

  16. Love the Von Maur store in Lake St. Louis, Missouri.

  17. Armstrong’s was in downtown Rock Island, IL It was a lovely department store with a mezzanine level.

  18. Shopping trips to Peterson's were the best ever. My Dad was a softy

  19. I worked at Petersen's in window display for a short time in the mid seventies. I loved the woman in Hats and Better Dresses. I worked for a guy named Bob, and with Kevin, Cheryl, Connie an a couple of others. I was on the road traveling so left and went east. I had a great time working there and with the display folks.

  20. I have a plaque and a marble certificate of authenticity, with the photo of one of the stores and it says the following davenport's foremost departments stores. easily reached from all. street cars and depots. harned & von maur. 2nd harrison streets. .... write me if anyone is interested or wants to see photos


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