Julius Garfinckel & Co.

Garfinckel's elegant Neo-classical 1930 edifice on 'F' Street in the Nation's Capital

Garfinckel's graced the corner of Fourteenth and 'F' Street NW

Julius Garfinckel & Co.
F Street at 14th
Washington, D.C. (1898/1929)

NAtional 8-7730

‘F’ STREET STORE DIRECTORY  (237,000 sq. ft.)
First Floor
Cosmetics • Hosiery • Handbags • Precious Jewelry • Costume Jewelry • Scarves • Gloves • Blouses • Hat Bar • Accessories • Rainwear • Sportswear • Small Gifts • Luggage • Small Leather Goods • Fendi Boutique • Herm├Ęs Boutique • Trussardi Boutique • Men’s Fragrances • Men’s Gifts • Men’s Furnishings • Neckwear • Gregorian Candle Salon • Candies

Second Floor
Men’s Sportswear • Men’s Clothing • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Designer Sportswear • Contemporary Men’s Shop • Off Campus • Par Avion • Young Men’s • American Express Travel Bureau

Designer Third Floor
Designer Dresses • Yound Designer Dresses • Designer Sporstwear • Designer Salon • Fur Salon • Chanel Boutique • Jaeger at Garfinckel’s • Designer Shoes • Millinery Salon • Couturier Salon

Fourth Floor
Loungewear • Intimate Apparel • Robes • Sleepwear • At Homewear • Contemporary Sleepwear • Designer Loungewear • Designer Sleepwear • Contemporary Loungewear • JG Dresses • JG Coats & Suits • JG Sportswear • JG Shoes • Junior Dresses • Junior Coats • Junior Sportswear • Contemporary Sportswear • Beauty Salon

Fifth Floor
Special Editions Dresses • Special Editions Shoes • Special Editions Sportswear • Sepcial Editions Shoes • Greenbriar Dresses • Greenbriar Sports Shops • Greenbriar Knits • Greenbriar Shoes • Greenbriar Sports • Greenbriar Coats • Greenbriar Plus • Updated Sportswear • Updated Dresses • Greenbriar Garden Tea Room • Family Album Corner • Town Art Gallery

Sixth Floor
Young World Boyswear • Boys Clothing • Girlswear • Childrens • Toddlers • Infants • Young Juniors • Shoes • Toys • Debutante Shop • Debutante Shoes • Sub-Deb Shop

Seventh Floor
China • Silverware • Crystal • Stemware • Gifts • Art Porcelains • Waterford Gallery • Boehm Gallery • Linens • Bath Shop • Gourmet • Trim-a-Home Shop • Antoine Salon • Wig Boutique

Eighth Floor
Customer Service • Cashier • Credit Office

BRANCH STORES (1942-1972)

Spring Valley (1942)
4820 Massachusetts Ave.
35,000 sq. ft.

Seven Corners (1956)
Fairfax Co. VA
50,000 sq. ft.

Montgomery Mall (1967)
Bethesda MD
90,000 sq. ft.

Tyson’s Corner (1968)
McLean, VA
30,000 sq. ft.

Landover Mall (1972)
Landover, MD
90,000 sq. ft.

Springfield Mall (Feb. 28, 1973)
Springfield, VA


  1. loved,loved this store in washington dc

  2. The store inside the Tyson's Corner mall was lavish with it's sharply angled black marble entrance and glass stairs. I have one shirt of my father's with a Julius Garfinkel label and will keep it forever!

  3. My Mother worked for Garfinkel's for 41 years. She started out as a pregnant (with me) phone operator, advanced to shoe sales and then on to the Display Department at the Spring Valley Store. She decorated the windows and interior displays at the F Street store until 1956 when she was assigned to the Seven Corner's Store Display Department. I still have a few much loved signature Garfinkel's boxes.

  4. I think I worked with your mother from 75 to 80 at Seven Corners. I had my first job there as a stock boy and on the sales floor in the China department. She used to let me help her put up the Christmas decorations. She taught me a lot about good Christmas design.

  5. I worked for Garfinckel's in the Security Department, first at Montgomery Mall and later downtown. I worked under Helen Zinn, Director of Security. This lady was a great boss. She was married to E. Z. Zinn, an FBI agent. A number of years later, after a career as a lawyer and judge, I returned to police work and the fellow who did my background investigation was a retired FBI agent, who trained under Mr. Zinn.

    My mother who is still with us at 88 loved to shop at Garfinckel's. We still have silverware that she acquired from the store. My grandmothers shopped there as well. It was the store for old line Washingtonians.

    If you see the movie, J. Edgar, with Leonardo DiCaprio, there is a scene in Garfinckel's. It is pretty close as to what I remember from the early 70's.

    Sorry to see the store close down.

    Kevin J. Street

    I lost contact with Mrs. Zinn when I moved South. I would love to reconnect with her.

  6. I just found your blog researching a peignoir set I just purchased, it has a tag in it that reads: "Julius Garfinkel & Co. Washington - Paris" .
    I am trying to date and price this piece and it is so nice to find a site with some history.
    Thank you.

  7. Mia Berube - Greenlight Boutique06 September, 2012 17:45

    I also just acquired a beautiful vintage evening bag that has gold stamping inside that reads: Julius Garfinkle & Co. Washington, D.C. it also has gold stamping on the inside opposite side that reads: MM in fancier lettering, could be someone's initials? Does anyone know if this department store was known to monogram their handbags for customers? I would love any information that anyone can offer. Thanks :)

  8. I have been researching details about Garfinkle's and Hecht's in 1950 Washington D.C. This site is the best I have found. Can anyone tell me the department store hours of operation?

    1. I was living in d.c. in 1950 for s short time. my husband was in the service. We bought gifts in garfinckels for our families back home
      I still have the paper angels from the Christmas wrapped gifts.

  9. I was going through some items I had on my site and saw this site in realation to a search I did on Julius Garfinkle. As it happens I have a reciept from Feb 16, 1961 for $30.00 worth of clothes bought at the Washinton 4, D.C. store. What makes the reciept so speacial is who its from. Jakie Kennedy.


  10. Fond memories of Garfinckel's. I was a Display Trimmer at the Hecht Co in the early 70's and knew all the trimmers inthe F Street area -- Lansburgh's, Jelleff's(?), Woodie's, Morton's, and Gerfinckel's -- we'd get together at lunch or after work and have a great time. Those were the days. In fact, for a while F Street was Pedestrian Traffic Only. I miss Neisner's 5&10 with their great "greenhouse" in the basement where you could buy all kinds of plants, and their main floor with all the framed pcitures of the presidents.

  11. i have some gold vermeil baby spoons from garfinkles they look really old. any info!!!

  12. I have some letter's from 1944 by Miss Dorothy Jones, who was a Red Cross Clubmobile girl during WWII in Europe. According to one of the letters to her mother that I have, before joining the Red Cross, Miss Jones worked at Garfinkle's in the drafting room (I assume for store ads). She described "A Hungarian (naturalized) who spent 10 years in the Canal Zone" sits beside me", and a "tall, skinny Texan sits behind me". I don't know if Miss Jones returned to work at Garfinkle's after the war or not, but I thought you might be interested to know that a Garfinkle's employee served in England, France and Germany from mid-1944 through the end of 1945.

  13. I was out of the Corps and married, back home in the South when I saw a news report on the 76 fire in Garfinckel's. A young former Marine I had known at HQMC was Security for the awesome department store and I watched him on TV reporting about the fire. His name was Alan Glass. The fire saddened me. I loved shopping there; bought a Marine Corps ball gown in 68 from there, shoes, evening bag, stockings — still have them and still use the evening bag. The velvet gown I've long past being able to crunch myself into-but it's still majestic. Often wondered where Glass might be.

  14. I started a Christmas tradition of buying 3 tree ornaments from their open stock in 1967. Still have the JG boxes (some are actually small hat boxes) and the ornaments. They are the foundation of a large collection I have accumulated over the past 45 years. Our family shopped mainly at the 7 corners store since we lived out that way. By the way, Woodies was on the other side of the shopping center.

  15. I remember the wonderful JG gift wrapping service (no matter how small the purchase!) and the blue and gold boxes with the glittery stretch gold "ribbons" they used around Christmas. I also recall the boxes changing each year with different combinations of blue, gold and white. Can anyone post pictures of those boxes and ribbons, please? They are legendary in our family and I don"t have a single one left to show people when I tell the JG stories. Thank you.

  16. I worked at Garfinckel F. Street Store in the Alterations Department and at the Georgetown Park Mall store. I have real Amarican History stories about working at this store in the 80's!

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  18. I remember going to 7 Corners regularly as a young child with my mom and grandma. My grandma would be rolling over in her grave if she saw what took the place of Woodies, Lord and Taylor (was across the street) and Garfinkel's.

  19. The first thing I did when my husband and I moved to Annandale in 1972 was to apply for a Washington Shopping Plate. I loved shopping at Garfinkel's, Lord & Taylor & Woodies at 7 corners. The wonderful quality of the clothes, shoes, etc were outstanding. Garfinkel's was my favorite. I will always remember Mrs Thompson in the women's department. I, too, still have several Garfinkel's boxes. The Christmas department was oh so lovely, along with the elegant gift wrapping.

  20. I just found this site after it was mentioned in an article in the Baltimore Sun......I worked for Garfinckel's from 1970 thru its closing in the early nineties......as a buyer, manager of stores and merchandise manager of several divisions, I was retained by the court to reorganize or close after its bankruptcy declaration....it was a wonderful store, and nothing has moved in to fill the gap it left......as a child my father would take me shopping on our annual christmas buy for mother, sending me home in a taxi after lunch in their tea room.....I still have my baby clothes and his evening scarves which bear the label, Julius Garfinckel & Co, Washington- Paris....I'm sorry that I was born too late to have met Mr. Garfinckel, who greeted his customers at the door, daily, as guests to his store....Miss Elizabeth Farrell, who was his "right hand" was awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal by the French government after the war, for bringing French fashion to the United States...it hung proudly in our executive offices until closing....great customers, great memories, good friendships with fellow employees...many I still retain...JAS

  21. Wow!! Great stuff reading these coments. Spent over Twenty years there in Mgt., Wonderful folks , was like a family. Many of the ex's still around the Country. High Class all the way.

  22. I just purchased a beautiful black wool Jacket with mink collar & cuffs ! The jacket has the "Garfinckel's" tag & another inside left tag "Gary Keehn" I was wondering what might be the age of the jacket? It is in perfect condition!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The first piece of clothing I ever bought for myself with my own money was at the Garfickel's in Springfield Mall in 1978. It was a pastel plaid blouse. I don't remember how much it cost, but I wore it for years. I was fourteen. That store was filled with beautiful things. All of Springfield Mall has been demolished now and is being remodeled (2014).

  24. What a great tribute to this wonderful store. In 1989 I moved to MD, and got a Garfinkle's gift certificate for a wedding shower gift. I remember going into the flagship store on F Street and falling in love with the beauty, grace and grandeur of the store and it's staff. I purchased my wedding day jewelry and my wedding night peignoir set there and was so sad that I only had that one opportunity to visit this location before they closed. The store at the Annapolis Mall just wasn't the same. That elevator with the operator, how old school and awesome was that? I think I still have my Garfinkle's charge card - I couldn't bear to throw it away!

  25. I found a Julius Garfinkel & Co. velvet dress recently and I need help trying to date it. It is a four piece Velvet Cobalt Blue set. It has a Full Length Dress with Shoulder Straps and bust Line Collar, a Petticoat style top that buttons in back, a matching Belt and Hat with like netting on it (kinda looks like the hat Madeline Kahn wore in Young Frankenstein but a little smaller).

    Thanks in advance


  26. Sorry it buttons in the front.

  27. I worked at Garfinckel's in 1987 in the Georgetown Park Mall as the 1st black cosmetics manager for Clinque Cosmectics. I had just moved to DC and got lost in Georgetown and fell in love with the area so I say to myself..I am going to get a job somewhere in Georgetown. I worked with the most wonderful group of women, Linda, Jackie, Tammy, Lupe and Carol (she worked in the fragrance department. I wish could make contact with those ladies!

  28. I worked at the F street location for many years.. To the person who inquired about the monogramming.. yes, they did monogram nearly anything from bathrobes to wallets. In regard to the hours, they were very civilized. We were never open on sunday ( with the exception of possibly before Christmas), we closed at 6:00 weekdays with the exception of some mondays and thursdays ( we closed at 7:00 or 8:00). This changed during august, when most of Washington was "out of town". The staff was in itself exciting. I worked with a woman who was one of the first "Rockettes"-Mrs. Gladys Pierce. She was also a "Busby Berkley Girl", appearing in the movie "Top Hat" and others.. Many of my co-workers had a "story" to tell.
    It was an exciting and wonderful time..And I met many fantastic customers..
    Regards, Richard Ransom Beman

  29. I am looking for any link to my past. My godmother Marion Dennys or Grace Nickels worked at the mass Ave location. Any contact info to find any family please email startswithacapital@gmail.com

  30. I came from Germany in 1968, Worked for Heudorf und Steinle, Fur and Fashion, in Wiesbaden; when ever I got homesick I would go to the Garfinckel Department store, in the Montgomery Mall, it reminded me so much of Europe, always found a helpful clerk with knowledge . I would wander around the store for hours, till I had to pick up the Children from school. I also miss the flair and quality, I like to keep my garments a little longer than from one wash to the next.

  31. would catch the bus around Garfinckels every morning while on the way to Mackin early 60's

  32. Gordon Howells18 August, 2015 10:30

    I came across Garfinckel's while doing some family history research. It seems that an ancestor of mine, Hilda Howells, moved to Washington DC from England in 1930. She met and married Samuel Miltz, who was a tailor at the Garfinckel's department store some time in the 1930's. I believe Hilda also worked at Garfinckel's at some time. I wonder if any archive staff records still exist from that period?.. I know it's a LONG time ago, but you never know! g.howells1957@gmail.com

  33. Garfinkles was always the 'best of everything'. When I discovered it was closing, I hurried and bought several of their last beaded Xmas ornaments so as to admire and remember Garfinkles!

  34. I was fresh out of the Marine Corps and worked as a security manager at most all of the big dept stores in DC. I was one of the security mgrs at the Mont. Mall store in the beginning, which was around the early 70’s. I was promoted to mgr of delievery and gift wrapping, but didn’t like it, and went back on the floor at the F St. store in security. Harry Wood was the security manager from what I remember, and Helen Zinn was his asst. Mr. Tipton, a retired Air Force type was manager over them. We sure cleaned up the professional shoplifters there, but they never learned and always took another chance by trying us again. I worked with a couple others who’s names I can’t remember, but I did work with an older guy by the name of Robert, and was told that he had a problem and left.

    My mom also worked there before I was born, and I believe she said the silverware dept.

    Hope this email goes through, and would like to hear from you. I was just surfing and found your comments on The Dept. Store Museum.

    I ended up in law enforcement, but left to start my own lock and security company and ended up providing services to Dulles Airport, Nat. Archives, U.S. Courthouse, and the Carter Baron Amp Theater. Those were the good days, but now have slowed down quite a bit.

    Give me a shout, would love to talk about the “good ole days” at Garfinckel’s.

    Tom Lucas

  35. The Garfinckels in Montgomery Mall personified wealthy suburban shopping in the late 60's and throughout the 70's. Clothes were not on racks but in drawers and you needed the assistance of a sales person to show you what you were looking for. The Montgomery Mall location was the largest and by far the classiest of all the suburban locations.

  36. Sadly the retail markets have all gone to rack sales, Garfinkles, Lord & Taylor and the others. Quality assurance and service with a bit of class is only a distant memory now. It is nice to have been a part of it, but it is history.