Dey Brothers, Syracuse, New York

Dey Brothers built a large store on the corner of
South Salina and Jefferson Streets in 1904

As business expanded, the store occupied adjacent
buildings along South Salina and Jefferson as well.

In 1913, a taller addition extended the store to
Warren Street

In the late 1960s, the store remodeled and covered its
exterior in aluminum panels for a "modern" look.

Dey Brothers & Company (1883)
401 South Salina Street
Syracuse, New York

GR 4-2711


Erie Room Restaurant • Dey Brothers Budget Store

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Jewelry • Watches • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Accessories • Neckwear • Handkerchiefs • Hosiery • Gloves • Cosmetics • Hat Bar • Avenue Shooes • Thriftmode Sportswear • Thriftmode Lingerie • Bra Bar • Notions • Stationery • Books • Candy • Fine Foods • Photo and Camera Shop
The Man's Store Men's Continental Corner • Men's Furnishings • Men's Sportswear • Men's Clothing • The Bootery • Boys' Shoes • In Gear

Second Floor
Thriftmode Dresses • Casual Dresses • Half-Size Shop • Uniforms • New Yorker Dresses • New Yorker Sportswear • Coats • Dress Salon • Nite Life Shop • Coat Salon • Sport Shop • Fur Salon • Contempora Dresses • Pacesetter Shop • Specialty Shop • Bridal Salon • Shoe Salon • Millinery • Wig Salon • Maternity Shop
Dibi Shop Dibi Junior Sportswear • Dibi Junior Dresses • Dibi Junior COats

Third Floor
Beauty Salon • Intimate Apparel • Sleepwear • Robe Shop • Slimwear Salon • Fabric Center • White Sewing Center • Art Needlework • Infants' Shop • Toddlers' Shop • Children's Underwear • Girls' Lingerie • Girls' Shop • Sub-Teen Shop • Teen Shop • Boys' Shop • Children's Shoes • Photo Studio

Fourth Floor
China • Gift Shop • Silver • Housewares • Garden Shop • Luggage • Health Shop • Music Shop • Sporting Goods • The Ski Shop • Toys • Bicycles

Fifth Floor
Linens • Domestics • Bath Shop • Draperies • Slipcovers • Hassocks • Pillows • Trim-A-Home Shop • Appliance Center • Customer Service

Sixth Floor
Furniture • Bedding • Lamps • Graphics and Paintings • Carpet Center • Oriental Rugs • Summer Furniture • Offices


Shoppingtown (1962)
The Erie Room

Fairmount Fair (1965)
120,000 sq. ft.

Tri-County Mall (1971)


  1. I have a Dey Brothers Catalog circa 1966 (Christmas) in it is a young Martha Stewart from her modeling days in a handful of pictures. She doesn't look much different.

  2. This was a great store. It was always a joy to go to the enormous downtown Syracuse flagship and it was as much a Syracuse tradition as anything else in that grand old city. I also clearly remember the "Store For Homes" in Shoppingtown Mall (when it was a strip mall along Erie Boulevard in suburban DeWitt). It was Dey's first suburban venture in the early 1960's and it eventually became a full department store. It still stands but is now a Sears store and is a short walk through the mall from a former EW Edwards store. Dey Brothers was credit to Syracuse and sold quality products. I still have several Dey Brothers shopping bags. I have wonderful memories of the store that helped give Syracuse a positive identity. Oh--Deys really did attempt to expand. It had a satellite store as far away as Glens Falls, NY (north of Albany--in the Adirondacks). I wish Syracuse still had Dey Brothers. It is now a Macys.

  3. My parents took me Christmas shopping in downtown Syracuse around 1970 or 71. It was pretty exciting at the time for my 8 year old mind seeing the stores all decorated for the holidays. We stopped at Dey Bros. and Edwards, it was a great time. Shortly after that all the malls in the area shot up and killed downtown.
    I'm glad to see that section having a revival the last few years.

  4. Dey Brothers downtown was my very first job out of High School. I was the youngest employee on staff between 1978 and 1980 and made a lot of very close friends. To this day I still recieve a Christmas card from the Lady who ran and managed the gift wrap department that was located on the first floor near the rear (warren street exit) of the store. I will always remember Deys and the many friends and memories I made while working there.
    John Sobotka jr,
    Cicero, New York

  5. Fond memories of shopping with my late Mom at Dey Brother's. She'd get her hair done on Saturday's and then I'd meet her at the Jewelry counter at Dey's and we'd have lunch in the Erie Room, the chicken croquettes were the best!

  6. Spent a lot of time shopping at Dey Brothers because my parents worked at other left behind retailers downtown. I also have fond memories of servicing the fabric departments in three of the four stores up to the end. Mr Moss ran the fabric department in the Downtown store with a nice lady who's name now escapes me. I still remember using the long escalators.
    Miss you Dey's.

    1. Could her name of been Allison Visconti

    2. Could her name of been Allison Visconti. She worked on the fabric department for many many years

  7. What was the name of the sporting goods store right near the corner of Salina and Onondaga, across from the Chimes Building?

    1. The name of the store I belive was Wilson Sporting Goods.

  8. I was only sixteen when I started working for Dey Brothers. They have always been my favorite company to work second family.

  9. I had many unforgettable years, decorating the store, and trimming the front and side windows,
    Loved my job ,wished I had pictures of some of the great display's. It took a long time to get over that store closing, still miss those day;s
    Tina S

    1. I worked security at several of the Deys locations, fun time, met a lot of friends, Tina were you at Shoppingtown ? Mark.

  10. My picture was done at Dey Brothers when I was 3 years old (69-70) and put in the store window. I have been looking for a picture of it. Can you help me??

  11. 1966 Dey Brothers opened it's new suburban store in Dewitt. I remember going for my interview wearing a yellow dress, high heels and white gloves! I worked in the Mens' Clothing Department and it was my first job. The new sales staff was hired prior to the grand opening and were responsible for unpacking and displaying stock in their respective departments. It was a lot of work but helped to familiarize us with the merchandise. We had a wonderful Dept. Manager and should he ever see this, I hope he knows what a positive influence we was on so many of his young staff. It was a wonderful and educational experience.

    1. This is such a great story! I am researching menswear in Syracuse in the 1960s. I would love to hear more about your experience (or any other shoppers of the time) if there is any chance you’ll get this, 3 years on. Thank you!

    2. This is such a great story! I am researching menswear in Syracuse in the 1960s. I would love to hear more about your experience (or any other shoppers of the time) if there is any chance you’ll get this, 3 years on. Thank you!

  12. I have a vintage Dey Brothers and Co. hat box. I was thinking of selling it, since I don't have any memories of the store. I imagine it is from prior to the merger, since the name was not one with the merger names.

  13. in late or early 70's my 1962 Corvette was in a tv commercial with a bunch of girls sitting on it what I wouldn't give for a copy of that

  14. Shopped at most of the downtown department stores growing up in Syracuse from 1945 to 1966. one department store not mentioned is Wells & Coverly. When I was growing up whenever I needed a new suit my dad always took me to Wells & Coverly. Back in those days before credit cards most expensive items were bought on a "layaway plan". (Dan Miskelly, Syracuse, NY, 9-2-2016)

  15. This is the closest area I could find to make a comment about the Addis Co. I worked in Shoppingtown near Dey Brothers in the 60's and early 70's. I was just thinking about the outstanding gold/pink Christmas boxes they use to give with every gift. It was a real box, expensive one, not the collapsible junk you get today, if you even get one. I started work as a gift wrapper and had to have made hundreds of bows on the bow machine. I can remember wrapping individual hankies given as teacher gifts...each one getting the signature gold box. Just wanted to know if anyone else has that memory and misses the quality that use to be the norm.

    1. Hello, Nancy!
      I will be adding The Addis Co. in due course. Many local stores here in Detroit had those great solid boxes for years. Sadly, they are no more. I am sure your memory is shared by many!

  16. I shopped with my Mother in the mid-60s and 70's all through downtown Syracuse. Although non-English-speaking, she knew the Liverpool bus Schedule by heart and we were often there at 10:00 AM when the doors opened.
    Just this past week, I shared with my sons her 'Charge Cards' that I found in one of her 'pocketbooks' after she passed. Included are:
    Lerner Shops
    SF of FS - The Syracuse Family of Fine Stores Courtesy Card:
    and an"Identi-plate" from Onondaga Savings Bank

    All the Account #s are between 6-9 digits except for Lerner Shops which has 12. The irony here is that for the past 28 years, I have worked for the world's largest electronic payments processor; and have only worked with 16 digit account numbers. My sons also pointed out their surprise that of the 7 cards, only 2 had her name on it; the others were Mrs. Frank ... Finally, 3 of them had her full address on them, which in today's identity theft environment would be unheard of!
    Of course, they're not worth anything anymore; but the memories of walking up to the windows with my Mom and hearing her say "I'd like to pay my charge, please." - Priceless!

  17. I used to work there this was my very first job. What a great place to wear in great people and great experience I sure miss the way you business was done

  18. My late mother came to the US from England and got a job with Dey's in 1934. My Mom always liked to shop at Dey's and sometimes eat at their restaurants.

  19. Does anyone remember which store had a "train" above a sort of atrium that kids could ride on? I vaguely remember a silver colored bullet shaped car. It would have been in the mid fifties, perhaps around christmas time?

  20. Does anyone remember which store had a "train" above a sort of atrium that kids could ride on? I vaguely remember a silver colored bullet shaped car. It would have been in the mid fifties, perhaps around christmas time?

    1. E.W. Edwards had the train riding above the shoppers.

  21. I have a letterhead from this store showing the building on the corner. The date on the letterheads is 189_. If the store wasn't built until 1904 how is it pictures in the 1890's?

  22. I was wondering if this was the store that had an upstairs dressing room ,seemed to remember going there with my mom probably in the '60'; had 2 stairwells I believe ,alwa al thought it was grand!

  23. So funny. Tonight, I literally just drove down Salina Street with my 18-year-old and told him all about the shopping center I remember from the 60s and 70s. I grew up in Syracuse, but have lived in New Hampshire for the past 34 years. My son wanted to shoot pictures of old architecture, so when visiting town, we were driving around downtown. I have such wonderful memories of taking the bus from the South Side to downtown to shop in all of the stores - Dey Brothers, Sibley's, Flah's, Edwards, The Addis Company, The Lerner Shop, Casual Corner, Chappell's... I vividly remember all of the floors, each designated to different departments, and the elevators operated by attendants who opened and closed the big doors and called out each floor as it approached. So many great memories of shopping days gone by.

  24. I bought a piece of jewelry at an estate sale that'says on the box Dey brothers 1943, can anyone tell me whether their jewelry was fake or real. Its a beautiful piece I'm going to wear it either way.


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