Frederick & Nelson

In 1949, Frederick & Nelson announced that its 5-story
building in downtown Seattle would be expanded by
the addition of 4 floors.
Several schemes were examined, but a restrained,
modern adaptation of the original building was
chosen as shown in this rendering.
Frederick & Nelson's remodeled facility soon took
its place as Seattle's Grande Dame retailer.

The sleek, luxurious interior of the expanded store
was elaborately decorated for the Christmas holiday
season, and was a favorite subject for photographers.

Another view of the store's iconic first floor,
embellished with Christmas decorations.

Topped with flags, the newly-remodeled store
first welcomed customers on Grand Opening Day,
August 7, 1952.

"A division of Marshall Field & Company since 1929"

Frederick & Nelson
Fifth at Pine
Seattle, Washington

Mutual 2-1540

Paul Bunyon Room
Frederick & Nelson Budget Floor

Street Floor
Fine Jewelry • Antique Jewelry • Costume Jewelry • Watches • Clocks • Our Wonderful World of Cosmetics • Umbrellas • Scarves • Hat Bar • Belts • Sweaters • Blouses • First Floor Sportswear • Gloves • Handbags • Hosiery • Sunglasses • Fendi Shop • Les Must de Cartier • Gucci Accessory Collection • Calculators • Stationery • Cameras • Luggage • Candy • Bakery • Smoke Shop • Party Place • Brushes • Adult Games • Notions • Cutlery
Store for Men Men’s Toiletries • Men’s Accessories • Men’s Furnishings • Northwest Answer Shop • Men’s Shoes • Sport Shirts • Men’s Shoes • Men’s Hats • Men’s Outerwear • Men’s Clothing • Men’s Raincoats • Today’s Casuals • Men’s Sportswear • Casual Pants

Second Floor
The Shoe Salon • The Shop for Pappagallo • Aigner • Fashion Classics Shoes • Leisure Square Shoes • Lingerie • Lounging Apparel • Foundations • Junior Lingerie and Robes • Young Seattle Sportswear • Young Seattle Coats • Young Seattle Shoes • House and Town Shop • Misses Casual Sportswear • Misses Casual Dresses • Frenelle Coats and Suits • Frenelle Dresses • Frenelle Millinery • K.P. Corner (uniforms)

Third Floor
The Designer Room • Designer Boutique • YSL/Rive Gauche Boutique • Designer Sportswear • Designer Dresses • Designer Millinery Salon • Evening Shop • Late Day Separates • Bridal Bureau • Tip-to-Toe Service • Fur Salon • Resort Shop • Sunningdale Shop • Coats and Suits • Mrs. Fredson  Shop • Sportswear • Active Sportswear • Contempo • Focus Sportswear • Focus Dresses • Maternity Apparel

Fourth Floor
Youth Floor Prep Shop • Infant’s Shop • Toddler’s Shop • Pre-school Shop • Schoolgirls Shop • 1318 Shop • High School Shop • Girl’s Accessories • Girl’s Lingerie • Schoolboy’s Shop • Prep Shop • Student Shop • Young People’s Shoes • Children’s Accessories • Children’s Sleepwear • Children’s Furniture • Children’s Hair Styling
Hobby Shop • Toys • Luggage • Portrait Salon • Books • Kennel Shop • Ask Mr. Foster Travel Service

Fifth Floor
Beauty Salon • China • Artwares • Porcelain Art Gallery • Glassware • The Steuben Room • The Continental Crystal Room • Gifts • Bar Accessories • The Williamsburg Shop • Bridal Registry • Repair Service Desk • Pictures • Fine Paintings • Lamps • Mirrors • Artificial Flowers • The Pewter Shop • Silver • Silver Hollowware • Flatware

Sixth Floor
Floor Coverings • Oriental Rugs • Linens • Bedding • Closet Shop • Bath Shop • Curtains and Draperies • Bedroom Ensemble Shop • Fashion Fabrics • Sewing Machines • Art Needlework

Seventh Floor
Televisions • Radio and Sound Equipment • Furniture • Slumber Shop • Studio of Interior Design • Traditional Gallery • Home Planning Bureau • The Old World Shop • Wareroom • Decor Shop

Eighth Floor
Housewares • Gourmet Galley • Small Appliances • Major Appliances • Hardware • Paints and Wallpaper • The Garden Shop • The Delicacy Shop • The Feature Shop • The Little Gallery • The Exhibition Hall • Tearoom • Men’s Grill • Continental Buffet

Ninth Floor
Cashiers • Credit Office • Lobby
(746,000 sq. ft.)

Bellevue Square
August 1946/August 1956
158,000 s.f.
The Rhododendron Room

Aurora Village
July, 1963
150,000 s.f.
The Azalea Room

Tukwila, Washington
July, 1968
175,000 s.f.
The Garden Room

Coming in due course.


  1. I'm looking for a Frederick & Nelson doorman statue. Do you know of any that may be available?

  2. I have the white F&N Teddy bear with it's baby for sale.


  3. I have a Fredrick & Nelson Fur Vest that is in excellent shape it has gold satin lining Fur looks like alpaca but not sure it is white long curly with black variations can anybody tell me what it is worth?

  4. Don't forget...F&N was the home of FRANGO.

  5. barbiel@jackmatthewsoldandrarebooks.com23 March, 2012 11:44

    I have a book on Seattle with a tipped in calling card with the embossed script of Frederick & Nelson on the front fold. Inside the gift message is signed 'Uncle Fred'. The date is Nov.1, 1968. Any comments on their possible identity would be appreciated, especially, I would like to know if there was an owner or CEO or anyone associated with the store known as 'Uncle Fred.'

  6. I am looking for the recipe for the legendary F&N Rainbow Cake (multicolored thin layer cake with white (cream cheese?) frosting -- looked plain white on the outside, but when cut, produced a rainbow of sweet pastel layers... Can anyone help me?

  7. I have the 3 wise men that was purchased from Frederick and Nelson years and years ago at Christmas time. Is there anyone who would be interested in purchasing them?

  8. Does anyone have the receipe for the Chocolate Torte Cake that Frederick and Nelson use to make? Did any bakery buy the receipe and is any bakery still making it?

  9. My dad & uncles where raised around f&n and when they closed my dad bought 2 of there box vans. I can remember when we went to pick them up there was a hat on the dash bord that I would wear as a kid when I went to work with him, he would have me ride the elevater up and down with tools trash and what not. come to find out years latter it was because I loved that hat and it was a elevator bellmans hat.

  10. I am the person with the 3 wisemen I can send pictures, they stand approx 24 inches and are really pretty cool. You can reach me at

  11. Louis Carrion28 June, 2012 11:21

    I have a painting, lithograph created or framed custom by the New York Graphics Society for Frederick and Nelsons. Do you know af anyone that would be interested in purchasing this for its historical value. I am not sure where it was hanging at in the store. It is Rembrandt Portrait of a girl in the window. I am not sure of its regular or its historical value.
    Contact me at with any questions.

  12. I was a divisional merchandise manager during the rocky 1985-1986 era and fired when the locals took over the chain from Batus. All I can say is they terminated alot of good folks and I was not surprised when they subsequently failed. Too much ego, not enough good solid merchandising and cash flow management.

  13. Does anyone have the toy F & N delivery van? Hude

  14. I have a F&N green hat box with green and white cord handle circa 1960 for sale in great condition. My Mom wouldn't buy her hats anywhere else.

  15. Any luck with the rainbow cake recipe? I have been hunting it too to no avail ...

  16. Just saw a F&N promotional film from the '50s on the Seattle Channel and was reminded--yet again--what a tremendous store it was and how Seattle lost big time when it closed. Totally classy.

  17. Anyone know if a source of some of the tea room recipes exists?

  18. well to the person looking for chocolate torte cake reciepe. i worked at l'express on bottom floor and we ordered r cakes out. i dont where they came from but we'd get'm almost frozen.they wer the bomb! i still have my last pay stub, id badge, apron and a picture with my oldest on & i with f&n santa. soon to post on ann wendell's website. im looking for 100 year f&n book that was being sold at/around 1992. if any old f&n employees see this & remember me "celeste" the hostess with

  19. I have searched for years for anyone who might know anything regarding the candy & nut counter and supply. When I was a young kid in the mid 40's-50's, my next door neighbor purchased what I am sure were pecans with some kind of a very light soft (not crunchy) glaze on them. She died in 1957 and I never did find out how or where they were actually made. She kept them in her cupboard in an open dish, and when I would go visit her she nearly always gave me some of what were really unique tasting pecans. Does anybody out there remember? I'm @, and I would deeply appreciate any information relating to these. I know that the nut counter carried quite a selection of many unique nut options, including the ability to purchase individual premium, nut types (like cashews, Brazilian, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.). Would love to taste these once again before I'm outta here.

  20. D.J.R.

    I don't remember the rainbow cake, sounds interesting and when I find a bit of extra time I shall try making one. Anyone who has an idea of how it was created, I would like your input. Were the layers different flavors or just different colors?
    Also I have two large chandeliers (aprox 4.5'x4.5') 100% complete, from I believe the 1951-52 remodel. Let me know if you may know of someone with a space large enough to use these unique pieces of history. Pic's may be emailed.

  21. Was hoping someone knows what happened to the exterior signs that proudly displayed the store's name? I feel like they are sitting around in someones garage! Help me out! I would love to purchase one... Or at least know what happened to them when the store closed. Thanks.
    joejoeb36 @

  22. Yes, I sure do remember FRANGO chocolate, so much so that it prompted me to sign up at South Seattle CC couple years ago to learn how to make chocolate truffles from chocolatier Bill Fredericks. (great teacher)
    Fast forward - I am just about there! I can make all the flavors that I recall enjoying.
    PS: don't forget FRANGO ice cream!! My favorite was maple, made with real maple syrup and mostly cream, not too sweet. Gosh. Mom took me to lunch in the Tearoom and bought me a dish of this.

  23. looking for a book that was a promotional for Fredericks. it is called sandy the sandman and would have gone out in the mid to late appeared to be stop caption pictures of dolls and background for children.....anyone..pleazzzz

  24. My first job was at F&N Downtown Seattle. I loved it! I started out during the big Fall sale in September 1980 as a floater and worked in many departments including the Steuben Room and the Hermes Gallery. I spent a lot of time on the 5th floor in silver, china and crystal. But then I got a semi permanent position in the basement in stationary right after they made the basement over into the very trendy Arcade. Then I was snatched up for a temp job in Advertising. There I did find a permanent position.

  25. Great collection of Frederick & Nelson images - thank you for posting!

  26. F&N in Seattle brings back fabulous memories for me during the fifties and sixties. What an awesome store-too bad they don't exist today!!

  27. I have a green Frederick & Nelson hatbox and I'm downsizing in case anyone is interested. If so, please contact me at
    Thank you.

  28. I used to work in their display department in the '60's. LOVED the store - what class. Beyond belief of today's consumer. Too bad. Does any one have any pictures of the Christmas Uncle Mistletoe or Aunt Holly character dolls? They were always used at Christmas as Frederick's theme. Let me know. Mike Stribling ( Contact )

  29. this store was owned by marshall fields along with the cresent in Spokane and halle's in Cleveland ohio............................................

  30. The store was owned by Marshall Fields, but F&N always kept its own brand identity.

    I still remember going to downtown Seattle as a kid with my parents and seeing the huge building with the giant star on the side. It was always a big event, especially at Christmas. We would spend the day looking at stuff, buying a few things and maybe buy some candy at the eatery. It was such a sad day when the store closed.

    BTW, Fredrick & Nelson Frangos are still around. Macy's sells them, but only out of their Pacific northwest stores. The ones sold online and in other stores are from Marshall Fields and are different.

  31. Christmas at F&N always brought a wonderful fragrance to the store. It was a symbol of Christmas to me....does anyone know the name of it? it was only used at Christmas.
    Kobun37 I believe the building with the star running down the corner was the Bon Marche.
    Could be wrong though. Contact me at if you know the name please!

    1. My dad ran the Bellevue F & N Store for many years. That's my favorite Christmas smell also. I always thought that the smell was fir trees, but my dad said that the scent was called mistletoe. you can still find mistletoe candles about, but they are a little hard to find. Michael's store had some mistletoe candles this year that were green. And I bought a red mistletoe candle at home goods this year, which is the smell. I know exactly what you mean.

  32. Here is a weird question: The Paul Bunyon room used to have the best tuna sandwich, with a flavor I have not been able to reproduce. Does anyone know where i can get the reciepe? I have tried everything to reproduce it but no luck. I had another tuna sand at another restaurant a couple of years ago with the same taste but they would not tell me what it was.

  33. Christmas Fragrance - to the person who tried to contact me, sorry it went to junk mail and I lost I have not found the fragrance yet. Still looking,

  34. My daughter was in a video baby contest at Fredericks and Nelson at the Tacoma Mall store in 1985 and I would very much like to find out if they saved the video. Any idea's how I could find out? please email me at

  35. Is there a way to connect with former F&N employees? I'm looking for someone who worked with my mom in the furniture department at the Tukwila-distribution center. email me at Thank you!

  36. I have a black satin, white satin lining with satin covered buttons. Called a swing coat I believe 3/4 length sleeves looks like new. Frederick and Nelson label. Does the musuem buy such an item.

  37. my grandmother raised 2 kids working at F&N downtown during the 40s. I was raised in Ashland Or, and every Christmas mom and dad would take us up to Seattle to see santa. during the last 2 years of F&N, they had a coffee table book about F&N. Bought one for mom,
    it had the beautiful green cover. I need to find a copy of this for my mothers copy was taken when a tornado in Nebraska whisked her little hose away. can any one help---craig

  38. Craig -
    Try eBay and - I am sure that copies turn up from time to time


  39. A very nice lady that I worked with in the early 70's took me to the DT Seattle store during the Christmas season and GEEZ was I impressed. It was maybe even better than my hometown store; Dayton's in Minneapolis, MN!

  40. I worked at F&N during high school and college, in the 1970s. Later I married my husband and discovered his step-dad (who also worked there for 44 years) was the display artist who painted the Paul Bunyan Room murals, did the amazing display windows, and of course designed the Santa Claus set each year. I didn't know him then (it was a big store) but remember all his work!

  41. Does anyone have a photo of the 1988 F&N Bethlehem Christmas window? I need it for my Christmas sermon.

  42. I just unpacked my Freddie & Nellie bear. :)

  43. I have been cleaning out my parents possessions and came across some light pink stationery with the paper band imprinted with FREDERICK & NELSON SEATTLE. In doing research on historical value, I came upon this website. How blessed I feel to read everyone's posts and get a sense of what my parents grew up with. Dad born in 1918 and mom in 1921. They married in 1943 and relocated to California in 1948. My mom's mom remained in Seattle until her passing in 1972 so I do not know when the stationery was purchased. A previous post mentioned they worked in the stationery dept. until it was converted to an arcade. Did the stationery dept. continue to exist after that?

  44. Born in 1949, I grew up on Seattle in the 1950's and 1960's. Although my family couldn't afford to shop at Frederick's very often, we loved, loved, loved walking through there at Christmas time. Like a fairlyland, absolutely beautiful. And my siblings and I had our pictures taken with Santa one time each, at Frederick's. Mine in 1953. Also, we always bought Frederick's fruitcake (the best!!), but on Dec 26 when they were havel price. It didn't matter that it was after the 25th. In those days we, and many other folks, put our trees up later than now days, and kept them up and celebrated up until Jan 1. I have my aunt's F&N sterling salt/paper shakers and candlesticks (stamped on the bottom), used for all of our Christmas and TG family meals. So sad when they closed down.

  45. My dad worked at F&N from 1937til he left to work at the ship yards during WW2. I have a 50th anniversary (1940) commemorative magazine in good condition, if there is a need in the archives or a personal collection. i can be reached at

  46. I use to hang out at the F&N as a kid (80s) at the Aurora Village, so sad to see its decline.

  47. Is there any information on when the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique opened at F&N?
    thank you!

  48. My Nana loved to shop at F&N, we have closets full of furs, F&N dishes, boxes, the credit card she used. If anyone is interested in these items I can be reached at we are cleaning out her house, I was hoping to find others who share a sentiment for this stuff!

  49. FRANGO = FRederick And Nelson GOodness