Furchgott's, Jacksonville, Florida

Furchgott's built a completely-new store in 1941, and eventually occupied the first floor of an adjacent building in downtown Jacksonville.

130 Adams Street
Jacksonville, Florida

ELgin 5-8844


Main Floor
Jewelry • Handbags • Purse Accessories • Gloves • Neckwear • Hoisery • Lingerie • Hat Bar • Cosmetics • Sportswear One • Stationery • Candy • Gift Bazaar
Store for Men Men's Furnishings • Men's Clothing • Men's Sportswear • Men's Shoes • Men's Hats • The Student Shop

Second Floor
Sportswear • Career Shop • Misses' Dresses • Coat and Suit Salon • Better Sportswear Collections • Crystal Room • Bridal Salon • Fur Salon • Better Millinery • Shoe Salon • Junior Shop • Foundations • Negligees

Third Floor
Budget Shop • Casual Dresses
Youth Center Prep Shop • Boy's Shop • Teen Shop • Girls' Shop • Infants' Shop • Toddler's Shop • Children's Shoes • Toys • Luggage • TVs and Stereos • Records

Fourth Floor
Bedding • Linens • China • Silverware • Glassware • Rugs • Floor Coverings • Draperies • Housewares • Fabrics • Art Needlework

Fifth Floor
Executive Offices • Credit Office • Cash Office • Employees' Terrace

BRANCH STORES (1956-1975)

Daytona Beach (Nov. 1, 1956)
160 N. Beach Street

Roosevelt Mall (1961)

Regency Square (1967)

Orange Park Mall (1975)


  1. How is Furchgott's pronounced?

  2. I will let a native Floridian answer that question.

  3. You might find this interesting


  4. The Furchgott's in Daytona Beach was a very nice store....low key and elegant. Down the road and across from the beach in a shopping center (not sure the name...but it had a very large Woolworth's) had an Ivey's and a Belk-Lindsey. Can anyone remember if there was also an Ivey's next to the Furchgott's???

  5. I am not sure about the Ivey's location, but there was one (a relatively small store) indeed in downtown Daytona Beach. I will do some research and report back.


  6. Originally opened as Yowell-Drew Co. in 1927(headquartered in Orlando), the store was known as Yowell-Drew-Ivey from 1944 until the 1950s when it became simply "Ivey's."

    It was located at 166 South Beach Street at Magnolia Avenue in a 3-story building that apparently still exists.

    In 1962, the store opened "Ivey's Little Shop," a branch in Bellair Plaza on North Atlantic Avenue. (Belk-Lindsey was there, too)


  7. BAK
    WOW I am impressed by your quick response! Yes it was the Bellaire Plaza now i remember).... As a kid in the 60's I remember standing outside the Woolworth's store and there was a display of wooden hands with two fingers in the symbolic "peace" V. There were also other wooden hands with only one finger. I remember asking my Mom "what does that mean"?...her response "Ask your Father". Of course I asked Dad. His response was "Never you mind". On to Ivey's or Belk-Lindsay!!!

  8. Still no answer on the pronounciation.

  9. Coming from a person with an unwieldy last name, Furchgott's probably isn't terribly easy to pronounce. When I think of all of the time that marketing people spend trying to "come up" with catchy names, it is refreshing to remember that there was a time when:

    A) people had pride in the value of their own name.


    B) The general public wasn't so dumbed-down that they had trouble with anything past one syllable.

    I am indeed philosophizing, but that's my opinion.

    Perhaps our Florida-friend above can solve the mystery?


  10. To anonymous above:

    Your dad sounds like my dad!


  11. I think (but not sure...it was so long ago), that it was FUR-GOTTS.

  12. Sigrid Wolff02 May, 2011 13:42

    Hi! I was a buyer for the Florida Jacobson's stores and Furchgott's was a competitor of ours when we went into the Jacksonville market in 1980.I believe my boss worked for them prior to Jac's.Anyway, he always pronounced it like it is spelled....Furch-gott's. Simple!They closed up shop not long after 1980,I remember, and we felt truly sad for them;but,of course,hired many of their sales associates.

  13. Mistake on the year Jacobson's opened in Jacksonville, Fl.......1983,not 1980!

  14. I grew up in Daytona. The Furchgott's store (it was pronounced "Fershgots" or "Ferchgetz" depending on where you were from) It was a great little family store. I still have my strawberry charge plate and even a box or two from there. As a kid it was the only place in town to have an escalator and had originally been the Daytona Sears, Roebuck store which moved up the block to Third & Beach in the mid-50s and Furchgott's moved down from Jacksonville. They also had a little specialty store in the Volusia Mall which opened in 1974 and to which both the Downtown Ivey's and Sears moved when it opened. Furchgott's though with the exception of the little mall shop stayed downtown until they closed in 1981 or 82 as I remember.

  15. Oh the memories....as a kid we always traveled down to Daytona Beach and we would always shop at Furchgott's, Ivey's and Belk Lindsey. All three stores were very nice. Good service, nice goods, and always a nice shopping experience. Somehow they all had different stuff than what you could get at home. Now they are all gone (although Belk-Lindsey's exists today as Belk's).

  16. I can't wait to see an Ivey's display....

  17. Ivey's was a very nice store....it had great southern charm

  18. Here is a link to an excellent article in Metro Jacksonville on the history of Furchgotts (which, by the way, is pronounced Fersh-gotts):


    And while we're talking about Jacksonville department stores, here's a link to the same website's history of Cohen Brothers (May-Cohen's):


    And, a history of the rise and fall of the "new" downtown Sears store:


    Finally, as long as I'm posting links, here's my blog on historic neighborhoods and buildings:


  19. it was pronounced fursch-gots

  20. Thanks so much for the pronunciation! I won't "Furchget" it!

  21. Definitly Firsh-gts with accents on 1st syllable. My first job out of college was working in their advertising department. The manager would go nuts about the phone operators in the next office over answering the phone, "Good morning/afternoon. Furch-gots. How may I help yewww?"

  22. Hi. This is as close as I have come on my recent search to find archival material on Furchgott's in Jacksonville, FL. I spent most of my childhood in Jax and one of our neighbors was a buyer for the Women's Dept. at Furchgott's. She commissioned my Mom to design some specialty items for the store one year, starting with some Holiday 'Hostess Aprons' (def not a kitchen item but more like a velvet jumper). They sold out in no time and so she had some hats and halter tops commissioned as well. I remember there was a full page ad for the Holiday Hostess Aprons but not sure of the spring/summer items. I would like to try and track this down and surprise my Mom but my memory escapes me on the year...I'm guessing 1969 or 1970. Certainly no later than 1972. I have been to JAX in many many years so I cannot even remember the name of the newspaper at that time to start a search in their archives. Think you could help? :-) Thanks!

  23. I worked there also (while in college). I was in the Regency location. It was a beautiful store.
    I worked in designer and better dresses stocking, steaming, running the fitting room and doing gift wrap (customers could have anything gift-wrapped in the paper of their choice). The saleswomen in that department sat across from their customers at lovely little desks. If they wanted to see the fit of something new, they would have me try it on-great fun for a broke college girl!

  24. I worked in Advertising at Furchgott's downtown location in Jacksonville in 1971 - 1972. The name was pronounced Fursh-guts with the accent on the Fursh. The Advertising Director at the time, Mary Ann Limbos, would get very irritated with the store phone operator next door who would answer the phone, "Gewd morning, Furch-gots. Howah may Ah help yew?" Ms. Limbos would go in at least weekly to correct the pronunciation...to little effect.

  25. That's both funny and charming at the same time. I can just imagine it!

  26. Furchgott's is pronounced furch gots. It was my dads store. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jill. I have to ask, if your family has any pictures of the main store or branches? As you can tell, they are quite thin on the ground. I am also interested in adding a capsule history of the company. You may contact me at bakgraphics@comcast.net.
      Thanks for any help you might be able to provide so your father's store won't be forgotten!