The Halle Brothers Co., Cleveland, Ohio

Halle's in Cleveland was most identified by its gleaming
white terra-cotta building at the eastern end of Euclid
Avenue. It was built in 1910, and doubled in size by 1913

The Euclid Avenue Building backed up to
Huron Road (right). Halle's expanded across
the road in 1927 (left)

The so-called Prospect Building was
originally used for the Store for Men
and home furnishings. In the 1950s
Halle's consolidated all operations
into the Euclid Building.

The trapezoidal shape of the Prospect Building
allowed it to front on Prospect Avenue as well.
When the store consolidated, the Prospect
Building became a parking deck and warehouse.

In 1949, Halle's added a west wing along
Huron Road to the Euclid Building.

An aerial view shows the rear of the wedge-
shaped Euclid Building (with oriel windows)
and the Prospect Building across Huron Road.

The Halle Bros. Co. (1891/1910/1913/1927/1948)
1228 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio

MAin 1-2700

Halle's Basement Store

First Floor
Fine Jewelry • Costume Jewelry • Fine Watches • Handbags • Personal Leather Goods • Gloves • Belts • Hosiery • Slipper Bar • Scarves • Fashion Accessories • Hat Bar • Blouses • Sweaters • Career Sportswear • Sandpiper Shop • Rain Shop • Notions • Stationery • Adult Game Shop • Candy Shop • The Eye Store • Discovery Shop

Beauty Worlds Frangances • Cosmetics • Men's Bar
Store for Men Men’s Accessories • Men's Grooming World • Men’s Furnishings • Men’s Sportswear

Wine Shop • Mezzanine Café • Gift Wrapping Service • Repair Service • 1228 Club
Store for Men Landseaair Travel

Second Floor
Casual Shoes • Career Shoes • Shoe Salon • Contemporary Shoes • Millinery • Wig Salon • Christmas Center • Candle Shop
Store for Men Men’s Clothing • Designer Showcase • Kirtland Shop • Men's Sportswear • His Place • Men’s Shoes • Men's Hats • The Young Men's Shop • Student Shop

Third Floor
Misses' Dresses • Misses' Coats • Young Idea Shop • Dress Salon • Coat Salon • Suit Salon • Studio III • Inner Circle • The Specialty Shop • Fur Salon • YSL/Rive Gauche Boutique • Bridal Salon • Young Designer Shop • Designer Sportswear

Fourth Floor
Career Shop • Career Coats • Town & Travel Shop • Everyday Dresses • Uniforms • Sportswear • Super Sport • Beach Shop • Country Clothes • Studio IV • Here & Now • Women's Shop
Junior Shop Junior Dresses • Junior Sportswear • Junior Coats

Fifth Floor
Intimate Apparel • Daytime Lingerie • Foundations • Body Shoppe • Sleepwear • LoungewearvIntimate Boutique • Loungewear • Junior Intimate Apparel • Maternity Shop
Children's World Infants' Wear • Toddlers • Boys’ Wear • Tiny Finery • Girls' Wear • Accessories • Young Shoes • Carousel Shop for Junior High Girls

Sixth Floor
Art Needlework • Fashion Fabrics • Sewing Machines • Curtains and Draperies • Slipcovers • Cusions • Pillow Shop • Floor CoveringsvBeauty Salon

Seventh Floor
China • Wedgewood Studio • Rosenthal Studio • Fine Artwares • Silver • Glassware • Crystal • Steuben Glass Room • Bridal Registry • Casual Living • Decorative Accessories • Linens and Domestics • Toy Shop • Seventh Floor Lounge

Eighth Floor
Housewares • Gourmet Gallerie • Major Appliances • Garden Shop • Home Improvements • Luggage • Sporting Goods • Ski Chalet • Pro-Shop • Camera and Optics • TV Center • Stereo Center • Records • Piano Salon • Organ SalonBedroom Furniture • Dining Room Furniture • Living Room Furniture • Mattresses • Occasional Furniture • Interior Design Service • Ski Chalet

Ninth Floor
The Book Shop • Lamps • Picture Gallery • Mirrors • Cloud 9 Shop • Sleep Shop • Summer Furniture • Contemporary Furniture • The Geranium Room • The Patio Room • Portrait Studio

Tenth Floor
Upholstered Furniture • Traditional Furniture • Furniture Gallery • Crossroads Market • Model Rooms • The Hunting Valley Shop • Interior Design Studio • Executive Gifts

Eleventh Floor
Cashier • Credit Office • Personnel Office • Employees Lounge

(606,000 sq. ft.)

Erie, PA
122 West 10th St.
January, 1929

66-68 Park Avenue
April, 1929

New Castle, PA
Falls & Mercer Sts., Castleton Hotel
September 1929

624 Market Street
August, 1930

Shaker Square
Shaker Blvd. & E. 128th St.
August, 1948
32,000 s.f.

Warrensville & Cedar Rds.
University Heights
August, 1950
25,000 s.f.

West Erie Plaza
West 10th Street
Erie, PA
March, 1952/enlarged 1968
34,000 s.f.

Fairview Park
February 1954/enlarged 1970
194,000 s.f.
Westgate Gallery Restaurant


Libby & Norhtfield Rds.
Middleburg Heights
February, 1957
148,000 s.f.

Cleveland Heights
August, 1963
168,000 s.f.
The Geranium Room


Summit Mall
Fairlawn (Akron)
Ohio State Rtes. 176 and 18
October, 1965
112,000 s.f.

Belden Village
October, 1970
52,000 s.f.

Millcreek Mall
Erie, PA
January, 1975
90,000 s.f.

Coming in due course. 


  1. Shaker Square is/was in the City of Cleveland. there also was a store in downtown Erie, PA. It was a remnant of the days when Halle's had other stores in satellite markets like Canton.

  2. The Halle's store at Severance opened in 1963. Ground was broke for the store in April, 1962 and the Grand Opening of the entire mall was in March, 1963

  3. Halle's also had a store at Sandusky Mall which opened in 1979.

  4. My grandparents worked at Halle's. Grandfather sold shirts in The Store for Men and Grandmother worked in Fur Storage. She also worked part time at the Westgate store. Thanks for the memory spark.

  5. Wasn't there a cafe called the Minotaur Room?

  6. Yes. It was more a restaurant. Very good chicken pot pie and it had a dessert specialty--mint ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

  7. The Halle's store at Severance was not in Warrensville Heights. Severance was located in Cleveland Heights on South Taylor and Mayfield Roads.

  8. I found an old sales tag from Halle's .

  9. Severance opened in the summer of '63 and, indeed, was in Cleveland Heights. Cedar Center was closed shortly thereafter. Halle had other branches back in the 1920s, but closed them during the depression. One was in downtown Canton.

    The Men's Store in downtwon Cleveland was in a separate building across "Halle's Ailee". They also had a building on Huron, which included part of the basement store. Halle's was bought by Marshall Field's in 1970. It had been a public company, controlled by the Halle family. It languished under Field's management and the stores closed after the Christmas season of 1981. Filed's had merged the store with The Union, a department store in Columbus.

  10. I came across a silver turkey serving tray,with The Halle Brothers Co. and "3175" markings on the underside. Does anyone have any information to share? Thank you :)

  11. help! i am looking for a " mr. jingles " christmas tree ornament!! does anyone know where i can find one? mr. jingles who was sponsored by halle's in 1956?!?!?! important!!! cleveland , ohio

    1. Hixson's, Inc, 14125 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio has a few different Mr. Jing-a-ling ornaments. If you are really lucky, Bill Hixson, himself (who decorated The White House for many years) might be there and he is always willing to sign an ornament and engage in fascinating conversation. Expect to spend at least an hour, as he has hundreds of beautiful old world ornaments from which to choose, many consigned from families with whom he has done business for decades.

  12. To answer a few questions above. Mr. Jingles was actually "Mr. Jingaling" ("How You Ting-aLing, Keeper Of The Keys").

    Also, The flagship store in Downtown Cleveland was used as the "backdrop" for the Drew Carey Show as the Winfred-Louder Department Store, and was converted to office space on the upper floors and retail on the main floor & basement.

    Meanwhile, the Halle's annex south of Huron Avenue was converted into an indoor parking garage as the Halle Building Parking Garage. What is cool about parking there is that there are a lot of relics that they didn't gut when converting to a parking garage, like old EXIT signs, ceiling moldings and old elevator doors.

    There is/was another parking garage (underground) off of Prospect by the old Colonial/Euclid Arcades that used to be the basement of another smaller department/discount store.

  13. I have an expansive collection of Halle memorabilia...and have been an enthusiast since their demise when I was a child
    Of all my treasures, the most exciting is a pair of salmon pink mid-century modern ceiling fixtures retrieved from the downtown store after its renovation began to make way for a multi-use space....
    They were once installed in The Ladies Powder Room in the mid 60's....
    It is a shame what department store retailing has come to in this country.....
    And we have Federated to thank for that....not to mention Dillard's-
    At best--the closest we can find from the "Golden Age of Shopping" is New York City-
    However that market has fallen victim to retailing's homogenizing....

  14. There is a very real difference between Halle Brothers, and what Halle's became under its ownership by the Schottenstein family. Halle Brother's was a first rate department store. However the "Halle's" stores of the 1977 on were a train wreck driven by an out of town retailing undertaker. It was a sad end to fine store.

    One other point of clarification, once it was consolidated with The Union Department Store from Columbus, all of the Union Stores including downtown Columbus, Upper Arlington, Graceland and Town and Country became Halle's.

    They also converted the Marion, Ohio Union at Southland Mall into a Halle's, but the store closed within two to three months. That would have been in the summer of 1978.

  15. My sister was an elevator operator at Halle's in the early '50s. She worked part time while going to college. I wanted to do that. They wore cool uniforms and had their own employee lounge. By the time I worked there ten years later, also while in college, the elevators were self service. I worked in the Ski Chalet. We got to wear the ski clothes while on duty. I also "volunteered" at the gift wrap station on my lunch hour because I loved to wrap presents. By the wat, one of the restaurant's specialties was Welsh Rarebit— dreadful cheese sauce on dry, thin toast with roast almonds. But it was very exotic. Halle's was also known for their "foreign fairs" highlighting a different country each year with great to-do.

    1. I was a buyer at the Main Store Downtown at the end. She was a grand old lady. What a beautiful store. Its really a shame what the Schottensteins did to the chain.
      I loved the welsh rarebit.

  16. Deccember 2, 2011...Please!!! I am in need of the geranium picture used at Halle's, to be used for a Westlake Garden Club Luncheon in April 2012 ...How can I find it? I still have my Halle's charge card!!! Thank you.

  17. You might want to look for the book "Halle's: Memoirs of a Family Department Store" by James M. Wood, published 1987. There is a geranium on the dust-jacket, but I don't know if it is the one you are looking for. I have a copy given to Chisholm Halle given to him by his mother.


  18. My mother worked in the women's coat department at Halle's in the late 1940s. She recalls the day that she assisted actress Margaret Hamilton (of "The Wizard of Oz" fame). She still has her Halle's business card that Ms. Hamilton autographed for her.

  19. MichelleBeth, thank you, forgot all about that Welsh Rarebit, remembering how grown up I felt when I ordered that and you're right, it was awful. But, that wasn't the point then, how fun............

    I also remember my Dad taking me to Halle's for Christmas.........and when he, reluctantly, donated his one black "rubber" shoe protector they used to fit over their shoes. Halle's had an escalator with the old style wooden slats and they were not kind. Dad was on the floor playing tug of war, he lost............I couldn't stop laughing. I do miss that store..........

  20. My great great grandpa solmon portland halle was an owner of the store. I wish I could have seen the store.

  21. Please post some additional photo graphs of the Cleveland heights store.

  22. I love your blog. It looks as if you may not be doing it anymore. If you are, could you please post information and photos for Polsky's and O'Neil's in downtown Akron, Ohio? That's where my sweetest memories are. Thank you.

  23. Quite the contrary, I am constantly at work on The Department Store Museum. I add exhibits as the information becomes available to me. I do have some about O'Neils and Polsky's, but am waiting for Akron newspapers to become available online so that I can make them complete. From time to time, you may wish to view the "new exhibits" page as I keep it up-to-date.

    I am also renovating the exhibits to have a consistent graphic "flavor" and better photographs.

    At the "entrance" to the museum, there is a list of stores. Ones with detailed exhibits are linked, and those which do not are not. It is my intention to have a page soon for each store, at least with a logo on it.

    You might enjoy seeing the Polsky's credit Card which I posted recently with the help of a generous contributor.


  24. My mother, Gwen Frisbie, worked in the cosmetic section on the first floor. She sold Estée Lauder products. I remember that the floor manager there was a very charming man named Mr. Kersey.

  25. My Grandmother's family owned the original Halles. She was related to Salmon Halle etc.

  26. Southland was actually on Pearl & Smith Roads in Middleburg Hts. The address posted above is for Southgate where there wasn't a Halle's. My mother used to work at the Southland store.

  27. I was the Assistant Art Director there the day they told us to go home. I have some of my artwork still that I did for the newspapers for fashion. I atill have the last fashion ad I did. Mary Hobbs

  28. We were from Michigan - moved to Ohio because of my husband's job - Halle's was an absolutely beautiful store - fresh floral arrangements on the first floor.

    I was so sad when they closed, but was lucky enough to purchase a Chinese Chippendale China cabinet for our dining room at Halle's closing sale.

  29. We came from Michigan to Ohio because of my husband's job. Halle's was an absolutely beautiful store - elegant decorations such as bouquets of fresh flower arrangements on the first floor. And, the most polite employees - a big change from Higbee's. I was sad when it closed, but lucky enough to buy a Chinese Chippendale China Cabinet at their closing sale.

  30. My Uncle worked on the 6th floor in the luggage department. He too recalls meeting Margaret Hamilton, as her sister worked in another department.

  31. I have a halle bros. Co. Chair & foot rest, does any one know how or where i could ascertain the value of something like that?

  32. Just finished working a rummage sale this past week. A gift box with an ornate candle snuffer enclosed came in as part of a donation. I kept the box, remembering back to the day when I was a child and went to downtown Cleveland every Christmas to see the window decorations. Ahhhh, what a simpler time!

  33. I have a phone book from East Liverpool Ohio and it list a Halle Brothers Department store at 214 Penn Ave EL.. Book is circa 1934 Any info on this?

  34. I worked at Halles severance in the geriumin room when I was in high school... can remember the welsh rabeit and the fruit plates... I would love to have the fluffy reciepe that we used with the fruit salad and one the ice cream pies we made with left over ice cream... and the made a cake pudding with it using the old cakes... for the buffet...

  35. I found a beautiful black women's coat with a fur collar a few years ago at a Goodwill. There is a name Cleo McM embroidered on the inside of the jacket. The lining is beautiful embroidery in black and the name is in white. I wonder if I could find out any information on the coat? Thank you.

  36. I worked at Halle's starting in June 1961 (my first job, making $1.25 an hour) in the Fashion Fabrics Dept on the 6th floor as a Buyer's Clerical. Mrs LaNasa was the Buyer at that time. I remember the long counter against the front wall loaded with pattern books, we had a salesperson behind the counter who did nothing but pull patterns for customers. There were approx 4-5 salespeople on the floor each day who measured and cut fabric for customers. We were usually very busy with people sewing for themselves and family. Each year we had a "Vogue Pattern" fashion show. Cleveland models wore fashions made from Vogue patterns, it was a BIG event. Marie Blackington (a rep from Vogue) always came in from NY for those shows. The slowest time of the year was the week before Christmas, which allowed our department to have a really nice Christmas party. I remember Mr Halle, dressed in a suit with his boutonniere, going through the store every moring saying "Good Morning" to employees and customers. He was a very handsome and distinqished gentleman, with his white hair, looking neat as a pin. I remember the Geranium shopping bags, and the uniformed elevator operators. The day after Thanksgiving was always so "special" to see for the FIRST time the store and the store windows decorated for Christmas. It was such a magical time of the year. Most women wore hats and gloves when they came downtown to shop men were in suit and tie. That was such a great time in Cleveland's history.

  37. I grew up in Indiana and was lucky to enjoy the days of the carriage trade department store, L.S. Ayres which was internationally renowned for it's Haute Couture in all departments. After college I became a buyer there and moved on up into the world of chain retailing in Chicago and beyond and finally landed up with Cole National retailing here in Cleveland. The nostalgia surrounding Halle's intrigued me and as I began my own business in Cleveland 10 years ago. I was fortunate to be able to purchase one of Halle's original counter units including a swing door unit. This piece of history was just moved my second store that is opening next month at Eton Chagrin Blvd. I feel at home with the counter in place and it brings back my childhood and younger career days in the romantic Camelot days of family owned department stores. As I look back through the years of my retail career, these wonderful department stores are now found fragmented around the world in us, the specialty store retailers. Not the convenience of one stop luxury shopping, but I try to capture the romance, the service and the aura of those days. Check out our FB post on the installation of this historic gem:

  38. My grandmother took me, her first granddaughter to Halle's to shop, get a "malted" I think in the basement? in a glass container. I remember getting a tree seedling in the late 1960's which I planted in our yard. It grew highter than the 2 story house. Christmas was magical with Mr. Jinglealing. My first job out of high school in 1973 was in the invoice office at Halle Bros. But before I could start, I worked at the restraunt, not the nice one, but, next door, lunches were served on trays. I loved walking in every morning, stopping at the perfume counter, spraying "Charlie" perfume, which lasted days. The actress Halle Berry got her name from Halle Bros.

  39. november 22, 2012 yesterday i found at auction a coin that reads from santa claus the halle bros. co christmas 1933 and on the other side it reads santa claus wishing coin. what would this coin be worth today. i am going to put it on ebay. maybe a collector would want it. leave a message.

  40. I came across a very large print. On the reverse side it says "The Halle Bros." Print Room. I believe it was used as decor.

  41. Hey everyone! Im looking for any MR. Jingeling items that anyone would like to sell as well as any christmas window displays that are out there from Halle's. Im also looking for photos of Mr. Jingeling that anyone would have. Please let me know and drop an email. thanks

  42. My father, John Morton was the first Branch Store Manager for the Shaker Square Store. The store opened on August 23, 1948 and he was unable to be there for the ribbon cutting as his daughter was born on that day and he was at St. Luke's Hosptial fopr her birth. Some of my fondest memories were ringing the closing bell at closing time. My father went on to open sveral other stores: Southland, Westgate, Severance and the Millcreek Mall in Erie Pa.

  43. Are you sure on some of the branch stores square footage? This stores would be the size of A Gap.

  44. I remember around the early 1960's going to the big city of Cleveland and shopping at Halle's what an experience. Living in a small town about 60 miles away was a big deal for us. Then later on learning that my Great Grandmother worked for the Halle family as their housekeeper.

  45. I have a Santa Claus Wishing Coin (written on back) From Santa Claus, The Halle Bros Co. Christmas 1933. Should I hang on to it or donate to the museum.

  46. Thank you for the offer. The problem is, that The Department Store Museum is not a physical museum as such, but an on-line one. I would welcome the Wishing Coin, photograph it and post it in the charge card section, as I have with an A&S token sent to me by a visitor. I would keep the item with other department store memorabilia I have acquired.

    Alternately, you could keep it and send some (preferably high-resolution) images of it to post.

    At any rate, I appreciate the value of the coin and your offer. You may email me at for more information.


  47. Mr Jingaling
    How you tingaling
    Keeper of the keys
    On Halle's seventh (?) floor,
    We'll be looking for

    I sing that jingle every Christmas...can't stop myself. Wish I knew the last line.

  48. On Halle's seventh floor
    We'll be looking for
    You to turn the key!

  49. On Halle's seventh floor.
    We'll be looking for,
    You to turn the key.

  50. On Halle's seventh floor.
    We'll be looking for
    You to turn the key.

  51. Hello...I'm so glad I found your blog! I have been compiling a history of local retailing in my hometown of Mount Vernon, Ohio. The blog is at I have also written a novel about an elevator operator in a small town department in the 50s. I would love to put your blog address on my blog roll at (the blog about the elevator operator). Congratulations on constructing such an informational website. I hope we can "talk department stores."

  52. Our family has a Christmas gift box with Halle's golden sticker and the date 12/25/67 on it. For the past 47 years someone (it's a secret) gets the gift box and is in charge of taking care of it until the next year. It has become quite a tradition and conversation piece for our family at holiday gatherings. It has quite a few tape marks and is well loved, but we plan to keep the tradition going! In four years it will be a 50 year tradition!

  53. I remember Halle's well in the 1950's and early 1970's. It was the most elegrant department store on Euclid Avenue. I loved going in all the department stores and all the stores down Euclid Ave - I was a young teen then but at Halle's I loved to go look at all the designer clothes, blouses - I remember the beauty salon as well. I often went with my mother and, sister. We loved May Company, Higbee, Halles and also the Kresege, Petrie and Wonderful Woolworth stores. Also, the "Mod" London Look was in at that time. It definitely indeed was a golden era of shopping. Whatever happened to the Halle family - are any of them still around? I remember when they were closing my Mother bought me a beautiful Anne Klein Watch that still works today. I am 60 years old now and still wear the watch. You just can't buy those types of things anymore. My sister and I in our teens would go downtown often and buy shoes, dresses, get our hair done especially around Easter time - Chandlers would display all their beautiful white sling backs, high heels as well as Cole's. We would walk all the way up and down Euclid and browse at all the shoe stores before we bought the pair we wanted. Higbees also had a beautiful display of shoes on the first floor. How sad that the grand department stores of downtown are gone . There was Boukairs ice cream parlor, the wonderful "Kon Tiki" at the Sheraton Hotel and my brother and I would often go to Otto Moser's for the great corned beef sandwhich we never could finish. The malls pretty much took all the business away - the late 1950's and 60's were times when everyone came downtown as it was all "happening" downtown. I also loved the fashion shows that Higbees had - I remember once Bobbie Rydell was there and many other famous celebrities would visit. These days the only time Downtown Cleveland is alive is at holiday time in Tower City - but someone needs to stop putting in so many banks and offices on Euclid, how nice it would be to have a couple of the large department stores , shoe stores, record stores and even "5 & 10" back.. It is nice to have people living downtown but they have to drive miles out to shop. People are geniunely scared to come downtown anymore and there is no shopping to be done. Some of these people have great ideas about downtown living but perhaps someone needs to bring back some of the "old Cleveland" shopping back, It will never be the same and sadly the young generations has no clue but what we tell them about "how it used to be" - I am glad I grew up in that time that I did. I am sure many of my generation have the same thoughts and memories. I really miss 1960's Euclid Avenue shopping strip.

    1. I loved reading your article. Your memories reflect my own. I remember going to the Kon Tiki for special occasion dates. They had a drink called a "scorpion" that came with a beautiful gardenia floating in it. I can still remember the lovely smell !! How I wish those days would come back...Such a wonderful time to grow up. My memories will have to sustain me.

  54. I have a pin that reads .... Ive been to the santa claus breakfast with mr jingeling at the Halle Bros Co Mid Americas Prestige Dept Stores.
    Any ideas what the worth of this would be?

  55. who supplied Halle's w/their bedroom furniture
    I have a twin bed, dresser, bureau, and nightstand.
    It's in the Federal style. This set came from Halle's around 1950, westgate store

  56. I remember Halle's final Christmas. It was a week night. The downtown Clv. store was open late...maybe 8pm. I finished my shopping and went to the mezzanine level to get my gifts wrapped and have a drink...I guess they had some kind of wine bar. They had white gloved bell ringers performing above the main floor and it was something special that at the time I felt would be gone soon.

  57. Halle's at Southland was at the corners of Smith and Pearl Roads. The shopping center had a Sears on the West 130th Side, a JC Penney facing Pearl Road and Halle's took the far right side on Smith and Pearl Road-You have it incorrectly listed at Taylor and Mayfield Roads which is the location of the SEVERANCE store that opened in 1963. Halle's Southland opened in 1957. It was a smaller scaled store compared to the Westgate and Severance branch locations which were much larger but nothing compared to the grand dame Main Store on Euclid Avenue. When you shopped at Halle's it was like shopping at Saks. Sheer Elegance....

  58. does anyone have any information about the artist david rasmussen who painted a mural in the minatour room restaurant, or the designer owen coughlan who did decorative painting in halles downtown?

  59. My grandmother worked at the Halle Southland yard goods for many years. I enjoyed visiting her. Her coworkers were all very pleasant and nice. My sister and I also were on Mr. Jingaling tv show downtown on the 7th floor. Wish there was more information about the Southland store.

  60. My grandmother worked at the Halle Southland yard goods for many years. I enjoyed visiting her. Her coworkers were all very pleasant and nice. My sister and I also were on Mr. Jingaling tv show downtown on the 7th floor. Wish there was more information about the Southland store.

  61. My Mom worked in the Beauty Salon in the 50's she still has some pics.. Also she has a snowman ornament made of glass still in original box and price .50..

  62. Anybody remember in the 1960's to compete with May Co and Higbees, that Halles ran a green Halle bus from public square to their store?

  63. When the Belden Village store in Canton closed, we bought some of their Christmas decorations.They were very large glass ornaments hanging from red velvet ribbons,which we hung from the ceiling of my families restaurant Topps Chalet.

  64. I have a 1933 Halle Brothers Co. Christmas Wishing coin. Does anyone know if it is worth anything? I would rather sell it (NOT trying to make millions off of it!) and know it is in appreciative hands rather than sitting in a drawer in my house!

  65. I worked at Halle's downtown Cleveland from 1978 to 1980. I made so many friends there and loved working there. It was a beautiful and magical place. I worked on the main floor in the Stationary department at first and then as a floater on the floor while attending Cleveland State University. Is there anyone out there who worked there at the same time?

  66. I found a bar of "The Halle Bros. Co. Forest City Pine Soap" while cleaning house. Never used and smells So nice still. It's hard to believe that it no one used it after all this time.

  67. The name of the soap is appropriate since Cleveland is "The Forest City" and the new York Central Railroad once operated a Cleveland-Chicago train by the same name.

  68. I worked in the downtown Halle's in 1972 and 1973.First in the basement Men's dept. then on the sixth floor in the drapery dept. Really enjoyed my time there.Caught the tail end of the legendary Miss Wolfe era. Wonder if anyone is around that worked there at that time.

  69. I have 3 Halle Brothers custom made hats (1 from Cleveland and 2 from New York (Cavanagh). Wondering what they are worth and what I should do with them? Please email me at Thank you.

  70. When my aunt passed-a-way I was giving her hats she enjoyed. The hat top shows:
    ECIS original Halle-on-Main. Great Hats!!!

  71. Did they make ladies diamond watches? I have a Halle watch with engraving of 1943

  72. I worked at Halle's Southland when I was in high school in 1980-1981. I recall working in a small department where they sold designer jeans and upscale juniors. I think the department was called Here and Now.

  73. Hi, My name is Carol and I presently own an Irish Mail tricycle from the turn of the century. There is a silver plated shield on
    the front of the bike with Halle Bros name on it. My mom used to ride it in the early 20s as a little girl. It's sitting in my garage and I don't know what I should do with it. I was considering finding a home for it in a museum in Cleveland. I live in Endicott, New York and travel back to Ohio on occasion. Could you please let me know if you would be interested in this bike? It's red and I did redo the seat on it many years ago...

  74. Unfortunately, I cannot take the bike. However, I am sure that there are history museums in Cleveland that would possibly be interested. Or, if it would be possible to find out where it was manufactured, there may be a museum there that would be interested. Small world - my sister-in-law is from the Endicott area (Owego) and that's how I knew exactly where your town is located.
    - Bruce

  75. I just inherited what I'm pretty sure is a mink coat with the Shillito Rikes label. Absolutely gorgeous. Has Sandra G Pelfrey label on it. It's a dark brown waist length style. Superbly made and did I say gorgeous. I love it. Watch out P.E.T.A. I didn't kill it but I'm going to wear it. Cold in Texas.