Davison-Paxon Co., Atlanta

The Neo-Georgian brick and stone
exterior of Davison's on Peachtree Street
Davison's was the work of note retail architects
Starrett & Van Vleck of New York City,
who also produced Lasalle & Koch's similar
facility in Toledo around the same time.

Davison's, at 180 Peachtree, was sandwiched in between
the ill-fated Winecoff Hotel and a movie palace.

The high-ceiling, columned first floor of
Davison's flagship store

In 1949, Davison's expanded to the rear
with a modern extension.

An illustration from a grand-opening ad in 1927
capitalized on the entrance detail of the store.

"Davison's of Dixie"

Davison-Paxon Co. (Davison’s) (1890/1927)
180 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

JAckson 2-7612

Lower Level
Davison's Budget Shops

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Fashion Jewelry • Silverware • Stationery • Books • Cameras • Luggage
  Notions • Cosmetics • Beauty Spot  Drugs and Toiletries  Gloves • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Scarves • Hosiery
Davison's Men’s Store Men’s Accessories • Men’s Furnishings • Men’s Dress Shirts • Men’s Ties • Men’s Separates • Men’s Sportswear  Men’s Clothing • Men’s Outerwear • Men’s Hats • Men’s Shoes  Habersham Row
Youth Centre Davison's Boys' Store • Grad Shop  Infants • Toddlers • Girls' Wear • Girls' Lingerie • Children's Underwear • Children's Shoes • Teen Shop  Young Sportswear Shop

Fashion Mezzanine
Career Sportswear
  Career Dresses  House & Town Shop  Career Coats  Career Suits and Knit Shop  Career Women's Shop  Career Shoes  Career Fur Salon  Tress Bar  Epicure Shop • Callaway Gardens Country Store  Davison's Candy Kitchen  Charl-Mont Bakery  Charl-Mont Restaurant • Quickie Bar

Second Floor
Misses' Dress Shop • Knit Shop  Sportswear Shop  Contemporary Misses' Shop  Carriage House Shop  Mrs. "D" Shop • Coat Salon  Suit Shop • Fur Salon • Town & Country  Miss Davison Shop • Georgian Room • The Boutique  Bridal Shop • Millinery Salon • Junior Sportswear • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats • Junior Couture Shop  Shoe Salon • Foundations • Loungewear • Sleepwear • Robes • Foundations  Beauty Salon  Wig Salon

Third Floor

Radios  Records  Televisions  Vacuum Cleaners  Major Appliances  Small Electrics  Housewares  Hearth Shop  Garden Shop  Domestics  Bath Shop  Closet Shop  Tableware  Linens  China  Silver  Glassware  Fabrics • White Sewing Center • Art Needlework • Customer Service  Ask Mr. Foster Travel Service

Fourth Floor

Carpets  Draperies  Bedroom Ensembles  Lamps  Pictures  Mirrors  Gift Shop  Photograph Studio 

Fifth Floor
Corner Shop
  Beacon Hall Galleries  Furniture  Modern Gallery  Charm House  Slumber Shop  Shelf Shop

Sixth Floor
Terrace Restaurant • Men’s Grill
  Executive Offices
(588,000 sq. ft.)

Augusta (1944/49)
864 Broad Street
100,000 sq. ft.
(Acquired Saxon-Cullum
Company 1944)
March 21, 1949

Macon (1944)
417-21 Cherry Street
(Acquired Union
Dry Goods Co. [1899]
November 5, 1944)

Columbia SC (1946/71)
1519-23 Main Street
125,000 sq. ft.
(Acquired Cullum's
June 30, 1946)

Columbus (February 14, 1949) 
Broadway & 12th Street
63,000 sq. ft.

Athens (May 25, 1953)
320 E. Clayton St.
56,000 sq. ft.
(Acquired Michael Bros.)

Sea Island (1947)
The Cloister
Sea Island Road & First St.
3,000 sq. ft.
Lenox Square
August 4, 1959
184,000 sq. ft.
Columbia Mall
May 14, 1964
141,000 sq. ft.
Peppermint Snack Bar

Cumberland Mall (1973)
162,000 sq. ft.

October 6, 1971
160,000 sq. ft.

Macon Mall (1975)
156,000 sq. ft.

October 6, 1976
165,000 sq. ft.

Augusta Mall (1978)
152,000 sq. ft.


  1. Davison's had another store in Columbus at Cross Country Plaza (an outdoor strip center). I'm not sure if was open at the same time as the downtown store or replaced it. In Atlanta, Davison's had a store at Shannon Mall. I think one if not both of the original Macy's stores at Town Center Mall and Gwinnett Place opened as Davison's. The original Davison's in Downtown Atlanta (before the 1925 store) was located much futher south on Peachtree Street near the downtown Rich's store. For decades, it was Kessler's department store and is now the Kessler's lofts.

  2. There was also a smaller dress shop on Sea Island.

  3. Davison's was bought by RH Macy in the 1920's

    The picture of Cumberland Davison's is not accurate...probably Columbia Mall. Perimeter Mall opened in about 1983 shortly after Gwinnett, both as Davison's. Athens store moved to Georgia Mall in late 70's/early 80's. Town Center at Cobb def. opened as Macy's.

    I worked for Macy's from 1980-1988; the funnest years of my life!

  4. I found one of their store reciepts in a copy of Then and Now by W. Somerset Maugham. Apparently she paid 2 dollars for it in Atlanta in 1946.

  5. That's funny...I remember radio ads in the 50s for "Kessler's, Whitehall at Hunter." I also remember walking between Rich's and Davisons as a kid. Rich's always seem to have more standing as a local store, Davison's being eyed as though it were run by carpetbaggers. It was a nice store though, and it wasn't nearly so crowded as Rich's.

  6. The photo for Cumberland is definately Columbia Mall in DeKalb County. In the retail history of Atlanta, Rich's was "Atlanta Born, Atlanta Owned, Atlanta Managed" as opposed to Davison's which was owned by New Yorkers.

    Belvedere Plaza was the first branch store for Rich's, in DeKalb County east of Decatur. Columbia Mall was built about half a mile from Belvedere, at the intersection of Columbia Drive and Memorial Drive. Columbia had a Davisons and a Sears, a small enclosed promenade, and maybe 30 or so other stores. Davison's eventually treated the Columbia Mall store as an outlet, although it was never called that.

    1. Actually the mall you are referring to is Avondale Mall! It no longer exists it has been transformed into Walmart... I frequented the Rich's in Belvedere Plaza As a child and I can remember that bakery being the killer...absolutely the best!

  7. Are There any pictures of inside Mezzanine.
    I have a very large Chandelier. I was told it came from The store upon remolding. It would have to be prior to 1981. Nellie

  8. I have seen pictures online of the interior of the store with enormous chandeliers. Perhaps a Google image search could turn them up?


  9. Did Davison Paxon have a store in Agusta Georgia in 1954? I wrote to a girl when I was in Korea her address was to the store in Augusta c/o Pat bedenbaugh. Any information anyone?

  10. Yes, Davison's had a store in Augusta since 1944 - and rebuilt it in 1949.


  11. Bruce, do you know if there are archives of employes in the Augusta store?

  12. Sorry, Carl, I do not know. Any information I have is from the AUgusta Newspapers on genealogybank.com. Perhaps there is something in that resource that might interest you; you might check with Macy's (Though they have never answered my requests for help with research for my books) or the local library or historical museum.

    Good luck,


  13. Bruce,
    Do you remember who the Beauty Salon manager was in the late 70's through the 80's? He was a great guy. He reached out to help a homeless kid when I needed it most. Time has robbed me of my memory and I can't even remember his name.
    Would be great to reconnect with him and let him know I made it this far through life.

  14. Thank you Bruce. I have been trying to locate the girl I was dating in 1954 just to see how she is doing. She would be about 75 now.

  15. Columbia Mall was renamed Avondale Mall some time in the eighties.

  16. Great Page! Please Join My Facebook Page Dedicated To Davison's.....I Worked At, Shopped At and Loved Davison's.

  17. Hey Joel, I tried to find your Facebook page but I wasn't able to. I worked at Davison's in the early 80's at Southlake Mall.

  18. Looking for Virginia Lee Jones. Lived on Rozella road in 1955. Information anyone?

  19. I bought a 36-24 picture it has to be a print because it has a little c in the right corner of the painting it has the original sales sticker from Davidson's. It is maybe a scene from France people sitting outside eating at the Cafe and walking down the street in gloves and cape coats wearing hats. I do not see a artist name on the print. I cannot find out anything about the painting and do not know where to take this. Having the original sales sticker it has to worth something. Can you please advise me. I loved this store

  20. I worked for Davison's a number of years. I remember being in the small leather good department, on the main floor. The opportunity to work in the luggage department came, and I enjoyed working for Howard Bond. We had a lot of fun in the mid-late 1960's at Davison's. One fond memory is the Friday after Thanksgiving sales, arriving early and staying to the end of the day....hard work, but we were rewarded with lunch and supper money. As a 19 year old, that was a great help.

  21. I worked for Davison's while in University. I was in the small leather goods. luggage and men's clothing areas. I remember becoming a "Blue Pencil" and as a 19 year-old, it was pretty impressive. I cherish the wonderful memories.

  22. Anyone remember the Charmont Grill at Davidson's. I believe it was on the 2nd floor. One of their specialties was the Charmont sandwich. It was wonderful. Wish I had the recipe. I worked at Rich's but had to walk up to Davidson's after work to ride the #1 Garden Hills bus. Love that part of my life. My job at Rich's was my first job. Worked in Rich's World of Beauty on the first floor for six years. Of all the jobs I have had since then, my Rich's job has always been my favorite!

  23. One feature of downtown Atlanta was the presence of two major Department Stores: Davison-Paxson (later just Davison’s) and Rich’s. Davison’s was regarded as more upscale, but Riches grew faster and became larger. I can recall going shopping in Davison’s with my mother, in the 1940’s. She typically dressed up for the occasion, in a hat and hose, although our journey downtown was on a streetcar. The store was six stories tall and was originally seviced by elevators with operators. Later the elevators became “automatic”. that is operated by the customers. Later still, escalators were installed, quite a thrilling ride for a kid. Payment transactions were handled by a pneumatic tube system. Sales slips and cash were transmitted to a central location, and change and receipt were promptly returned. Credit sales, using a store-unique credit arrangement were also processed with the system.

  24. I bought a French armchair at an estate sale. Tag underneath says it was sold to "Davison-Paxon Co." Your blog says Davison's was named Davison-Paxon between 1890 and 1927. Is my chair really that old?

    1. Davison's started as Davison-Douglas in 1891. Changed to Davison-Paxon-Stokes in 1901. Renamed to Davison Paxson Co in 1927.

  25. I have a ton of old illustrations a o2 yr old friend of mine did for clothing, furniture and full page advertising pages..with a couple of old Davison's menus. Pls send email if interested Teclasweat@gmail.com thank yoy

  26. Have any of ever heard of the artist / illustrator E Tucker?

  27. Have any of ever heard of the artist / illustrator E Tucker?

  28. Anybody ever heard of an illustrator,artist, named Eugenia Tucker who worked for Davisons for many years?

  29. Eugenia Tucker is 92 and lives in Atlanta, Georgia her boss was Diamond Cooper.

  30. Was The shipping manager at the 180 store also manager of parking garage late 70's

  31. I found a sales check from 1937. Do you have an email address or the name of someone who can check its authenticity

  32. I recall shopping in the downtown Atlanta store in the early 2000s, after it had become a Macy's. It was a nice store--well-kept, although somewhat quiet.

  33. I worked for Davisons on Peachtree Street from 1978-1982. I worked in Domestics. The buyers offices were in the store and we would some times ask them if they could Mark down linens and we would get really great deals. And my great aunt lived across the street at Peachtree On Peachtree, assisted living, ( The Old Winecoff Hotel) and,she would come visit me or I would go visit her,on my lunch break. And I would eat,lynch with her across the,street at S & W cafeteria.

  34. I worked at Davison's 1972 to 1974 in the maintenance department for Mr. Beard wonderful time the air conditioning system which converted ice machines Al exciting it was to work on those All the machinery to keep that building running was amazing Air conditioners boilers elevators escalators water towers Sub floors I learned a lot crawling around in ceilings and walls once I was under the store on the dirt floor foundation I cannot imagine a better job then working there

  35. I worked at Davison's 1972 to 1974 in the maintenance department for Mr. Beard wonderful time the air conditioning system which converted ice machines Al exciting it was to work on those All the machinery to keep that building running was amazing Air conditioners boilers elevators escalators water towers Sub floors I learned a lot crawling around in ceilings and walls once I was under the store on the dirt floor foundation I cannot imagine a better job then working there With Mr. Rott row And Mr. Duncan Mr. Rivers I was just a young kid and they taught me a lot


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