The Hecht Co., Washington D.C.

The Hecht Co.'s terra-cotta faced F Street store at the
corner of 7th Street NW in the Nation's capitol.

The new building of The Hecht Co. opened to
great fanfare on November 12, 1925

In 1941, the store was expanded to E Street by a
modernistic addition.

The various buildings of The Hecht Co. began
to fill an entire block and were advertised as the
"Greater Hecht Co. Store."

A 1957 view from 6th and F Streets, NW, shows
The Hecht Co.'s expanded store and adjoining
parking decks.

The Hecht Co.
F Street
Washington, D.C. (1896/1925)

NAtional 8-5100


Thrift Center

Street Level
Fine Jewelry • Watches • Diamonds • Clocks • Costume Jewelry • Real Thing Jewelry • Scarves • Umbrellas • Handbags • Small Leather Goods • Belts • Gloves • Hosiery • Sunglasses • Ladies’ Accessories • Cosmetics • Wig Salon • Boulevard Sportswear • Boulevard Sportswear “Directions” • Blouses • Sweaters • Boulevard Shoes • Calculator Boutique • Cameras • Stationery • Notions • Luggage • Candy • Gourmet Foods • Bakery • Live Shop Healthy Foods • Telephones • Calculator Boutique • Cameras • Fabrics • Art Needlework • Optical Dept. • Pet Shop • Fabrics • Men’s Furnishings • Men’s Sportswear • Men’s Accessories • Young Men’s Club • Books

Boulevard Dresses • Boulevard Coats • Daytime Dresses

Second Floor
Men’s Clothing • Men’s Outerwear • Men’s Hats • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Sportswear • Tots’ & Toddlers’ Wear • Infants’ Wear • Infants’ Furniture • Girls’ Wear • Girls’ Sleepwear • Sub-Teen Wear • Boys’ Wear • Jr. Deb Wear • Children’s Shoes • Maternity

Third Floor

Miss Washingtonian Shop • Metropolitan Dresses • Forecast Shop • After Five Shop • The Scene • Embassy Room • Fine Line Boutique • Sports Apparel • Splashdown! • Casual Dressing • Town and Country Dresses • Town and Country Sportswear • The Updated Miss • Junior Dresses • Junior Sportswear • Junior Coats • Junior Shoes • The Knack • Rainwear • Town and Country Coats • Fur Salon • Bridal Shop • Bridal Bureau • Millinery Salon • Fashion Shoes • Lingerie • Bras and Body Fashions • Misses’ Loungewear • Misses’ Sleepwear • Toys • Official Scout Headquarters • Sporting Goods • Artist’s Center • Georgetown Restaurant • Gourmet Grill

Fourth Floor
Furniture • Bedding and Sleep Furniture • Orient Express Shop • Interior Design Studio

Fifth Floor
Stereos • Televisions • Radios • Televisions • Appliances • Domestics • Blankets • Pillows • Linens • Bath Shop

Sixth Floor
Bedspreads • Curtains • Draperies • Slipcovers • Decorative Pillows • Pictures and Mirrors • Rugs and Broadloom • Slipcovers

Seventh Floor
Housewares • Electrical Appliances • China • Glassware • Gifts • Silver Shop • Lamps and Shades • Dinettes • The Loft • Hardware • Garden Shop • Vacuums • Cleaning Supplies

(555,000 sq. ft.)

Silver Spring (1947)
255,000 sq. ft.
The Maryland Room

Parkington (1951)
285,000 sq. ft.
The Virginia Room

Prince Georges Plaza (1958)
Hyattsville, MD
198,000 sq. ft.
The Maryland Room

Marlow Heights (1960)
196,000 sq. ft.
The Maryland Room

Laurel Shopping CenterBaltimore Ave & Montrose St.
Laurel, MD
84,000 sq. ft.
The Snack Bar

Landmark Center (1965)
162,000 sq. ft.

Montgomery Mall (1968)
Bethesda, MD
217,000 sq. ft.
The Garden Spot
Tysons Corner Center (1968)
McLean, VA
234,000 sq. ft.
The Garden Spot
Landover Mall (1972)
155,000 sq. ft.
The Castle Keep

Lakeforest Mall (1978)
Gaithersburg, MD
150,000 sq. ft.

Coming in Due Course.


  1. I'm sorry to bother you! If any of you know of a lady who used to work at the Hecht Museum in D.C. in the late '60's & '70's, please give her my email so she can contact me.

    Her name is Helen Drivas and she was responsible for taking my grandfather on a tour there (after his exhibit at Macy's) where another exhibit was arrange at the D.C. location!


  2. My first job was at the Hecht Company at 7th and F Sts. N.W. at the age of 16. My paycheck for the week was about $38.00 if my memory serves me correctly. The year was 1958. I stood behind the counter on the first floor selling ladies gloves at Christmas time. Across the street on F was the White Tower where we would go to share a cherry coke a hamburger and play the jukebox at lunch. I remember the elevator operators wearing uniforms. The biggest perk of all was to see the magical window displays for Xmas at Hechts, Woodies, Lansburghs and Kanns Department Stores. Neisners was another wonderful place to go for teens. We could sit and listen to 45 rpm rock and roll hits for free. Hop on a street car to get home. Nobody had a car back then, and nobody cared. We were having too much fun.

  3. Dear Sharon:

    You, like many others, have related a great tale of how these stores formed a background to our lives at the time . . . an aspect of life I find missing in our throw-away, cookie-cutter society. It wasn't just stores, I believe - there are many other things (neighborhoods, hotels, modes of transport, amusement parks) that managed to add richness to life, so that people actually enjoyed mundane things things like shopping.

    My favorite part of your comment is that you were having "too much fun" to care about a car, since downtown shopping, taking the streetcar, etc. made life itself fun. I think we could all use a little less hassle and more sheer enjoyment out of the simple things in life. Enough philosophizing, though, for me.

    I visited Woodward & Lothrop, The Hecht Co., and Garfinckel's in 1973 on my Junior class trip from De La Salle Collegiate H.S. When we were allowed some free time, I high-tailed it to 'F' Street and bought some souvenirs for my family. It was a little tattered (Lansburgh's had closed already, Kann's was on the way out, but Woodies was all one would expect of a high-class metropolitan department store, and Garfinckel's was such a beautiful palace of a store, one could imagine Washington Society making a big deal out of shopping there. While none of this was a consistent part of my daily life, I know now that it was for many people like you, if the comments received on this site are any indication.

    Thank you again for sharing memories of a time and place we'll probably never see again.


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  5. I just found your site looking to see if all the Hecht Co. stores have closed. I remember watching the Landover mall store being built and shopping there (I lived in Landover & the area). We also used to shop at PG Plaza. When I started working in DC, I rode the Metro and would go shopping at the Hecht's and Woodies by getting off the train at Metro Center and going up stairs. Loved those two stores. Hecht's was my favorite. Also, Hecht's had a store/warehouse on New York Ave, in DC, across from the railroad tracks. Drove by it all the time on my way to work or just to go into DC. Is it still there?
    Many times I wish those store were still here. I always found everything I needed in clothes, shoes, gifts.:(

  6. I too had noticed that this Hecht Company tribute page was missing the mention of the fantastic Hecht Company warehouse located on New York Avenue in NE Washington. That huge building still stands today but it has been vacant for 10-20 years I believe. The art deco style architecture of the building helps to maintain its symbolic presence and a memory of days gone by.

  7. This is an incredible website. Thank you for creating it. I grew up in DC in the late 40s and 50s and knew all of these department stores very well. My late husband and I used to go to Woodie's almost every Saturday to buy "this or that." It didn't matter what we needed. Woodie's would have it. In the early 60s, my mother was hired as a salesperson at Garfinckel's. Walking into that store was like walking into the Land of Good Taste. Everything was beautiful. Every store had a special appeal for me. When I began to make my own clothes, I made a beeline for Kann's in Arlington, which had the best selection of fabrics. Of the ones that were in DC, only Hecht's is left. Very sad.

  8. Almost every other Saturday morning, Mom would take me with her to shop. First stop, we parked the car at Hecht's, walked by the candy counter with Mom promising me I could have chocolates when we returned. Sometimes we go right out to F Street to shop at all the stores in the area: Landsburgh's, Kann's, Jellef's Garfinkel's and lunch at "Woodies." I loved their wood paneled dining room with their monogram silverware. We felt like royalty!

  9. Thank you for creating this wonderful website which has provided a wonderful walk down memory lane. My grandmom and I rode the streetcar from her home in Georgetown to the stores. At Christmastime every year, my Dad drove me and my sisters downtown to see the beautiful window displays. As a teen, I took the bus from our house in Maryland downtown to spend the day shopping. My first job was at 7th and Pennsylvania, so on my lunch hour I would walk up 7th Street to visit Hechts. DC's department stores were wonderful shopping destinations and I so wish I could have shared them with my children as my mom and Grandmom did with me!

  10. i worked as a Display Trimmer at the DC store in the early 70's -- the salesclerks throughout the store were a great bunch of folks to know-- very friendly. There was a restaurant across the street -- I think it was called Carroll's-- there's a Starbuck's there now. Carrolls had a blue plate special for $3.99 and on our salaries, that was the best place to go to for great food and company. If you were REALLY broke, you could go across the street from Carroll's (7th street) and get a 39 cent hoagie from Kress's 5&10.

  11. I just learned that my great grandfather worked for the Hecht Co. as a young man in Washington, D.C. Also, I have a love letter written from my grandfather to my grandmother on the inside of a handkerchief box with the Hecht company logo that starts something like "I'm sitting here eating a sandwich..." and proceeds to how he can't quit thinking about family is a D.C. family from way back so Hecht's was part of our life!

  12. I have a trollie car that has the name Hecht company on it and must have been a promotional. Would like to see if any collectors or museum about the Hecht would be interested in the tin car which is in very good condition. It was found in an actic on Park Ave in 1973.

  13. I used to work for hechts at the fair oaks mall i started as a sales person and worked my way up to ASM i would love to find my old co workers. My name Brad and i managed womens petite's, i worked there from 1991 to 1995 i really miss those people

  14. Hi,
    I'd like to contact someone who worked in the Hecht's in Towson, MD in the 1980s. Would you have any information on the staff at the beauty salon there? Or is there a Baltimore contact who might be able to help find this person? We got along so well and I've always wondered what he's doing now.

  15. During the Christmas season during the 1960's a handsewer from Commonwealth Shoe & Leather (Bostonian Shoes) would sew shoes in the window of the F street store. My Dad was the sales rep for the company. He would take us downtown to watch the handsewer at work. I can't remember the man's name - Marc something, but we loved watching him create.

  16. I worked in the Furs and Coat Dept. at Hecht's Landmark in the 1970s. Since I wasn't full time they didn't have to even pay minimum wage. I think I got $1.70 an hour. The furs were in a locked glass case back against the wall in the coat department. During the warmer months when the coat dept. was quiet, they transferred me over to the wedding invitations and stationary area. It's hard to think of what they DIDN'T sell at Hecht's.

  17. Hecht's was the last of the local department stores. It's unfortunate that Macy's brought all the department stores from May Department stores and changed them all to Macy's. There's nothing special about Macy's. I remember in the late '80s, Macy's didn't want to open their stores in the Washington, DC Metro area. Fast forward to 2006, all Hecht's is now Macy's.
    Macy's should have kept the local department stores keep their names. Ex: Hecht's (a division of Macy's). Two Macy's (Macy's 1 and Macy's 2) at Fair Oaks Mall. Even though it's a Macy's
    now, it will always be a Hecht's.

  18. I have a "coin/token" with "The Hecht Co" on one side and a number on the reverse side. What were these used for?

  19. The Hecht Co. was my favorite store. I came to DC from MN in 1951, and every spring I would be thrilled to see the beautiful 50's style dresses. They had a bright fitting room with a window and I'd try on clothes for hours!

    Then in about 1959, I worked in the Toy Dept and wore the red top as "Santa's helper". It was really enjoyable to work with the toys, as I had a daughter about 2 yrs old, so I was very interested in what was appealing to children.

    Every Saturday, I would take the bus downtown and stroll up and down F and G streets to all the shopsl I'd go to the Waffle House on 11th st and have coffee and pie and listen to the juke box.

    I am sorry for what has happened to the downtown area. It is now unrecognizable!

  20. I started working at the 7th & F st. store in the summer of '64. Worked in the Maintenance Dept. We did just about everthing. Lot's of fond memories. Did some time at most of the other store as well (but not in the Va. locations) PG Plaza, Silver Spring, Landover, Tysons. We had a road crew that took care of the stores that didn't have permanent maint. people.

  21. I work at the Hecht co. 1964 as teenager I loved my job as a stock boy in appliances

  22. I still have a belted, "furry" lined suede coat with faux fur collar and cuffs I bought my first winter living in Silver Spring back in 1975. It's seen a lot of winters and kept me so warm in Alabama and Georgia since then and still looks as good as the day I bought it. Don't care at all whether it's in style or not, not with such a terrific coat. Money well spent at Hechts.

  23. Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for reminding me of Neisner's! That was a magical trolley stop, where you could pop into Neisner's and get a crab cake at the deli counter, and eat it waiting for the trolley. The year was 1955 and I went regularly to get my braces tightened, with the reward of going downtown all alone and walking to this magic corner. Fast forward to 1958 and my junior prom dress from Woody's! Then Hecht's provided my wedding dress (same guy as prom!) in 1964. What a wonderful time.

  24. 50s and 60s My mother worked at Hecht's and every payday Friday I would ride the Streetcar downtown and meet her when she got off work and we would shop and eat dinner! Happy Memories!

  25. I remember going with my mother to the Hecht's on F street. he three things that stand out in my mind are hot peanut center at entrance, the bargain basement and the restaurant upstairs. What a wonderful experience!

  26. I worked at Hecht's from 1978 until Macy's laid me off in 2010 after 32 years. Hecht's was the greatest place to work. They had the nicest salespeople and managers. I was hired by Ellie Miskovic at Hecht's in Prince George's Plaza. They were the greatest team. Ellie, Paul Wright, and Jim Williamson. I worked in Domestics on the 2nd floor next to lingerie with Sapeinza Barone, Jim Picklo, Janice Porter. We had the best times. The customers were like family. Hecht's had good benefits and job security. I remember Blanche Kirchoff and the awesome Mrs Gado in Remark. Those were the best days.

  27. I have an old Hecht Co. Ski Shop pin from Washington, D. C. that I would be willing to part with at a nominal fee...any interest out there?

  28. I started working at the Down town Hecht Co store in 1977. We were all a big family. I continued working at Hecht's until the Macy's so call merger. After realizing Macy's has a name and that's about it, I left retail. I've been trying to locate a girl I dated in display in the 1978-79 era named Trish. I was told she married a military guy so I have no idea where to find her. Trish if you see this email me at I'd love to catch up with you. Always was curious what you did with your life

  29. Im trying to get some information I have an cross stitch on a Canvas and on the back of the canvas it says This is a hand made canvas panel frames to fit this canvas panel in stock
    THE HECHT CO. Artist Materials Depts WASHINGTON. BALTIMORE 16x20 has a cross stitch of the royal guards and big ben and other things... the Artist initials is clo or No and the year is 68

  30. I still have my Hecht Co charge card first received in 1975. I also have some Hecht Co gift certificates from 1988. All put away for safekeeping. :)

  31. Growing up in So.Md. we went downtown for every thing. 7th street was a great place to shop The Hect Co. Woodys Landsburgs Harris Jewlers and best of all was the candy that sold Veladis Fudge. I heard that they had relocated to Salisbury Md.They made a Fudge that had a grainy texture that was to die for.If anyone knows if they still make candy please let me know Thanks Charles

  32. I have a trench coat made by Hecht Co. It is a Sheldon Aristocrat Royal Velour. It was given to me by a friend. I can't seem to find another one anywhere. Is this something I should hang on to? Thanks

  33. A special treat ,Veladis Fudge, certainly different, made for some great memories when it was given as a gift. Poor Dad he sometimes got the last piece...

  34. Can anyone help with this information? My friends & I loved to go to Hecht's as teenagers in the 70's. We believe it was on the 7th floor that there was a place for teens to go. It may have been just for girls. You received a card to get in. The "club" had a name & none of us can remember it. Any help out there?

  35. During 1975, I worked at Hecht's Montgomery Mall. It is now Macy's. I remember the parquet-floored aisles throughout. Above the escalators, the ceiling was white with gold leaf designs and it was round- not square as it is today. This ceiling is probably still there, because the new white ceiling with square area is about 12 feet lower than the 1975 ceiling. During that year, the space was doubled with an extension of the original building being added near the current Nordstrom. The lower level included a small restaurant. The gas station at Westlake Drive and Democracy Blvd. was the Hecht Co. Tire Center. TicketMaster was located inside and during big name concerts, the line would be long out into the mall. The lower level of Hecht's was a round water area with fountains. The upper level doors now located near the Arclight Theater was the employees enterance.

  36. I was security at Mont. Mall in 68, and then promoted to Security Manager of Silver Spring, and managed P.G. and other stores at various times after that. We watched the riots in 68 from the roof top of P.G. Plaza Hecht's. Hecht Co had their own K-9 at F St., and I heard a K-9 went through a window after a protester there. A lot of memories with Hecht's.

  37. Hecht Company Tire Centers - No discussion of the Hecht Company would be complete without mentioning the Hecht Company Tire Centers. Most of the DC-area stores had a Tire Center, which like its larger competitor, Sears, sold tires, batteries, and performed a variety of automotive repair services. Almost all were in stand-alone buildings located in the parking lot away from the main store. For a period in the early-mid 1970s, I was a "rover" - when the head mechanic was on vacation or vacant, I was sent to that store to "fill-in". So I worked at Montgomery Mall, Silver Spring, Prince Georges Plaza, Landover Mall (even before it opened), Landmark Center, Tysons Corner Center, and my favorite - Parkington Shopping Center, now Ballston Commons. Parkington was located in an old gas station next to Hecht's garden center - Arcadian Gardens. For some reason they kept the gas pumps, but there were only about a half-dozen customers per day. F Street had a Tire Center. I don't know about Marlow Heights. I don't think Lakeforest Mall had one. Some of the Baltimore-area stores also had them, but I'm not familiar. The suburban DC tire centers closed in (guess) mid-1980's and were demolished as the parking space was more valuable than the tire center. As of about 2013, the Prince Georges Plaza building still exists - it's in the parking lot behind the main building, boarded up for decades. Here's an ad for the Baltimore area stores:

  38. Christmas time in Downtown DC in the 1950 - 1960's was a magical time! You "dressed" to go "Downtown" during those years, but during Christmas everything seemed more special. The Department store windows came alive with wonderful scenes of the season. Kahn's, Lansburgh's, Hecht. Co. Woodies, all along 7th and F streets were dressed in Christmas finery. And I remember that lights crisscrossed the roofs of the buildings along the 7th street stretch . Does anyone else remember that? So sad that it all disappeared!

  39. Christmas time in Downtown DC in the 1950 - 1960's was a magical time! You "dressed" to go "Downtown" during those years, but during Christmas everything seemed more special. The Department store windows came alive with wonderful scenes of the season. Kahn's, Lansburgh's, Hecht. Co. Woodies, all along 7th and F streets were dressed in Christmas finery. And I remember that lights crisscrossed the roofs of the buildings along the 7th street stretch . Does anyone else remember that? So sad that it all disappeared!

  40. my name is Maurice and i have a old photo of me sitting on Santa Claus Lap when i was four or five years old at the Hecht company that was at the corner of 7th and F street northwest in Washington DC the photo was taken either in 1964 or 1965 and i made some more copies of the photos of me sitting on Santa Claus lap back in 1964 or 1965 at the Hecht company at the corner of 7th and F street Northwest in Washington DC this photo is one of my favorite photos of me from the past one of my aunts had this photo of me and she gave me the photo to make some copies of myself my email address is


  42. I'm researching the Hecht department store for a novel I'm writing with scenes set in DC, 1941. My character is going to the department store. I am wondering if at that time, blacks would have been allowed as customers in the store? Since other facilities (washrooms, restaurants) were whites only, were blacks also refused entry at Hecht's and other department stores?
    Thanks for the information. Gini

    1. My father worked at 'the downtown' Hechts from '39 till his retirement in the 70s.
      (Bought a house in newly developing Rosemary Hills, Silver Spring in '53, but except for special occasions he was at the 'downtown' store. I was on the SS Teen Board and had several jobs at the store - and newly opened Tyson's Corner during Christmas when at UM college park ... hired by Norelco - placed at Hecht's. I'd love to hear from you!

  43. Coin token was for the shopping bag dispenser located in the vestibules as you entered the store

  44. I bought a beautiful wrought iron bedroom set at the Hecht Co. in the summer of 1996. In a recent cross country move, I lost the bed's 4 decorative knobs (that screw atop the 4 posts). If anyone reading this happens to know who the Hecht Co's top wrought iron furniture wholesalers were at that time, I'd appreciate the leads.

  45. hello
    i saw restoring a mahogany chest with two stickers on the . one reads" k64" or "v64" with "1800" below and larger print. the other sticker reads," Hecht co. Washington DC"
    4 drawers all same length with wooden knob handles. any ideas?

  46. I'm restoring a mahogany dresser. on the back i found two stickers. One read, "k64" or "V64" with a large print "1800" under the smaller numbers. The other striker reads, Hecht co.
    Washington DC". it measures 19.5x36x38.5 high. its four drawers equal length with wooden knobs handles. Do you have any information you could give?

  47. I am looking for information on a "The Hecht Company" Arcadian Maple Finish No. 780 China Hutch. I was wondering where I might get some information on this hutch. I am unable to find anything on the web,

  48. I came across a painting that was made for the Hecht company Store located there. The macys near me in PA was closing down and loved the painting hanging on there wall. They allowed me to have the painting witch was #1 of only #1. On the back has a sticker thats says custom framed for The Hecht Company Store #17
    I guess when the closed the Hecht store they ahipped it to the Macys in Pa. Well now that just closed yesterday its now sitting in my living room. Kind of cool, i am 41 and love items that have a life and meaning behind it.

  49. If anybody has watched The Keepers on Netflix a necklace possibly purchased at Hecht's is one of the unsolved mysteries. If viewed take notice and see if you recognize it as a Hecht's. Are there old catalogues available? If you can be of any help contact the FB group.

  50. Does anyone remember what time the department tore shut down on Friday and Saturday nights in the 60's? My mother in law are having a hot debate..... thank you!

  51. Does anyone have pictures and names of the Hecht sons? If they were a live they would be at least 100.

  52. I worked at the Hecht Co Fine Jewelry dept at PG Plaza I think it was around 1971. Names I remember -- Milford Feldman and his daughter Phyllis, Richard Floyd (who also drove racecars), Gil Falcon.

  53. I have a coworker who loved the Shrimp Melt from the Georgetown Restaurant at the downtown Hecht's. If anyone can get me a recipe, or a menu description that would help me put together a recipe, it would greatly appreciated! I'd love to be able to surprise her!

  54. Hello I'm a twenty-one year old African-American man. A few days ago I was talking to my mother and somehow we got on the topic of Hecht's. She told me about how her aunt, my great aunt would visit Hecht's on a regular basis almost religiously She also told me about how my grandfather bought dresses for her and my grandmother there once (or . I told her that it was a shame that Macy's had taken over the store and changed its name. She was stunned, because she remarked to me that she hadn't thought anything of the lack of mention of the department store. I was fascinated by my mother's story because I've heard stories of African-Americans being turned away from major department stores (like Garfinckel's). So that's what makes my mother's story all the more intriguing to me given the fact that several members of her family shopped there (they also shopped at Thalhimers and Miller & Rhodes) in the 1960s onward until Macy's takeover of Hecht's. I would love to learn more about the African-American experience at Hecht's.

  55. My family owns a hecht table I am looking to get some information on the piece as it has been passed down in my family. If interested in seeing it please e-mail me

  56. My mother would take me to the Hecht's in Iverson Mall for my back to school wardrobe in the 70's. They always had stylish clothes along with a great selection of Levi jeans. I could always get everything I needed in one stop. I remember exactly where the boys dept was and I treasure those memories of shopping with my mom. We'd always go to the Hot Shoppes cafeteria or the Steak n Sack in the shopping center afterwards.


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