The T. Eaton Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


A comprehensive history of Canada's great
national department store.

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"The Big Store" - Eaton's on Portage Avenue
 Eaton's 1904 Winnipeg Store on Portage Avenue.
The top three stories were added in 1910

Eaton's in Winnipeg included several buildings.

A more contemporary photograph of Winnipeg's beloved
"Big Store" emphasizes its prominence on Portage Avenue.
The street-level details, in bronze and stone, humanized
the large structure, a prime example of Chicago-School
commercial architecture, transplanted to Canada's prairie. 
Eaton's 1950s "Carpark" connected to the store via a bridge
and a tunnel below the street; customers could have parcels
delivered to the carpark for easy pickup upon exit.

The T. Eaton Co., Winnipeg Ltd. (1904)
320 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba (1905/10)

SUnset 3-2115

Eaton’s Foodateria 284, 379 • Lunch Bar • Eaton’s Basement

Main Floor
The Souvenir Bar • Eaton’s Flower Shop • Jewellery 215 • Silverware • Clocks • Cosmetics 216 • Drugs, Soaps, Sundries 212 • Candy Counters 214 • Notions 222 • Hosiery 201 • Handbags 217 • Main Floor Lingerie Bar 209 • Gloves 202 • Fashion Accessories 262 • Wigs 225 • Whatzit Nook 241 • Cameras 512 • Men’s Dress Furnishings 228 • Men’s Casual Furnishings 228 • Men’s Clothing 229, 429 • The Pine Room 629 • Timothy E. 329 • Tuxedo Rentals and Formal Wear • Men’s Footwear 237 • Men’s Hats • Men’s Sportswear • Men’s Casual Clothing • 186 Shop • Adam Shop • Made-To-Measure Shop 230
Hargrave South
Stationery 208 • Calculators 306 • School and Office Supplies 206 • Drugs Health and Beauty Aids 212 • Pharmacy • Auto Accessories 263 • Trim-a-Home Shop 219 • The Little Red Basket Shop
Donald Street South

Second Floor
Fashion Fabrics 233 • Creative Stitchery 224 • Sewing Machines • Candle Shop 208 • Popular Price Sleepwear 209 • Popular Price Loungewear 209 • Popular Price Lingerie 209, 509 • Body Fashions 609 • Slipper Bar 238 • Women’s Shoes 238 • Popular Price Dresses 345 • Popular Price Sportswear 745 • Popular Price Coats 345 • Shoe Repair • Custom Gift Wrapping

Third Floor
Seven Seas Gift Shop 270 • Impulse Shop • Glassware 252 • Crystal 252 • China 252 • The Gift Shop 218 • Bar Shop 218 • Bridal Registry • Silver Holloware 515 • Silver Flatware 515 • Housewares 254 • Creative Kitchen • Small Electrics 277 • Kitchen Country 254 • Mowers 253 • Snowblowers 253 • Ranges 256 • Washers and Dryers 257 • Dishwashers 256 • Refrigerators and Freezers 259 • Vacuum Cleaners 258 • Personal Care 477 • Furnaces 556 • Plumbing 456 • Sporting Goods 261 • Coins, Stamps 405 • Toys 271 • Third Floor Meats 281 • Fancy Food Shop 579 • Cake Counter • Lunch Bar

Fourth Floor
The Colony 744, 246 • Colony Dresses 341 • Young Sophisticates 341 • Women’s Place 446, 546 • Shoe Salon • Millinery 264 • Wigs 304 • Fur Salon 248 • Bridal Shop • Lingerie 609 • At Home • Loungewear 609 • Foundation Garments 609 • Beauty Salon • Fourth Gear 640 • No. 1 Shop 442 • Coats and Suits • The Weather Vane • Like Young Shop • Mayfair Place 444 • Beauty Salon • The Trimmers
Peppertree Junior Dresses 241 • Junior Sportswear 346 • Junior Coats 244 • Junior Petite Shop • Young Winnipeg 241
Boutiques The Townhouse 343, 546 • Collectors 441 • Ports International 641, 646 • Premier 242 • Attitude • La Boutique

Fifth Floor
Young World Infants’ Wear 210 • Nursery Shop • Young Happenings • Children’s Wear 210 • Eaton’s Juvenile • Children’s Shoes 239 • Girls’ Wear 211 • Jean Tree 211 • Younger Crowd Shop 211 • Children’s Hosiery 201 • Junior Shoes 239 • Motion 3 • Boy’s Clothing • Students’ Clothing 432 • Abstract Shop 332 • 1-2-3 Boutique • Blue Tube
Hostess Shop • Portrait Studio 612 • The Grill Room • The Valley Room • Char Bar • Grill Room Products • The Soup Kettle

Sixth Floor
Bed linens 236 • Bath Linens 336 • Bath Boutique • Table Linens 356 • Entertainment Centre 248, 460 • Musical Instruments 560 • Home Comfort 356 • Draperies 267, 456 • Upholstery Fabrics 267 • Floor Coverings 372, 373, 273, 273 • Home Improvements 353 • Books 205

Seventh Floor
Gallery of Fine Furniture 770 • Furniture 270, 470 • Colonial Corner • Studio of Interior Design • Pictures 266 • Wall Decor 266 • Gallery of Fine Art 271 • Mattresses • Mirrors 276 • Lamps 377 • Assembly Hall

Eighth Floor
Hardware 263 • Garden Equipment 280 • Potting Shed 480 • Lawn and Garden Furniture 280 • Sporting Goods 261 • Pro Shop • Rod and Gun Shop • Outdoor Shop • Paint and Wallcovering 274 • Unfinshed Furniture 370 • Luggage 264 • Eaton’s Travel
 (885,000 sq. ft.)

Port Arthur, ON (1938)

716 Rosser Ave.

Polo Park
May, 1968
212,000 sq.ft.
The Garden Court 

Garden City
90,000 s.f.

The Garden Terrace

St. Vital Centre
October, 1979
135,000 sq. ft.
Sir John’s Restaurant and Lounge

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  1. I have 2 colorful paintings done by ed Riley from Winnipeg dated Dec 16 1935. These paintings depict mount Puntiagudo and lake Todos Los Santos in South America. Ed wrote on the back: "An American owns an estate in this vicinity, spending half his time there and half in the US. Thus sucessfully dodging cold weather the year round. Puntiagudo's jagged peak has never surrendered to man. 7500 feet, needle pointed summit. Dairy farming is carried out extensively around the shores of Lake Todos Los Santos". T. Eaton Co. LImited of Canada Picture department both numbered 4358. Do you have any information on this particular Ed Riley? If not a professional sucessful painter, he did very well on these in my oppinion.

  2. I was born in Winnipeg in 1959 and have many fond memories of Eaton's. At Christmastime they had the best window displays, a Santa's village on the 7th floor and a great toy department. Even though there was a supermarket (the "Foodateria") in the basement, they sold prepared foods and store-baked goods on the 3rd floor. The smell was heavenly as you walked into the store from the carpark bridge. I will never forget that smell as long as I live. It was a real pile of bricks, squeaky floors, pressed-tin ceilings which were embossed with the corporate "E" logo, uniformed elevator operators...I could go on. As an adult I preferred Eaton's over the Hudson's Bay Company, probably due to the nostalgia factor. I live in Toronto now, but when I return to Winnipeg, and am on Portage Avenue, I always have a look at the corner of Portage and Donald, where the big red store stood and think of the wonder that Eaton's Winnipeg was. I have been in some of the great stores of the world and Eaton's Winnipeg was, in my opinion, one of them.

    1. I remember the loud "bing" when the elevator came to the floor and being so excited to take it up to the wonder toy department to see Santa.

  3. You can still see some of that Christmas window display every year in Saskatoon, SK.

  4. I remember the candy counter in the Winnipeg store when, near St. Patrick's Day, they sold candies shaped like potatoes packaged in little potato sacks or wooden crates. [the candies were, in fact, made of mashed potatoes and icing sugar, shaped , and rolled in cinnamon. NS

  5. My favorite memory of EATONS WPG. was going to the foodateria and my Mom buying what we called "Mock Duck Meatballs" I think they were ground meat ends with spices and then baked. I really don`t know how they were made or what they consisted of.But wow, were these ever fantastic. It was our payday treat. If anyone has the recipe or knows what they were really called, post a comment.

    1. You do not want to know what went into the Mock Duck Meatballs.

      I worked in that department.

  6. Hi I have a picture that looks like it was stiched on a peice fabrin. Its a picture of a cotagge and some trees it looks very old and on the back is a lable that says the T eaton co. Canada and is numbered m 411 in pencil i was wondering what this is and if its valuble

  7. I was employed in the Drapery Office of Wpg. Eatons from 1945-1951. Those years were some of the happiest of my life.Although there was no union involvement the opportunity to climb up the ranks was available.You would be given an aptitude test and then suggested job openings in the store that fit you andthe opportunity to transfer. When I left in 1951 to get married I had been offered an opportunity to enroll at the U of M for an Interior Design course.!

  8. Hi there I was curious if anyone had any information on an embroidered picture of two deer (which looks like bambi and his mother)It's in its original frame and backing with a T Eaton co limited logo and M537 written in a blank spot. If you do it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact me at

    1. I have sent you email. Re two deer (looking like bambi & mom) Beth

  9. Hello! Wondering if anyone has a piece of, or photograph of, the Eaton's bags/packaging from early 1960's which was dark navy blue with thin white criss cross ( diagonal ) lines on it. If you have a piece, or a picture or facsimile it would be appreciated if you would contact me at

  10. I have a photo of the Winnipeg Eaton's building under construction. The picture has all the workers including my great grandfather on the roof of the partially built building. It shows a dirt road around it with horse drawn carriages driving by. It is a wonderful piece of Winnipeg and Eaton store history.

  11. Demolishing this building to build an arena just keeps looking dumber and dumber.

    Sure they got their NHL team back, but they could have just as easily built on a vacant parking lot 2 blocks away.

    What a gem it was.

    What a shame it has become.

    In Eaton's and in the Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winnipeg has torn down two buildings that no other city in Western Canada has ever seen the likes of.

  12. I have procured an old 8'X 10" black and white photograph, circa 1930's, of a dapper young man in a tuxedo. The number of the phot is 4686, and is inscribed on the back. Does anyone have any information in regards to the identity of this person? Thanks.

  13. is there anyone who can find out about the clothing prices in the 1980s or 1990s I have a trench coat bought at the Eatons store in Winnipeg. it has the original price tags on it and has never been worn. Just curious if there is anyone out there with any ideas. Contact
    if interested could be a collectors item. plus a couple of other items to go with the coat. tags still on these items.

  14. I have a Eatons Beauty Doll purchased in the spring of 1995 for $249.95 from Eatons in Vancouver BC. Does anyone know where I can get more information on this doll. It is still in the original box that it came in and the price tag still on it. Please email me at


  16. I have a couple of Eaton's Beauty Dolls I would like to sell. I inherited them from my mom who passed away last year. They are duplicates of ones she gave to me. Please email be at

    They are in their original boxes.

  17. je cherche des informations sur une personne qui en 1911 travaillait chez Eatons. c'est une française émigrée au Canada à 17 ans (toute seule) qui se nommait Louise Crozet.
    Qui pourrait me dire si les archives concernant le personnel de cette époque ont été conservées et si elles pourraient être consultées.
    Christiane de Bretagne en France

  18. il s'agit d'une française qui se nommait Louise Crozet

  19. je cherche des informations sur les personnes travaillant chez Eaton's en 1911-1912 et en particulier sur Louise CROZET et Philippe Oliver PAUL qui sont de ma famille
    Christiane de Bretagne en France

  20. I had two aunts who worked at the Winnipeg Eatons in the 50's. One worked at the lunch counter, Margaret Williams and one worked in children's hosery, Rose Williams. If anyone remembers them, please respond on this blog.

  21. Hi, I'm looking for the T. Eaton Grill Room tomato soup recipe. Thanks to anyone who can help

  22. I have a 3 piece bedroom set of mother-laws. It's called New Silvered mist #151 joints are all dovedtailed ,can someone tell me how old it would be?

  23. I am in possession of the original Beattie Portronic camera and tripod that was used in the Winnipeg Eaton's store for the children's photos with Santa. If anyone is interested, contact

  24. More memories.....The basement wasn't air conditioned, they had these big old fans mounted on the top of the pillars to circulate air. There was also a tunnel under Hargrave Street to the carpark from the basement. The main floor was quite fancy with plastered ceilings, unlike the basement and floors two to eight, which had the pressed tin with the diamond E logo and all manner of exposed piping and wiring,even the remnants of a pneumatic tube system, probably leading to the cash office on the eighth floor. With the opening of Eaton Place at the south end of the store and the adjacent Catalouge building the second store was made over for women's fashion. The third floor was housewares, a great book department, a snack bar and a gourmet food store. The fourth floor had more womens apparel and I believe the pet shop. On five were the famous Grill Room sit-down restaurant and the amazingly huge Valley Room cafeteria. It also had children's clothing and the youth minded Attitude shop. The sixth floor held major appliances, the fantastic rug department, pianos, stereos and televisions. The seventh floor was home furnishings, which Eaton's was famous for, as well as lighting. At Christmas Santa's Village was located there. There was also Eaton's Assembly Hall, used by the store and for community events. I believe that was up on seven. On eight were the cash, employment and administrative offices, as well as hardware and sporting goods. One floor up, reachable by stairs was the staff lounge and at one time an area for children to be babysat while mother and father shopped. The store was massive, and had pretty well everything a Winnipeg family could want or need. I understand it was one of the largest department stores in existence during it's heyday, and it commanded a huge market share in the city before the arrival of Simpson's-Sears in the nearby Polo Park Shopping Centre as well as the discounters. Thank you for letting me take a walk down memory lane. I hope other readers enjoyed the "tour" of Eaton's Winnipeg. They sure don't build them like that anymore!

  25. I worked at Eaton's Wpg display for 6 yrs i miss the beautiful windows and spending my day working on them. I will never understand why the city got rid of it for a ice rink when there are so many other locations they could have built. A real lack of focus and imagination sadly will be this cities down fall. I curse you Wpg.

  26. I rememberthe third floor, the donut machine, and very fondly the cheesecake made in the small retangular foils. I am looking for the cheesecake recipe if a kind person could post it to, I would very much appreciate it. I also have very close memories of my very English Grandmother taking me to the fancy tea room on the fifth floor, and my Mother taking me to her Rebecca Lodge tea parties. We did the same with my Daughter, visiting the 'true Santa' for pictures along with the moving displays and having a pre-Christmas lunch with our entire family became a yearly tradition.
    Now it just isn't the same, traditions can't be if they keep changing.

  27. I used to work at Eaton's and my most fond memories were the below poverty line wages.

    Thanks for the memories!

  28. Hello,

    Does anyone have any information on the relationship with Estee Lauder and T. Eaton & Co? We received a painted frame of T. Eaton & Company by C.W. Jeffery. Would love some more information!

    Thank you,

  29. I located a vintage postcard that says "The T. Eaton Co. Ltd. Store Winnipeg, Manitoba". If anyone is interested, email me

  30. We have a 190X T. Eaton Co. (labeled) baby carrige that we no longer have room for in our condo. It still works and we actually used it 30 years ago with our kids.
    I woud like to either sell it for what is worth (Kijjii has brought only nominal offers), or donate it to a museum for a charitble donation receipt. Anybody have any ideas.

    If so post here and I can follow the thread. Thanks

  31. My grandfather, George Rowlin, was maybe the advertising manager for Eatons from about 1908 to 1936. I am weak on the dates. His picture used to be in the "office"...I remember seeing it when I was a child. Does anyone know what happened to those photos? Carla Rowlin Jacobs.

  32. I had an aunt, June Numalyk that worked there in 1960....if anyone remembers her please respond on here...been looking for her for years....she's the only one of her sisters left

  33. A store that we shall never see the likes of again. Just shy of 1 million square feet, The plethora of selection in all departments and price points to suit most.
    There was en emphasis on moderate to better and some very high end offerings in all departments. The level of Service, selection and stylish goods are sorely missed these days.
    This 9 floor store dominates its market like not other and was considered the most successful dept. store in the world mid century.
    In the 1980's, the chiefs of Bloomingdale's and Macy's came to see why one of the main restaurants served more hot meals than any other dept. store in North America. There were many places to eat but the gorgeous Grill Room with its silverware china, posh carpeting and window treatments and chandeliers and huge ceilings left the most indelible impression to the visitor. Delicious food all prepared on site. The in store bakery even had 45 employees when it closed in the early 1990's. Fashionable Mens wear from affordable to high end designers..Y.S.L. C. Dior, names also such as Shipley, Samuelsohn, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Joseph Abboud..and the Pine Room did custom suits as well.
    Designers such as C Dior, Y.S.L. Kenneth Cole, Anne Klein, Carole Little, Wayne Clark, Adrienne Vitadinni, boutiques featuring; Ports International, Rouie, Jaeger, Mondi, Aquascutum and a Fur Salon like no other. Blackglama, Givenchy, Pierre Balmain etc...
    The china dept. has the most sought after porcelain from England, France and Germany, names like Limoges, Aynsley, Royal Doulton, Minton, Hammersley, Spode, Royal Crown Derby plus more... figurines such as Dresden, Royal Doulton, Lladro from Spain and Waterford Crystal as well as Lalique from France just to name a few.
    In the 1980's The Nolan Miller's Dynasty Collection was featured in the signature room as well. The fashions worn by Joan Collins, Linda Evans and Diahann Caroll were featured.
    Oriental rugs from China, India, Persian rugs from Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Afghanistan.
    Furniture? well, from budget to mostly upscale to imports from France and Italy. Some fashionable N American names were: Gibbard, Stanley, Kaufmann, Deilcraft, Drexell-Heritage< Hooker, Century, Lexington, Lane, Cooper Bros, Sterling, Carlton House..
    Also names at more moderate price points yet great quality were: Sklar-Peppler, Kroehler, Broyhill, Brentwood, Flexsteel, Strathroy, Bassett, Shermag.
    Textiles and fabrics were the finest anywhere.
    Delicious foods and an import gourmet fancy foods section that offered unusual products from around the world.
    The Eaton's Uncrates The Sun events in mid winter brought a well needed escape of the often Winnipeg cold winters so, dancers, food and costumes were a month long event with always an exotic country chosen trans Canada wide..for the event. Spain, Portugal, Japan to name a few.
    The performers were brought to the main cities in Canada to perform all month long in the larger stores. Singing, dancing, cookie, crafts etc..Some events were held at the 3 floor Polo Park store as well.
    One could go on.
    Sadly missed and never forgotten.

  34. My uncle, Jack Hunt, used to be on the board of directors I believe. Is there a photo, painting or some such relic that someone doesn't want. I only just found this out.

  35. The Archives of Ontario houses the Eaton's archive. There are many photos, etc. at that location. You can perhaps request copies (for a fee) by phone or email.


  36. Hello, We have an old child's wooden rocking chair that is marked T.Eaton Dept. 29 Winnipeg, Man. on the bottom of it. A former empoyee sold it to us from her yard sale. It has a unicorn on the front, solid back. I am not sure what year it is from. I can't find any photos of one that looks anything like it. Looking to see what it may be worth??? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Laura Lee

  37. OOPs...child's rocker could be marked Dept. 22 ???? and not 29.....Any offers???

  38. I have a picture on the back is marked T.Eaton Co. Picture department and has a serial #. I am wondering if it is worth anything.

  39. i have an oil painting of gold vase and wild flowers marked as picture department no B9176 can you tell me what the painting is called.

  40. wondering if anyone knows where to go look to see if a picture with t.eaton co. on back is worth anything

  41. I am interested in purchasing Christmas Catalogues from Eatons from 1956to 1962. Anyone who is willing to sell please contact me by e-mail at

  42. I just found a wonderful oil painting by Henry T Hartey or Harley marked The Picture Dept 4817
    64 802,any info would be appreciated, e-mail

  43. I have an older unsigned oil painting of a dog with a T. Eaton Co. Picture Department Sticker marked as "P4057". There is a unreadable signature on the back of the frame. Might start with looping g or j and end with t, but this is only a guess. Would be interested in any clues as to who the artist might be. Thanks

  44. HI, I would like to know if there is a photo of the Christmas scene that was placed in the Eaton's display window in the downtown Winnipeg location. Thanks Don Stoesz

  45. Don, I haven't seen one, but there probably is one at the Archives of Ontario, where Eaton's records are stored. Also check the Manitoba Archives . . .
    - Bruce

  46. Does anyone remember the monkey from the Grill Room at Eaton's. I was thinking the kids menu was printed on the back and you got to make a mask out of it when finished eating. I have vivid memories of this but no one I've mentioned it to remembers. Does anyone remember who this monkey was? Thanks Cathy

    1. His/her name was Pumpkinhead.

  47. That was not a monkey, That was Punkinhead the bear!

  48. I was born on Eaton's birthday July 17th & my father went to Eaton's & bought my mother her favorite treat, a pecan roll. My 1st fulltime job was at Eaton's budget office on the 8th floor in 1958 . Someone mentioned low wages but when I left in 1965 TO GO TO WORK AT A BANK I ACTUALLY took a cut in pay. It was a great place to work & I also played on Eaton's soft ball team. Many great memories.

  49. looking for a recipe for red velvet cake from late 70's to early mid 80's. I have that taste in the back of my mouth. I have never came close to that taste and i've had plenty of different red velvet.I would if someone out there knew of if the recipe was out there. if anyone can help me. Please and Thank you

  50. Please seek out the book "Lunch with Lady Eaton: Inside the Dining Rooms of a Nation
    for that recipe. -Bruce

  51. Thank you everyone for bring back good memories, when we couldn't shop in Eatons in person we had it delivered by one of their dark blue trucks! It was always such a treat to get something from them!

  52. Hello,
    Could anyone tell me if the paintings sold with the Eaton's label on the back were authentic / original or reproductions of fine art?

    Thank you very much for your time.

  53. There was a manager who worked at the downtown Eaton's store in Winnipeg.

    This guy had a Michael Bolton mullet. Who was this guy and what were his day to day duties?

  54. Laurie Mustard13 May, 2016 16:58

    I have the Eaton's clock everyone met under from the Main Floor of the Downtown Winnipeg Eaton's Store.

    1. I am interested in purchasing if you'll sell it. Anyone who is willing to sell items from the Winnipeg store please contact me by e-mail at

  55. Replies
    1. Yes I do remember the tunnel. I worked in the advertising department and was responsible for merchandise being picked up and returned after photo shoots. I remember having nightmares because of the large rats with eyes staring at me in some of the storage areas on either side of the tunnels. Lighting was not that bright. I knew every crack and cranny of the tunnels, catalogue and main building. Eaton's is a great company to work, I have fond memories.

  56. Ya, it was like you were walking into an underground bomb shelter

  57. My dad bought a wooden crate stamped T.Eaton Winnipeg on it front and back. It has leather straps for hinges. It had a shipping label still attached. It was shipped to Windthorst by CPR. Date was 19/12. Any info about age etc would be appricated

  58. Hi i am researching hockey in Winnipeg from 1902-1910 especially the teams from the Eaton departments. I was wondering if anybody had any pictures to share for my publication. I have found quite a lot of reports in the newspaper archives but would love to find a picture or pictures to go with the story. Kindest regards Jeff Nelson.