Leon Godchaux Clothing Co., New Orleans

Godchaux's Canal Street Facade

Detail and Marquee of the Canal St. Godchaux store

1946 Baronne Street addition to Godchaux's

The Leon Godchaux Clothing Co. (Godchaux’s)
826-828 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

JAckson 2-8511


First Floor

Precious Jewels Salon • Jewelry • Accessories • Neckwear • Handkerchiefs • Scarfs • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Hat Bar • Gloves • 828 Shop • Candy Bar • Gourmet Shop • Men’s Sportswear • Men’s Furnishings • Executive Corner
Baronne Street
Men’s Wear Centre • Abercrombie and Fitch Boutique • Stationery • Foreign Fair • California Corner • Beach Accessory Bar • Beach Boutique • Hosiery

Second Floor

 Men’s Hats • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Casual Shoes • Men’s Clothing • Squire Shop • Boys’ Shop • Little Brother Shop • The Equation • Turning Point • Forward Shop • Bottoms Up

Third Floor

Sports Shop • SportsDress Shop • Collector’s Corner • Carlin Boutique • Travel Bureau • Beauty Salon • The Trimmers • Personnel Office • Interior Decoration - Studio of Samples

Fourth Floor
Fourth Floor of Fashion
Coats • Suits • Better Sportswear • Better Dresses • Little Couture • Designer Sportswear • Regency Collection • Designer Dresses • Millinery • New ‘N Now • Fur Salon •  Fur Storage

Fifth Floor

Girls’ Shop • Subteens • Smarteens • Infants’ Shop • Children’s Shop • Toddlers’ Shop • Toy Shop • Gift Galleries • Tastesetter Gallery

Sixth Floor

Shoe Salon • Casual Shoes • Capezio Corner • Children’s Shoes • Young Towner Shop • Young Innovator

Seventh Floor

Career Shop • Career Coats • Junior Shop • Junior Coats • Young Individualist Shop • Active Sportswear • Where it’s At • Hole in the Wall


Lakeside (1960)
46,000 sq. ft.

Edgewater Shopping City (1966)
Biloxi MS

Oakwood Mall (1974)
12,000 sq. ft.

Southland Mall (1970)
26,000 sq. ft.

Lake Forest Plaza (1974)


  1. Did Godchaux's carry any china, crystal & silver or bed & bath?

  2. Yes, Godchaux's carried gifts, linens, stationery, etc. in spite of its official name of "Leon Godchaux Clothing Co." Many of its branch stores were small, in-line units which carried clothing only, however.

    1. Do you have an email I can private message you? I have an item I cannot find anywhere that is affiliated with the store.

  3. Godchaux's also had a branch at the Esplanade Mall in Kenner, around 1986-87.

  4. There was one at Uptown Square, as well, which I guess opened late '70s?

  5. There was also one in Lafayette,La.

  6. Can you still shop this store?,online I mean.

  7. Does anyone know the title of the tune in the Godchaux comercials? I have an audio copy of part of it.

  8. I loved Godchaux and got a charge card with them at 18 years of age. The first purchase I believe I made was on a Caro Nan Purse that I'm selling on Ebay now. The purse of purchased from the Canal Street Store in downtown New Orleans. The theme on my Caro Nan Purse is of course New Orleans: Al Hirt, Pete Fountain, Antoine's Brennan's,are some of the names on the purse. The most valuable piece of it all is the silver label with the Godchaux's name on it that's sticks on the inside top of the purse. Priceless memories. Wow, tears in my eyes!

  9. I have an heirloom 10K charm for a necklace that says Leon Godchaux Metal 1929 on it. Can you tell me about it?

  10. David, the tune you are talking about is Winchester Cathedral.

  11. Anonymous, I believe you may be mistaken about the theme song that David is referring to. When I first read his comment, I was happy to know that not only did someone else besides me remembers that theme, but that he actually has a recording of it! That piece of music has never left my mind, and I would love to, if nothing else, at least hear it again. Winchester Cathedral is a very well-known song, and, I would think, not be much of a "mystery". I am relatively certain that David is talking about the "spacey" electronic theme that played over video of a sexy woman getting out of a helicopter. That's the main reason I remember Godchaux's after all these years. I still see and hear it in my mind from time to time.

    Anyway, not trying to argue with you, and I could most certainly be incorrect, but...

    Also, David, if there's any way I can get a copy of that music, I would very much appreciate it. I tried to "reply" directly to your post, but nothing happened.

  12. There was also one in Baton Rouge, LA.

  13. I have some of the Clothing. my dad is Clarence E Godchaux born 1902. Shari Godchaux Luttrell

  14. I'm not sure, but I believe that the stores outside of the immediate New Orleans area (including the one in Baton Rouge) were actually not Leon Godchaux's, and may have even had the name spelt differently (Goudchaux's ??). My memories are from years ago, and I may be wrong. Leon Godchaux's stores in the early sixties were definitely purveyors of high-end products. My mother worked at the one at Lakeside in the early sixties.

  15. You are correct; Goudchaux's was a completely different firm in Baton Rouge, and had a fairly messy history in the 1980s and 90s when they took over Maison Blanche and eventually folded into Dillard's.

    Godchaux's, on the other hand, was definitely the high-end retailer in New Orleans.

  16. does anyone have a picture of the Laughing Santa from the top of the Goudchaux's building on Main Street Baton Rouge?
    Everyone looked forward to it every Christmas!

  17. There's a Godchaux's commercial on youtube. It's part of a New Orleans compilation and starts around 3:30:


  18. You may want to read the comments above. Goudchaux's and Godchaux's are 2 totally different stores. You must be talking about Goudchaux's who later bought Maison Blanche.

    Here's some info:




    You can google image search the store and there are some pic's online.

  19. I have a GOUDCHAUX''S Suit how much would it be worth now 8/ 2014??

  20. Your guess is as good as mine - as with all such requests on this site, I publish them, but you really should search for this information on eBay or a site dealing in vintage clothing or antiques.

  21. Thank you very much. I learned a lot about the history of my city!

  22. Hi, Love this Blog! This is great, wish I had came across a blog like this when I was in Architecture School. Would of been a great learning tool. I know this probably isn't the proper page to comment on this but I didn't see any general comments area to post to. That said, Was wondering if you have heard of the "Selber Brothers"? Selber's had department stores I believe in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. The building in Shreveport still stands. I believe the address is at 606 Milam St. I also think they had a couple of chain stores outside of Louisiana. Would love to see something about them on this website as I'm sure others would.

  23. Godchaux's had a branch in Baton Rouge at 1500 Main that holds a record in Guiness as the longest department store in the world. Great store. Loved Joseph and his brother Max(?) and Miss Lea Sternberg greeting the customers every day. Those were the days. Civility ruled the day. Great blog.

  24. Are there any archived photos available? I'm particularly interested in the mechanical Santa from the Main Street store in Baton Rouge.

  25. That's not Godchaux's, but Goudchaux's of Baton Rouge, a completely different entity. There is a book about the store (not the best in my opinion) entitled "We Were Merchants" and it's available from Amazon.com.
    - Bruce

  26. Goudchaux's appears in the movie THE TOY with Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason... It was filmed in Louisiana. I believe Baton Rouge. check it out! Love the site. I didnt grow up with Goudchaux's but I did with Woolworths. :) Thanks Jonathan Kennison.

  27. This isn't the same store as the one in Baton Rouge. They are completely unrelated and the name is spelled differently.

  28. Selber's had a location in Tyler, Texas through the early 80's and had good quality merchandise. It was absorbed by Dillard's. I have no details...

  29. Selber Bros. had a store location in Tyler, Texas at Broadway Square Mall into the early 1980's. It was a small store but offered high-quality merchandise. It was absorbed by Dillard's...like so many other good stores.

  30. My dad bought my mom a mink coat (calf length)in 1976. On the inside of the coat it reads GODCHAUX/MAISON BLANCHE, as well as her initials. Can anyone tell me who can get this coat the appraised value of it?

    1. im looking for the same thing but mine is full length.

    2. To Anonymous: My mom's is calf length. Would you know who might appraise minks? Thanks, Lp

  31. I started working for Godchaux's when I was 15 years old in Metairie La. in the gifts and linens department with Dorothy Mc Kenzie. Paula Mendolson was the store manager and the year was 1978. My memories are very fond of working in that store. Pam Wusthoff

  32. Please let me know how I may contact you regarding an item.

  33. My email address is bakgraphics@comcast.net