J. B. White, Augusta, Georgia

J. B. White & Co.'s store on Broad Street in Augusta
was built in 1924 and enlarged by the addition of a
4th floor in 1946.

J. B. White & Co. (1874)
936 Broad Street
Augusta, Georgia

PA 2-6631


Main Floor
Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • Cosmetics • Cosmetics Salon • Handbags • Leather Goods • Gloves • Handkerchiefs • Fashion Accessories • Hosiery • Hat Bar • Scarves • First Floor Lingerie • Sportswear-on-Main • Dress Corner • Uniforms • Luggage • Stationery • Books • Candies • Shoe Salon • Children's Shoes • Trim-a-Tree Shop
Men's Shop Men's Clothing • Trend Shop • Men's Furnishings • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats • Noy's Clothing • Pit Stop for Boys

Second Floor
Fashion Second Dresses • Sportswear • Coats and Suits • Magnolia Room • 77 Shop • Fur Salon • Bridal Shop • Pace Setter Juniors • Young Junior Shop • Junior Dresses • Junior Whirl • Millinery • Wig Boutique • Fashion Foundations • Lingerie • Robes • Sleepwear • Stork Shop
Children's World Baby Shop • Tots and Toddlers Shop • Girls' Clothing • Girls' World • SubteensvTeen Corner

Third Floor
Store for Homes • Furniture • Bedding • Carpeting • Lamp Collection • Chandeliers • White's Salon of Beauty

Fourth Floor
Curtains • Draperies • Home Entertainment Center • Music Center • Records • Housewares • Electric Appliances • Glassware • Lawnmowers • Phot Studio • Business Office

East Building
Main Floor
Linens • Domestics • Bedspreads • Bath Shop • Silverware • Accessories • Fabrics • Notions • Sewing Machines (Allis Street Entrance)

China • Crystal • Gifts • Art Goods • Mirror Collection • Needlework

BRANCH STORES (1952-1978)

Aiken, S.C. (1944/52)
Richland Avenue

National Hills (1963)

Dutch Square (1970)
Columbia, S.C.

Mitchell Shopping Center (1971)
Whiskey Road
Ailken, S.C.

Regency Mall (1978)

Greenville Mall (1978)
Greenville, S.C.


  1. I fondly remember J B White. People in Augusta and the surrounding area loved the store. It was very community minded and had a very liberal return policy...no questions asked.
    I remember as a child visiting Santa on his throne on the 4th floor at Christmas time and looking out at the amazing toy department (amazing at least in the eyes of a child)
    In addition to Augusta, JBW operated stores in Columbia SC, Greenville SC,
    Spartanburg SC, Aiken SC and Savannah GA

  2. I have a vintage fur coat with JB White & CO Augusta GA tag inside of it. How do I find out what the value of the coat is?

  3. My mother worked at the JBW in Dutch Square for many years, selling furniture, and I worked there during high school 1983-1985. I always miss walking through there when I visit Columbia. It was a neat place

  4. I worked at J. B. White's in Advertising. That was a wonderful place to work...all the people in the office and on the floors were a great group of people. Working there was a wonderful experience. I throughly enjoyed my job and just wish retail could go back to what it was then. A WONDERFUL PLACE! WITH WONDERFUL PEOPLE!

  5. I, not only enjoyed working there; I forgot to mention that Mamie Eisenhower went shoping on Second floor where the dresses were. I walked up there because I wanted so much to see her. I looked around also. She had secret service all around...dressed in their black suits....She was dressed nice also and her attention was toward her shopping...intently...I was approximately within 10ft from her...she was beautiful. White's or the Secret Service never said a word to me or tried to keep me away....her limo parked in the "no parking" area in front of the store. I looked out the front windows to see it.

  6. My aunt, Mrs. Georgia Lovett, worked for J. B. White in Augusta for 31 years. She died in an automobile accident in 1955. She was head of the lingerie department.

    A long, complimentary article by Marguerite Stelling appeared in the Augusta Chronicle soon after "Miss Georgia's" death.

    An excert from the article read: "One simply did not, back in those days, go off to college, get married or have a baby without consulting the petite, attractive and sparkling brown-eyed lady at White's that we as brides, first met her. Miss Georgia carried half the feminine Augusta's sizes in her head. And she would tell you right off if you were going wrong on color or style."

    1. I bet she knew my Aunt, Margaret Williamson, who also worked at JB Whites for that long!

  7. I was stationed at Fort Gordon in 1997/1998. I went to the Regency with my then wife and went into J.B. White and the Regency mall. The J.B. White there was amazing but it was slow the day we went in. Maybe 5 to 10 people in there. I am sad to see J.B. White and the Regency mall gone.

  8. I remember J. B. White in Jacksonville, TX. back in the 70's as a kid. All I remember though is, there it was just a clothing store. I do believe it was included in the block of buildings that burned down in the mid 80's. I am not sure when they had closed. But there are fond childhood memories

  9. I have to believe that the store in Texas had no relation to the Georgia department store exhibited here, but it's nice to have memories of it just the same.


  10. J.B. White was a wonderful department store. At different times, there were three stores in Columbia, Richland Mall, Dutch Square and then Columbiana Centre as of 1990. The store opened downtown in the late 1940s and left to anchor Richland Mall in 1961. Their Midnight Madness Sales were legendary and the quality of the merchandise was unbeatable. They are sorely missed.

  11. J.B. White's was the greatest department store of all. I remember my mother taking me shopping
    there many, many times and we always got the most beautiful clothes, jewelry, furnishings, etc. I still have jewelry that my mother bought
    there, and a box with J.B. White's name on it.
    A great memory for all of us that experienced
    shopping there.

  12. J.B. White definitely was the best department store. I have fond memories of shopping at the store on Broad Street in Augusta as well as the stores in National Hills, Aiken, Richland Mall, and Dutch Square. I could name many wonderful items I purchased at J.B. White. The stores had the best quality for a reasonable price, and the sales were legendary---always something to look forward to. I was heartbroken when they closed. Dillard's, which established itself in many of the old J.B. White buildings, gave us a huge case of sticker shock, and they had the worst "sales" ever. They have improved somewhat over the years. I think the only department store that came close to J.B. White was Tapp's in Columbia, SC. They closed their doors before White's did. I often think of shopping on Broad Street in the 1960s and 1970s. It was great fun!!

  13. While looking through an antique store in Lexington, Georgia I found an accounts payable ledger from a company named, Moody Reynolds Co in Woodville, Georgia. Dated 1903, it contains a number of invoices from J. B. White CO., Augusta Georgia. The location is referenced as "Broadway" with no street number. The items purchased are items found in a department store. Could this be the same J. B. White Department Store referenced here? If so, I can post copies of a few that might be of interest.

  14. I do believe it is the same store.

  15. I loved J.B. White I even have one of the White's metal plaques that was by the enterace hanging in my home. I think it is the one from National Hills.

  16. Does anyone have the size of the 1st floor of the 732 Broad St.

    Matt Aitken
    706 267 0107

  17. My grandfather (Benjamin F Lopes) work at the Liberty House for 50 years. I have a gold watch given to him on 3/21/51, and a wooden bowl given to him for retirement ( 1912 to 1962). I believe he was the longest employ of Liberty House. If there is a place this could be on display I think my grandfather would like that. If there is a place please contact me.
    Bob Lopes


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